March 24th, 2009


CRA, First As Tragedy, Then as Flatulence....

God, I was sooooooo surprised to see someone trying to blame the current crisis of faith in the financial sector on the Community ReInvestment Act (1978) - but without knowing enough to know that this was what they were trying to whine about.

But let us put our Thinking Kaps On. We know that the evil CRA is what caused the banks to make the risky investment in risky mortguages. Which explains why banks in France, Italy and Scottland, not to mention IceLand had classical Bank Run Fiasco's.

The CRA forced them to buy Risky Mortguage Backed BigBagsOhPooh.

You see, there it is. Clear and Compelling PROOF Postive of
The Evil IslamoFascistCryptoPapistMomonistZionistBolshivikiBankingKonspirakiiUndtKosherDeliMittBookStore
Which clearly unmasks the Darkness of The Darkies and their One World DarkyNeff!!!

So say it Loud, and Say It Proud!!!
Dig HERE! Dig Now! Produce More!
Since various forms of Pooh make perfectly good BioFuels...

Hum... is there a particular reason that Morte Guage, derives itself from the Latin for "Dead Hand", as if this were some LOLCat Pragma:
I Can Have Asset Backed Securities?
over a picture of a cat in the kitty litter...

TN: Get Your HunterKiller On, cause SkyNet Is Disco...

Yes Boys and NonPerkin, there is nothing like God's Divinely enhanced Homeland Security Investment Bubble. And the GodHatingAmericaBasher redlandish has the scratch A slightly better article.

The article he refers to is the progression out of using manned air craft, to providing better Reapers.

Granted these are still remotely controlled system with highly paid welfare queens of the Defense Department at the stick, rather than more Cost Effective, and Corporately Loyal, AI units... we can only hope that as more people support the War President to support the War Profits that we can end the dark days of Welfare Queens in the Department of defense...

Are YOU doing your part to bring on the Terminators?

{ hey kids, would this be a better memewar, if we can win the fight for totally automated war - you know, like, well MicroSmurf War 3.0, where we get to pay and pay and pay for upgrades that never really work. But it is better because we are paying a private sector for nonviability, rather than some repressive DickCheney Regulator Welfare State Queenist!!! }

Radical Hard Left Communist Klique Threatens Freedom!

A month after Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal complained about wasteful spending in President Obama's economic stimulus package, including money for "something called 'volcano monitoring,'" Alaska pilots were grateful for such expenditures. The Alaska Volcano Observatory was ready with warnings to flight officials when Alaska's Mount Redoubt blew five times Sunday night and Monday morning, sending potentially deadly ash clouds north of Anchorage.
Volcano monitoring became a political issue when Jindal gave the Republican response to President Obama's message to Congress on the economic stimulus package. Jindal said the package was "larded with wasteful spending," including $140 million for volcano monitoring. U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Anchorage wrote Jindal and said volcano monitoring is a matter of life and death in his state. He made the point again after the eruptions. "I sleep better knowing the scientists are at work at the AVO keeping track of this activity," he said by e-mail...

[ cf If There Is Any Justice, Bobby Jindal's National Political Career Is Over ( emphasis mine ) ]
First off, notice that the COMMUNIST Liberal media tries to cover up the fact that Pilots are one of the last bastions of the Hard Lefts Core Communist Klique of Unionists who have been destroying the economy.

So what we have here is more of the same old failed Communist front Propoganda that Pilots should be granted massive Governmental Largess so that they can crush the hopes and dreams of hard working people.

Clearly if Americans Understood that they could get cheaper flights if they were willing to take the risks of flying through volcanic eruptions, ice storms, and into other air planes, then the Consumers would be able to enjoy not ONLY the economic freedom of a free Trade In Free Markets! But the Personal Integrity that comes from the freedom from being turned into some form of nancy girlie boy who wants to land safely each time they take off in a flights!!!

RealHeManManlyMaleMasculineMaleMen[dm] are not afraid of crashing large things into other things!!! It is what makes Men Masculinely Male Manly Men!!!

This is just more of the same FAILED LIBERAL AGENDA that believes that the State should provide Cholera, Typhoid, and Dystentary Free Water!!! Rather than leaving these things up to the Free Trade of the Free Market!

Clearly RealHeManManlyMaleMasculineMaleMen[dm] are not afraid of a little contaminated water!!! Since Manly Male Masculine Men do not drink water!!! as it comes from the Toilets, and Plants to do Grow in Toilets! Which is why real men drink Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator!!!

Americans MUST learn the discipline of the Free Trade In The Free Market!!! Or they will all become pansies!!!

Clearly we MUST STOP SCIENCE!!! Before it turns all RealHeManManlyMaleMasculineMaleMen[dm] into sissy mary software men!!!

Terrorists Attack White Christian America!!!

God Hating America Bashing Spawn of Satan Asserted:
So, I'm thinking that this WASN'T a good idea...
with regards to CONGRESS PASSES WIDE-RANGING BILL EASING BANK LAWS - which is an article from November of 1999, showing that Dick Cheney had already begun his brutal assault on white Christian America with his GodLess excessive Jack Booted Soul Crushing Extremists Zombie Canadainist Cyborg cylon Excessive Governmental Regulation of the Free Trade In Free Markets!!!

Yes, yes, yes - godless unbelievers will try to tell you that if you read that COMMUNIST FRONT ORGANIZATION PROPOGANDA that you would think it was about congress passing a wide ranging bill easing bank laws.

Which is what the Evil Godless Cyborg Cylone Zombie Canadianist Evil Hard Left Liberal Media would want you know now!!!

But all TRUE americans know that this is clear and compelling proof that Dick Cheney was a Regulator imposing Soul Stealing Faiery Dust on the Banking Industry as a part of his Main Force Communist Assault On Our White Christian America because he HATES Guacamole!!!

Radical Hard Left Continues Jack Booted Assault On Guacammole!

"Will the Geithner Plan Work?"

The question is, "Will the Geithner plan work?" There are responses from Paul Krugman, Brad DeLong, Simon Johnson, and .....
well, there you have it.

A veritable list of the Hard Left who are at this very moment installing their Kommunist Dogma on innocent peace loving all American White Christian America, because they hate the Guacamole!!!

We clearly have to wonder why it is that they are trying to cover up the fact that DickCheney is their Super Secret Spy Master who has always been pulling the curtain Strings of the Kommunist Konspirakii in america.


God Hating America Basher asked:
Didn't we get rid of the War President (and his henchman, Darth Cheney)?

And now we have the "Guy Who Speaks In Complete Sentences and Seems to Have Common Sense"?

See how they try to insinuate that some how CIVILIAN PRESIDENTS should take precedence over War Presidents!!!

As if folks do not know the SUPER SEKRET Extra Special Double PreDestinationalist Addendum to the Constitution, the part where it actually says that there is but ONE GOD!!! That Part of the Founding Father's TRUE Original Intent that says that a War President Wars On No Matter what happens in the civilian elections, because the civilians can only elect a civilian President, but GOD gives us a WarPresident!!!

Just because the GODLESS HATE AMERICA evil liberal wants to focus on the civilian president, does not mean that we do not have a War President, the same War President who has always been WINNING against the Evil Doing Evil Doers, who are Evil And Doing, And ERS!!!

Got RPG's?

*Republican Specter opposes labor bill

*Labor, Democrats refuse to concede defeat

*May be a factor in Specter's 2010 reelection bid

[ cf UPDATE 1-Republican opposes US labor bill, may doom measure ]
Hey Art Majors...

You of course remember Matewan and of course how in the history, the folks seeking to unionize were the troops back from the war on the eastern front...

So... uh, will the cheese easting surrender monkies in the NRA support the call to allow the adoptions of M203's as a standard part of the average sportsman right to be well dressed in a time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn Baby UBU.

Or are they gonna wimp out again... because they are pansies who think the 2nd ammendment is about pansy sports for faggot assed nancy girls.