April 1st, 2009


Prosecutorial Misconduct?

The Justice Department moved on Wednesday morning to drop all charges against former Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, who narrowly lost his seat last year shortly after being convicted on seven felony counts of ethics violations.

In a stunning development, Justice Department lawyers told a federal court that they had discovered a new instance of prosecutorial misconduct in the case and asked that the convictions be voided. There would be no new trial in the case.
Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., who made the decision to move to drop the charges, said in a statement that "I have concluded that certain information should have been provided to the defense for use at trial.” He said it was "in the interests of justice” to dismiss the indictment and forgo any new trial.

Mr. Stevens’s lawyers, Brendan V. Sullivan, Jr. and Robert M. Cary, issued a statement on Wednesday welcoming the decision, decrying the conduct of the prosecutors in the case and hailing Mr. Holder as “a pillar of integrity in the legal community.” The statement called the case “a sad story and a warning to everyone” that “any citizen can be convicted if prosecutors are hell-bent on ignoring the Constitution.”

[ cf U.S. Plans to Drop Case Against Former Senator From Alaska ( emphasis mine ) ]
Well, I think that is obvious.

The Godless Liberals are trying to Persecute White Christian America because they do not support the Unitary Executive Principle.

Clearly if the case had been allowed to stay as is, then all true americans would be MORE Supporting Komrade party leader for having supported stephens before she didn't, as well as all of those who supported that of course there is no real reason for Habeus Corpus, since, if a person is detained, of course they are a Terrorists!!!

So this is just more of the same old failed liberal agenda of Destroying Freedom!!!

A brief Moment of Fear...

I was planning to start today with a nice lovely rant about how we should Thank GOD! for RoboBushChenyParis,
They Shiney!
And Fashionably Fashionable!
And unaffected by the flow of reality.

Since of course the first quarter of the year had passed without the usual suspects, the Iranqian Flying saucers, et al... But of course to give it the added spin of racialism, by of course tying in the horror of how them darkies is a threat to our white christian america....

I was playing around with the ideas of using phrases like:
A clear Mashup of "Mars Attacks" and Resident Evil....
Who can forget how the Evil Liberals of Wall Street unleashed their darkies, in conjunction with the Iranqian Flying Saucers to attack the world trade center...
Looking for the appropriate balance of SHEER HYSTERIA and Post Surrealism.

When I stepped into the shower and had the Creepers.

I am playing these ideas off each other, when I have that Zombie Combo Phlash, the Psycho Meets Shaun of the Dead, but without the funny.

Then in the fullness of silly - after NOT being able to shake the fear, I opt to peek around the corner of my shower... IN MY RATIONAL MIND I have this vague suspicion that my PARANOIA is over running my gooder sense.

I have pondered on one side the fact that yes, I had been concerned about the audible of the coffee maker earlier on, since it was odd to hear it, since, well, there was no other ambient noise. So I may have been a bit on edge in itself.

But the other side of this is the general question of racialism, OrcNeff, and which are the real things that go bump in the darkie...

Are there 'race memories' - which ever way you want your Gene Theory of Knowledge To Work - that have ported forward the fear of the dark, to modern symbols? Since even in Africa there are various totem systems to deal with the fear of the dark - I do not presume that 'darkie' need be a given Melanin count issue - as much as it is a symbol of other symbols.

I do get to laugh at the Grand Irony of our times - where there is a "white flight zone", that is currently the number ONE area in our country with mortguages under water.... And, I must confess, a sense of empathy to those folks... Since, well, what is a person suppose to do, when their class consciousness, says that they are suppose to show due regard to their economic and political superiors, but, well, that person winds up being a Darkie... That has soooo gotta cause some cognizant dissidence.

So I am muddling all of this, when the divine revelation comes over the radio:
Sen. John McCain wants a presidential pardon for Jack Johnson, who became the nation's first black heavyweight boxing champion 100 years before Barack Obama became its first black president.

McCain feels Johnson was wronged by a 1913 conviction of violating the Mann Act by having a consensual relationship with a white woman — a conviction widely seen as racially motivated.

[ cf Pardon sought for first black heavyweight champ ]
What is God's Majikal And Mystical Message Here?
For the fine white folks who do not remember, The Great White Hope ah yes, back in a time when GODLESS evil ones were supporting Loving v. Virginia...

Maybe it is time once again to ask, can america ever return to the kinder, gentler days of our White Christian America - free from the threat of Papists, Zionists, And Dangerous Splitter religions.....

Oh yes, and of course, the problem of the darkies, from the Black Irish on south...

Fox News Takes A Jump To The Left...

Holy Hit Of Hard Left Radicalism!!!
Sarah Palin is out and Newt Gingrich is in.
[ cf Republicans Disinvite Palin to Major Fundraiser ]
For those of You who did not get the Memo.
Disinvite will be used for double plus ungood as a prelude to their being unpersoned.
I hope that helps folks understand that deconstructing Evil Liberal Speak is not all that difficult.

A special Hat Tip To God Hating America Basher Number J, who was ever so prompt as to note the clear and compelling, fair and blanced moment in Faux News Time Warp Dance Craze.

Davide Lynch To Destroy Free World

Yes, kids, it’s a sequel to Repo Man, it’s being produced by David Lynch and according to writer-director Alex Cox’s blog it wrapped principal photography in the middle of February. There seems to be a very conscious effort underway to keep this one as under the radar as possible, with Cox saying not a word about the cast and the IMDb page being a total blank, but it’s coming and coming soon.
[ cf Flying Fast And Under The Radar, Alex Cox’s Repo Chick Wrapped Last Month ... ]

Making a Sequel to Repo Man is like trying to do the roof of the sistine chapel as a Kamp Musical!!!


They are evil!!!

Destroying Our White Christian American Heritage is just Not Gooder.

UPDATE: Mahalo covers repo chick.