March 29th, 2009


More Proof That Godless Liberals HATE the Guacamole.

I mean, HELLO, what sort of God Hater would assert:
The phrase embodies a cliché of detective pulp fiction: no matter what the problem, a woman is often the root cause. The phrase has also come to mean more simply "Look for the root cause of the problem."
[ cf Cherchez la femme ]
I mean, hello, where is the
Great Huge Tracts of Fiscal Assets
I mean, this shows how the evils of Liberalism and Red Communist Hollywood destroy the fundamentals of White Christian America by failing to take into account the GLORIOUS Military Victory of Defeating Capital Gains Taxes, to stop the Gay HomoZexual Marriage Agendanista, that is the MOST obvious backdrop for both Pulp Fiction, and Film Noir!!!