April 2nd, 2009



Hat tip to the usual suspects, Surely Not Poor Little Ol’ PNAC who cites Neoconservatives Lie, About Everything, All the Time who is citing PNAC and Iraq.

But if you go to Project For a New American Century, you learn that this was always merely a little side affair of Komrade Party Leader William Kristol.

Gone are the references to the DisInvited. Since clearly such Radical Hard Left Defeatists such as Wolfowitz, DickCheney, Rumsfeld and Friends, have all been unmasked as Radical Hard Left Regulators! The Young Guns 33 and a third, The True Vinyl Version!!!

UnHoly BRUTAL STAB OUR TROOPS IN THE BACK, there at Statement of Principles is a veritable list of all the UnBeleivers who have never been believable.... nor were any of them ever in the service of the government, nor are they gooder persons at all, since clearly they have been so DisInvited....


We are On To Fantasy Island....

Also in play: Reports that the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has decided, as expected, to ease rules that require banks to value toxic debt at fire-sale prices. The FASB told CNN that although discussion that suggested agreement had taken place, a formal vote has not yet occurred.
[ cf Dow rallies above 8,000 ]
Cram Down?

What Cram Down?

There are no economic problems in the Financial Sector!!!

These are Not The Asset Infections You Are Looking For, move along.

All Hail The Greatness of The War President, since clearly this sort of Total Military Victory Over the Darkie Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianists Zombies could ONLY be done by the Brilliant Military Brilliance of Mission Accomplished Dubya!!!

Thank GOD For RoboBushCheneyParis!
They Shiney!
And Fashionably Fashionable!!!

And not bogged down in the failed radical leftist economics of a mere civilian President!!!

{ hey kids, what if the coleman litigation can continue to keep the democrats with only a 59 vote total in the senate, and we can keep on watching these sorts of sillies going on??? Or is that too obvious a policy wonking.... }


In an apparent effort to be an even more shameless hack, Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) argues in a Washington Post op-ed today that "all American families will get stuck with a new 'light-switch tax' on electricity bills that is in the president's budget."

It's not just Gregg. While President Obama cut taxes for the vast majority of Americans, a standard Republican talking point is that Obama is also raising taxes on everyone who uses electricity. The new GOP catch phrase popped up about a week ago, when the House Republican Conference said in a press release that the administration supports "a light switch tax that would cost every American household $3,128 a year."

As is too often the case, the difference between Republican rhetoric and reality is overwhelming.

[ cf Washington Post Crashed-and-Burned Watch ]
But what they are NOT telling you is that as a part of the Super Sekret Obamanite Assault On White Christian America, anyone who is Gay who switches, will be taxed!

Anyone who was dating a Darkie, and switches will be taxed!!!

Anyone who use to Super Size, and switches will Be TAXED!!!!

This is why we need MORE CapitalGainsTaxesCutsToDefeatGlobalTerrorismAsTheRootCauseOfHomoZeXuality!!!

{ No Irony was harmed in the creation of this Blog Entry. }

GOP Congressionals Attack Radical Hard Leftist of Failed DickCheney Clique.

A congressional tactic described as a "freight train" to run over the minority party could derail any hopes of bipartisanship with the Obama administration, some Republicans warn.
[ cf Fast-track budget tool would kill bipartisanship, GOP says ]
Nuclear Option?

What Nuclear Option?

If there had ever been any Radical HardLeft DickCheneyItes in the Senate who had threatened bipartisanship, it was because they were such Old School Stalinist Pure VinylHeads!!! And Not Real Republicans.

{ Bigger Bongs, Faster Gonging... }

REM was always a Republican Band.

Yes Boys and NonPerkin, the Song It is the end of the world as we know it, was always a traditional family values based song by a clearly mainstream republican band.
In the classic movie "Ghostbusters" from 1984, Bill Murray and company warn the mayor that the city is under such chaos and turmoil that the strangest of things will begin to happen. On the economic and political front, we are now living in those times.

It appears that the "good old days" of making fun of countries like France and Germany is over, because they appear to be.... how can I say this... They appear to be taking the lead on the global economic debate. That's right. With Obama's America prepared to spend its way to oblivion, France and Germany are starting to say, "Enough is enough." Is this the end of the world as we know it?

[ cf Dogs and Cats Living Together... Mass Hysteria ]
Ok, so maybe if we all just remember that Herbert Hoover was a GAY HOMOZEXUAL DARKIE COMMUNIST!

Then we will understand that in this new and kinder and more gentler white christian america, we do not have any of those problems.

Faux News Fulfill Segregationist Dream, and secedes from Union.

It was just a matter of time. With all of the white-hot, ultra-hyperbolic invective radiating from Fox News screens across the land, there was really no escaping the obvious end game. The usual suspects in the Fox Confederacy have been so filled with revulsion by the neo-Socialist path that they believe the country is on, that they can no longer abide nor accept it. So now Fox News is preparing to depart from the union with a fanfare, a blast of light, a loud swoosh and gong. And an advertising campaign.
See also the update to this article:
The Fox Nation Launches A Dud

On first viewing of this ad I thought it may have been a joke akin to the Colbert Nation. It begins by declaring that “It’s time to say ‘NO’ to biased media.” Was Fox News coming clean and denouncing itself? No such luck. It was just that old “fair and balanced” Foxian doublespeak. Instead, Fox was announcing the birth of a nation - The Fox Nation.

[ cf Secedes From America ]
What other choice is there???

Clearly in the middle of a Tax Revolt inside of an Insurgency in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU because of the Radical Hard Leftist Shift DearOldDick! What other choice was there?

Thank GOD we still have the War President RoboBushCheneyParis!
They Shiney!
And Fashionably Fashionable!
And not bogged down in a quagmire of mere rational discourse.

Support Your Local Hive Mind!

The Propostion is
If X could happen, it would already have happened. Therefore it can't happen. </blockqut> The fun is list all of the gambits in play here.

I will start by saying that the wonder of this is that it looks like Modus Tollens:
A => B
Therefore ~A
But without all of that Gay HomoZeXual Gapital Cains Taxes.

I of course opted to toss up Equivocation and Amphibology as a part of the majik here.

The three terms that will need to be better defined, so that we can put them in as Propositions p(i..j) in the list of available propostions of course are
Can Not
without which it really is hard to formally define the statements.

Or as I noted, "when you say can not, what is your CEP on that?" - I mean proving that there can NOT be a black swan, tends to be a NOT gooder thing. Which is where most folks step off onto the argumentum ad ignorantiam - since it is a close enough approximation for small arms fire...

But I think folks need to look at the problems of futureTensing - How would one KNOW that X could happen? My first thot is the canonical bible school/parochial school quandry about the nature of the Omnipotence of God:
Can god make a three sided square?
Some would argue that the question is non-sensical - since a square is by definition four sided and a triangle is three sided.

But doesn't impugning the Omnipotence of God Stab Our Troops In The Back? And cause Capital Gains Taxes, not to mention cause all of the mass murderers who become such, because of their lack of faith?

We might also say what do we mean about the notion "X occurs at before Time T" - that proposition will give us a framework in which to evaluate which came first, X or Time T. We could of course restructure our discussion here to talk about the Return Of Christ, and the Final Resolution of Capital Gains Taxes.
Clearly IF Jesus were coming, then he would be here, but since we have Capital Gains Taxes, it follows that Jesus has Left The Building and is not coming back...
Since obviously everyone KNOWS that Jesus is coming, the argument by analogy shows that clearly the form of the argument, is, well, SATANIC!

Which while useful for pangloss at the auto de fe, is not really that gooder at translating the phrase "it would have occurred by now".

Not to mention that we need to understand what 'can not happen' - is it really just simpler and safer to retreat back to the traditional explanations why the proposition simply sucks bilge????

Hum... I am clearly going to have to think a bit more here...

Time For Do Overs....

Wow.... now while disgraced former senator who still failed the senate censors, if not the legal nicities of the law, is suppose to get a do over...

But if the PsuedoCons in Alaska actually go there, doesn't that mean they are stabbing our troops in the back by allowing the revolving door of justice that would allow persons who were wrongly convicted to be let free to be unamerican again????

I mean, do we as americans really want to be supporting that sort of Radical Hard Left Posseur Posture????

The Shrill One Savages Majik!

A reader writes in to complain about today’s column, in which I compared the supposedly productive activities of financial wizards to the sleight-of-hand of stage magicians.

As a magician, he resents being compared to investment bankers.

{ citing Krugman is Unfair }
well there you have it.

Clear and Compelling Proof that Liberals HATE Religion and are rounding up christians and putting them in death camps...

Radical Hard Leftists Rounding Up Christians For Death Camps

Ok, so there seems to be chaos in the heaven about when, where, and how we are suppose to impose which religious cult court system. Over at Hullabaloo there is one of the write ups Under The Rock.

It seems that when the discussion can possibly be about Sharia - majikally there is suppose to be a separation of church and state....


Wonder why that is?

Could it be that the idea of a separation of church and state should not exist, once everyone left alive in the state is following the true will of Jesus, and Opposes Capital Gains taxes?

Should American Law Follow The Troops?

Clearly IF we had completely outsourced the WhateverOnWhomever to strictly Private Sources, there would be no question whether or not things should be legal and lawful. Because then we could have bought the war services of organizations that did not recognize any form of law, and that of course would have included Contract Law, and all would be right with the world because we would not have to pay them...

You know, sorta like how the Pro-War Camp wants to ditch out on the contract with the troops.

But Now we Have Judges, Gone Crazy:
The Obama administration's plan to close the prison at Guantánamo Bay grew more complicated Thursday, after a federal judge ruled that at least some of the long-term prisoners at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan are entitled to the same legal rights as the Guantánamo detainees.

U.S. District Judge John Bates, an appointee of former President George W. Bush, said the prisoners who were shipped to Bagram from outside Afghanistan are "virtually identical" in legal terms to those who were sent to Guantánamo.

Therefore, these prisoners have the right to challenge their detention before a judge, Bates said. He cited the Supreme Court's decision last year holding that the right to "habeas corpus" extended to the Guantánamo prison, and concluded there was no reason not to extend the same legal status to those held at the military prison in Afghanistan.

[ cf Detainees can make case in U.S. court, judge says ]
In the words of John Stewart:
A Dubya appointee arguing that all of the persons who get detained by american troops are still, gosh, under american laws.... since, well the american troops are not allowed to simply violate UCMJ law, simply because the Pro-War Wheenies CONUS do not have the MaleAppendages to follow their Rhetoric Into TheHostileFirePayZone!!!

What ever will they do???

How ever will we be allowed to majikally disappear folks....

{ Remember boys and NonPerkin, no Irony was abused in the creation of this blog entry. }