March 25th, 2009


Does Dissing the Civilian President be ok?

I mean it would be clearly a different problem IF it was a War President in a time of transfering the tax liability unto the Unborn Baby UBU - but....
Disregarding the exponentially longer tradition of the teachings of the Catholic Church on abortion, officials at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana, have elected instead to continue the much shorter tradition of having sitting presidents give the commencement address at the university’s spring graduation ceremony.

By lifting the restrictions on federal funding for organizations that promote and provide abortions overseas, as well as lifting the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research, and the promise to implement the Freedom of Choice Act, President Obama has established himself as the most pro-abortion president in history.

The move, by University of Notre Dame officials has alumni, pro-life, groups and the local bishop sharply responding.

[ cf Catholic Notre Dame University to Host Obama ]

Should Notre Dame make the decision that it can no longer take any form of Federal Tax Dollars???

And is this a signal to the Enemies Overseas, that it is ok to repeat the sort of Attacks on the World Trade Center, and elsewhere, that are perfectly OK to do if the Civilian President is not one of the cool kids...


Can Papists, as a part of the whole IslamoFascistCryptoPapistMomonistZionistBolshivikiBankingKospiriakii actually allow any form of Federal Stuff, including Federal Law, and Federal Military personnel, to be, well, allowed or Tolerated???

Or would allowing them merely DAMN the allower to the lowest burning rings of HELL...

Radical Hard Leftists Threaten Freedom with Their Evil Germ Theory Of Disease!!!

I was just SHOCKED to see COMMUNIST DOGERAL in the SF Chronical:
The rate of tuberculosis in San Francisco has been dropping over the last decade, but health officials say they are seeing a new type of TB patient, someone who isn't poor or homeless or a newly arrived immigrant.

Rather, the disease is now being found in low-risk settings that don't usually harbor TB - at an affluent high school, a law office, bars, even at a venture capital firm.
"Everybody breathes," he said. "It isn't just a disease for immigrants, it is a threat to everybody."

TB is a bacterial disease that is spread in the air from one person to another. It can attack any part of the body, but usually centers on the lungs, and generally requires extensive antibiotic treatment. Last year, nearly 13,000 cases were reported in the United States, a 4 percent dip from the previous year.

[ cf Study finds a different type of TB patient (emphasis mine) ]

That's like saying that Disease is NOT God's Punishment upon the Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!

Can there be any doubt that this is just one more Step down the path to DOOM!!! That the Divine Judgement will make the stock market crash, and the value of one's Home drop below the MortGuage....

I mean we have to stop these GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING SECULARISTS before doom comes...

More Proof The CRA Destroyed Freedom

Sir Fred Goodwin death watch: Part 1.

Clearly if the Royal Bank Of Scottland Tanked, it must be because of the Darkies and the Community Reinvestment Act of 1978, since how could it be caused by anything else...

Besides, who can doubt that THEY are evil:
The line about the "dagger at the heart of capitalism" is purpler than what I would have used, but what Hempton is getting at is that if you expropriate investors' holdings without following a clear, transparent process, you risk scaring away future investors for years and years. The clearest case of this in the past year was at Washington Mutual, where the FDIC seized the bank and largely wiped out its unsecured creditors even though WaMu was not obviously insolvent.Hempton wrote a long screed about what a disaster this was, because the "capricious" nature of the seizure made it impossible for creditors at other banks to know whether they'd be protected or not. His point is not so much an emotional one as a practical one: If we're going to nationalize some big banks, it's important that we at least try to follow a clear process for determining who gets nationalized and how different stakeholders are treated. Right now, all the big banks are healthy according to the standard capital adequacy measures that regulators use. We know that's not right, but it would be useful to have a straightforward means of showing that it's wrong. The Treasury's planned "stress tests" could be part of that, and so could a process to set market prices for currently untradable toxic assets.
[ cf Paul Krugman: Smart economist, or all-knowing being? ]
Clearly the fact that there was Federal Stuff there shows that it had to be because of the CRA, and all of that Gay Stuff Too.....

Clearly it is all caused by Evil and Darkies and Pooh...

Yes, that must be the real solution here, we round up Pooh and all of his friends, and send them to the Wall!!!

That way all children will know that they are safe from the Evil and Sinister Pooh...

The InterGoogle Is Made For Porn....

I was SHOCKED to read this Mission StateMent:
Our mission is to offer a widest selection of lingerie at affordable prices. Our collections include sexy lingerie, erotic lingerie, leather lingerie, plus size lingerie and romantic gift items. Lingerie for less!
[ cf Lingerie ]
Ok, so I thought it was going to be some sort of Real Republican Pron about the Sheep Industry Association. ( cf Presenting This Week’s Scandal Of The Century )

BUT NO!!!!

It really has NOTHING to do with resolving the Fiscal Fiasco that come from DickCheney's Regulator MexiCanadianist Gay HomoZeXual marriage agendanista!!!

FDIC - Proof that Godless America Bashers Hate the Guacamole...

Hey boys and NonPerkin.

Did you notice that while the big flows in commerical paper have locked up.

That we have not seen the evil plebian masses piling on by pulling their money out of FDIC insured accounts?


What if it is a GOOD thing that FDIC has reassured the bulk of the plebian masses that they are not as at risk as they had been back in the 1890, or 1929, Economic Market Repositioning of a Lack of Demand.

Could it be that this, married to the unemployment insurance programmes, have been able to keep demand alive?

OR!!!! Should we demand that since Obama is EVIL, that they MUST stop the FDIC, as a part of protecting us from the evil of liberalism, and the molly coddling effect of provieing various COMMUNIST THREATS TO FREEDOM that occur when people no longer have to stay trim, and in shape, so as to stay out in front of the Bank Run....

HUM.... could it be that Allowing FDIC is like treating water, and that like the clear and compelling need to get more americans able to live a wholesome and fulfilling life that comes from not having to drink toxin free water!!!

Clearly as americans free themselves from the FAILED LIBERAL FOLLIES of FDR, such as FDIC, americans will be able to return to the kinder and gentler more halcyon days of long gone past...

More Proof Americans Do NOT want COMMUNISM

At least someone got something out of the Bernie Madoff affair.

Ralph Amendolaro of Queens, New York, used the confessed Ponzi schemer's prison number to play the lottery, after seeing it on the front page of the New York Daily News earlier this month. And a few days later, that number -- 61727-054 -- came up, winning the lucky construction worker $1500.

[ cf Madoff's Prison Number Is A Lottery Winner ]
You see...

The problem is that the Excessive Brutal Governmental Regulation of the Free Trade In Free Markets soooo clearly and totally distorted the Market, by given a Prol a Big Win on the Back Of A Persecuted Minority!!!

That's Right boys and NonPerkin, The Repressed Wealthy are the New Poor.

So you should not be allowed to PICK on innocents like Madoff, who are merely being CRUSHED under The Iron Fist of the Steel Jack Boot Of DickCheney Regulators!!!