April 3rd, 2009


Evil Liberals Hate The TRUE Guacamole On Fantasy Island

All very nice, but how about we ignore the bean-counters altogether? We can call it ‘mark-to-whatever-the-fuck-you-like accounting’. So Bank of America, for example, could write on its balance sheet that its current holdings consist of ‘50 gazillion bushels of hyperwealth’. AIG Financial Products could value its Escheresque maze of derivatives at ‘more than enough to cover everything plus infinity so shut the hell up, Krugman’.
[ cf Did Eliminating Biopsies Just Reduce The U.S. Cancer Rate? ]
and later on in the comments
“I don’t need to pay my electric bill this month, Mr. Electric Company Man. I have more than enough money to cover it, I have more than enough money to cover it, I have more than enough money to cover it. Since anything I tell you three times is true, you should just assume my bill has already been paid. In fact, I overpaid significantly, so send me a check for a couple thousand and we’ll call it even. Hey, who turned out the lights?!”
( op cit )
What Can I say....

We should all be allowed to dress up in gingham skirts, and click our heels together and say,
There is no Place Like Iowa!
There is no Place Like Iowa!
There is no Place Like Iowa!
And suddenly all of our marriages will be happy And Gay.

Why yes, your fiscal policy looks like it is planning to do the Pride Parade. The Whole Pride Parade...

Get Your Gun Game On...

Hum... Iowa Falls To The HARD LEFTIST Capital Gains Taxes that clearly smell of DickCheney's Radical Left Wing Excesive Regulatory Oversight by the Pure Vinyl Young Guns....

Since clearly who else could have imposed the ruling of the court but the Extra Branch of the War President's Government???

Mean while, we are all on pins and needles waiting for which excuse the Pro-War Camp is going to have if the shooter inside of the American Civic Center turns out to be one of their own TeaBagging Insurrectionists.

Yes, please, make us all understand that this is really caused by the Hard Leftists Like DickCheney's Pure Vinyl Young Guns, because of the liberals being soft on Darkies....

Remember Komrade Party members this is the 3rd Mass Shooting that the Evil Liberal Media is Falsely Reporting, since clearly, how can there be mass shooting events in america in a time of Transferring the tax liability unto the baby UBU, unless they are really trying to say that the War President no longer has the extra special Mind Power to keep the darkies and their Iranqianist Flying Saucers at bay...

And that would of course be treason of defeatist rumour mongering...

And the sun came up...

I think Sean Hannity must be looking over his shoulder at Glenn Beck these days and realizing that he really needs to start cranking up the Batmobile if he wants to keep up with that kind of crazy. So he did his best last night on his Fox show, with Dick "Suck On These" Morris doing the honors by schlepping the discussion right into Outer Wingnuttia.

You knew it was going to be surreal from the outset with Hannity sneering at Obama's handling of the auto-industry bailout as "commander and CEO," saying that Obama is "on a mission to hijack capitalism in favor of collectivism": "the Bolsheviks have already arrived."

[ cf Morris, Hannity agree: The black-helicopter crowd was right ]
Technically, you can always find winners over at orcinus.

But that
start cranking up the Batmobile

I mean what more obvious Evil Liberal Code word for
can one use to tell folks that things are getting freaky out there...

Why I Like White Christian America

John Demjanjuk, accused of being a Nazi death camp guard, marked his 89th birthday Friday by winning a reprieve of his ordered deportation to Germany to face possible trial.

His son, John Demjanjuk Jr., said an immigration judge issued the stay of a deportation expected during the weekend.

Germany says Demjanjuk had been expected there by Monday.

Demjanjuk, a retired auto worker who lives in the Cleveland suburb of Seven Hills, kept out of sight Friday, as he has for years. He has argued that his deportation would amount to torture, given his frail health.
In a three-page signed statement, Demjanjuk asked earlier in the week for asylum in the U.S. and said deporting him "will expose me to severe physical and mental pain that clearly amount to torture under any reasonable definition of the term."

"I am physically very weak and experience severe spinal, hip and leg pain, which limits mobility and causes me to require assistance to stand up and move about," the statement said. "Spending 8 to 12 hours in an airplane seat flying to Germany would be unbearably painful for me."

[ cf Ohio man branded Nazi guard gets deportation stay ( emphasis mine ) ]

So war crimes are excusablish??? Suddenly the Revolving Door of Evil Liberal Justice is still keeping this war criminal in america.... because, well we have always been anti-Torture of war criminals....

BlinK?? The germans want him as an accessory to the 29,000 dead at the Sobibor camp.

In related HORROR
A native of the Philippines and the mother of twin boys born in the Bay Area who had been threatened with deportation today has won a temporary stay to remain in the United States and appeal her case.
Because federal law limits the definition of marriage to a man and a woman, foreign same-sex partners of U.S. citizens don't have the same route to legal permanent residence extended to heterosexual spouses. A bill in Congress would allow a U.S. citizen to sponsor a foreign same-sex partner for legal residency.

[ cf Gay mother of two gets a deportation delay ]
Thank GOD it's not like those children born in America Are Americans.....

I mean would we want a President who's parent was GAY????

you liberals are just EVIL

Have you ever heard of a "depressflation"?

No surprise if you haven't. It's a term I coined myself, to describe the imminent -- and inevitable -- result of the Democrats' plans for "rescuing" the economy.

Think 1970s-style "stagflation" but much, much worse: massive inflation, even hyperinflation, together with Depression-like economic stagnation. A depressflation.

Why is this inevitable? Because with a bi-partisan consensus that deficits are vital in fighting the crisis (or easing the pain) there is no constraint on Obama and his party. The sky is the limit on spending, to the tune of a trillion-plus dollars over the next two years alone.

[ email from eagle@gopusamedia.com )
yes, it is the revenge of GoPusMedia...

When Disinvited it just not enough...

It's because, uh, the bi-partisan consensus... of the Radical hard left with the radical hard left....

But we the True Believers still believer in the Belief that it is believable to believe in the War President bringing the Majik Pixie Dust...