March 23rd, 2009


solving the Bad Asset Problems...

Hey Kids, why not
Drill here, drill now, pay less
It worked sooooo well for solving the problem of oil prices rising.

Clearly we can use more drilling into the assets of the various companies that need to have big holes bored into their head to let all of the FreeDome Fries out.

You see, when you think outside of reality, you are no longer constrained by the failed Evil Liberal Pre-911 culture of mere RealityBasedCommunities.

Ok, so one of My EVIL GodHating AMERICA BASHING liberal fiends wanted me to read the MURDERED TREE PERSON version of Newt Again, since they are evil and read Dead Media, such as the Godless Failed Liberal Media output.

And it was SOOOO funny, no seriously, HA-HA funny, to read about how successful the whole Drill here, drill now, pay less comedy had some how solved something about the economic and geological issues around how to have an ongoing Oil Based Economy...

So clearly, well, we must be able to reapply that Great Military Victory to the new problems that also MUST have true Military Victories... OR THE TERRORISTS WIN!!!

Since the alternative would be to retreat back into the reality based community and STAB OUR HOLY CRUSADERS IN THE BACK by abanoning Faith Based Economics and Faith Based Reality.

Why We Must Go On Defeating The Kommunist Hordes...

Sorting out the delta between various forms of
, is, well, the sort of thing you should engage in, especially if you are trying to pick up the hot babes at the local Spartacus Youth League Rally, and you really do not want to get all bogged down in the New Age Crystal variants on Trotskyite Revisionism...
Do I really have to explain why we must Go On Winning Against THEM!!!

Anything less and folks might retreat back into the failed pre-911 kulture...

Must Dig Faster....

...Reality is not getting any smaller.

So yes, read, and try to keep laughing about The Intellectual Decline Collapse of the Chicago School, Part XLIV ... since you see, if more people would have kept on chanting
Dig Here, Dig Now! Produce More Holes
then all of the majikal fairey dust would have been able to escape from the thot machine that is the Chicago School, and the little fellow travellors at the AEI and Friends.

You know, the TinkeWinkee Boys of Economics and Reality.

Wall Street Journal Stabs Troops In Back (02) With Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Propoganda!

On the Wall Street Journal editorial page, George Bittlingmayer and Thomas Hazlitt remind us that FDR's radical policies--regulating the banking system, abandoning the gold standard, abandoning the goal of balancing the short-term budget, and committing the government to an anti-laissez faire program of interventionist social democracy--were an extraordinary and immediate success:
GEORGE BITTLINGMAYER and THOMAS W. HAZLETT: [Roosevelt's] first step was to stem the banking panic with a national bank holiday (many states had already imposed their own). He closed troubled institutions, injected capital into the healthy ones, and reassured Americans that their deposits would be safe. His approach met with quick success. The New York Stock Exchange, closed during the bank holiday, opened up 15% on March 15. By July 3, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 93% above its close on March 3, the day before Inauguration Day in 1933...
[ cf FDR Done Did Good ]

That is like admitting that the Wall Street Journal has always been a Stalinist Regime bent upon the destruction of our white Christian America on the Super Sekret Orders of the Kremlin's Kommisarriate of Gay HomoZeXual Marriage AgendanistaIsms!!!


The sweet innocent children!!!

Now on sale at whole sale prices...

Is killing a Mother and her Unborn Baby still American enough?

Israeli officials have described as "tasteless" and inconsistent with army values a popular military past-time of printing violent cartoons on T-shirts.

An investigation in Haaretz daily says the customised shirts are often ordered when troops finish training courses.

One example shows a pregnant Arab women in the cross-hairs of a sniper's sight with the legend "1 shot 2 kills".

Another design shows a child being similarly targeted with the slogan "the smaller they are, the harder it is".

In both images the people being targeted appear to be carrying weapons. A third T-shirt design shows a dead Palestinian baby and the words "Better use Durex" (condoms).

[ cf Israel army rides out T-shirt row ]
Who knows, maybe one of our Pro-War, Pro-Life follks will grow the stones and share how this is just more of the Jove Of Lesus.

Hey, is making a buck off of advocating War Crimes a newer and cooler form of War Profiteering...

Godless war Profiteers attack the Guacamole...

The Dow jones hanky Because sometimes being a war profiteer is just a hard and ugly bizNiz....

Hey kids, would this be a good time to talk about how the actual economics brought us to the fifties, or should we keep whistling in the dark about how the Majikal Wealth Engine will Majikally create an equitable society for everyone, because the Mystical and Majiakal Imaginary Invisible Foote Of The Market Loves the Guacamole....

Godless Liberals Destroy Happiness With Clean Water...

Matthew Yglesias considers the AEI at one remove:
Charles Murray’s Praise of Human Misery: I kind of scanned Charles Murray’s recent big AEI speech expecting to read something interesting, since I’d seen quite a few conservatives offer it lavish praise. As best I could tell, though, his argument is that the problem with a social democratic model is that it makes people too fat and happy, thus depriving them of the higher contentment offered by suffering and misery.
It's a wonder that Charles Murray doesn't come out against water treatment plants--after all, unless you fear that today might be the day your baby dies of dysentery, you can never be truly happy...
[ cf Why Friends Don't Let Friends Step Inside the American Enterprise Institute ]
Well, there you have it.

One more Supperior reason why fluridating the water is about communism.

Not to mention that children who are not able to find clean water in a Zombie Infestted Post-Apocalyptic Holocaust have been overly molly coddled by the horrors of the Evil Liberal Regimes that oppose Cholera, Typhoid, and various other water born diseases.

Are YOU doing YOUR part to keep america safe from these Folks who want to use Science!!!

Are You Doing YOUR Part in The Meme Wars?

The reason for caution is when you try to "know your enemy" with a memenemy, you've put the enemy inside the wire. When it's a BPM, this is a good way for you to learn bad ideas. A con artist might say "It's not stealing if you give it to me." A neocon artist might say "It's not a lie if you believe it."

The meme war's tactic is from medicine: isolate a disease's carrier. Don't approach a suspect meme until you've absorbed enough about its source to grow natural barriers and tripwires.

[ cf Meme Defense Warning ( emphasis mine)
I think that earthlien has an important piece of the puzzle here...

What soooooo many americans are going to have to work through, as we deal with getting back to a sound economic policy, is how many times folks have been willing to believe it, because it was simpler, cooler, looked like a great angle....

I would like to note that while I support Sun Tzu's assertion:
The greatests of all General's wins the war without fielding an army
I am afraid that it only works in a pre-MemeWar battle space.

One has to wonder about the follies of the memenemy that can be traced back to a romantic infatuation with the kinder, simpler, more halcyon days of the Englightenment, back when it was simpler to HOPE that there was not going to become a division between HamiltonianStalinists, and the JeffersonianTrotskyites, and that all was going to be the peace and bliss of reasoning, just as the Divinity of Dubya Demands, per the argument from Divine Comedies...

So we have a bit of work cut out for us now...

And yes, just because a person is a Draft Dodger, doesn't make them a bad person. What makes them an interesting manifestataion of MEAT, is when they presume that they should be excused from the Grinder because their ShineyWhiteHiney has to be protected, for reasons, well, that are merely selfishly grotesquely partisan, and, well, just Selfish.

At that point, they have tacked one more nail in the coffin of "thinking meat".

The big challenge will be if we can put together the construct of actual Ethics.

For some reason, few of my Godless Evil Liberal friends like to talk about life in an actual 'free market', where the guns in the room defined the law in the room... None of that FaggotAsseedNancyGirl crank about having some stack of papers and persons who do nothing but read and write define the scope of when it is time to start 'liquidating damages'.

Hum... the same Freaking FruitBats Fan of the Free Market, are also, uh, off loading onto the government that they so hate, this majikal 'contract law' space, where some set of ethical constructs are suppose to reside, for reasons, that, well, let us be brutally honest, boil down to the fact that those Pansies are afraid to live in a world where the Gun Count takes precedence over law degrees...

So who knows.... We may just have to have folks work out why it is that they want to leave the whole "Court of Exchequer" in the hands of the government, rather than allowing everyone the luxury of living in one more majikal John Woo Moment...