March 19th, 2009


Into To Godless Unamerican Math

Let us start out with some basic assertions:
P1: a = (b + c)
P2: bX = T
p3: cX = P
do we have enough information to be able to solve for a value of
I say 'a value', rather than 'the one true and only value', since, as any GODLESS America Bashing liberal will note, we couuld assert
aX = (bX + cX)
based upon nothing MORE than the God Hating America bashing 'distributive property'. { you are tall perkin, google it, and suffer the crushing pain of godless math. }

There are also persons who would carry the matter on to assert
aX = (T + P)
and this too would be designates as a viable answer.

But the question we have to ask is:
Where is the axiom
Capital Gains Taxes Cause Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanistaa
without which the whole process is merely God hating america bashing that asserts godlessneff....

Ah yes... granted if we had asserted what the sum of T and P would map to, then we could have a more closed system where things were reducible, by first principles, to singular tokenization... But since none of it was in Binary Encoded Roman Numerals, does it really matter?

why liberal tree huggers should not fight unprofitable wars

Reporting from Washington -- The number of soldiers forced to remain in the military past their enlistment period under the government's "stop-loss" program will be cut in half within 15 months under a plan that will virtually eliminate the practice within two years, the Defense Department said Wednesday.
The announcement came on the same day veterans cheered a White House move away from a proposal that would shift responsibility for veterans healthcare onto insurance companies. Veterans groups feared the proposal could result in higher healthcare costs and cuts in service.

The number of soldiers forced to remain in the military past their discharge dates hit a peak of nearly 16,000 in winter 2005. The number was about 13,000 in January, the latest figures available.

Although the military will retain its power to involuntarily keep people in the Army, Gates said it was important to phase out the stop-loss program because it amounted to "breaking the faith" with soldiers.

"I believe that when somebody's end date of service comes up, to hold them against their will, if you will, is just not the right thing to do," Gates said.

[ cf Army to end forced extended tours
The 'stop-loss' program will be cut back and ultimately eliminated by 2011, the Defense secretary says. ( emphsis mine) ]
Well... there you have it.

Clearly if the government were working as a profit center, like a real business, it would be engaging in only profitable wars - and focussing on making a profit out of them. This way they would be better positioned to win only the profitable wars based upon clear Market Fundamentalism, and would not have to resort to using Welfare Queens, such as the DOD, and all of it's Socialist welfare statist assault on our white christian america.

Hum... what if screwing over the Military in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU were a crime, a war crime....