March 11th, 2009


All hail our post surreal technologiest.

Well today started out strange.

I got a phone call I could not connect with - and it just sat there making clicking and buzzing sounds.

Then when i tried to call for my health insurance issues, I could not get a dial tone.

Where it gets seriously crazy, is that I could call the house fone from my cell fone - and I get ringing.

I can not pick up the phone on the house side.

But the answering machine picks up....

Except that the house phone keeps ringing - and the cellphone can not hear anything from the house fone, and just keeps on making the sound that it is all ringie dingie.

I think this is clear proof that Liberalism Is Bad; and that Obama is WRONG to try to base things on science rather than ideology! Since clearly this sort of techical problem can only be defined by the lack of faith of those who oppose the Guacamole.

Or as my co-worker and I giggled at it. The loss of dial tone on a thousand fones, that I can explain....

help for our brightly painted savages in the hinterland...

Uh dudes, you do understand that Algiers was considered Metropolitian France, and not merely some overseas colony....
To paraphrase Mauriac, I love France, but I don’t want there to be two of them, least of all if one is in the United States. … I think President Obama’s counter-revolution goes in the right direction. … Still, the $3.6 trillion Obama budget made me a little queasy. There is a touch of France in its “étatisme” — the state as all-embracing solution rather than problem — and there’s more than a touch of France in the bash-the-rich righteousness.... Americans, at least in their imaginations, have always lived at the new frontier; French frontiers have not shifted much in centuries. Churn is the American way. … If America loses sight of these truths, it will cease to be itself...
( cited from Let Us Rally to Protect the Delicate Flower of Rugged Individualism! )

Uh, the loss of algiers, which occurs under dugal after da great wwII, uh was like uh centuries ago....

Uh, then uh, like this whole slip stream things is slippy and streamy....

So if we were to say lose South Carolina, something that has not occurred to the USofA in a billion years or so, it would be sorta like be more french?

Radical Left Wingers Fail To Accept Herbert Hoover Was Communist Agent of The FDR Regime

For example, Luigi Zingales:
With zero personal saving and a large budget deficit the Bush administration has run one of the most aggressive Keynesian policies in history. Not only has adherence to Keynes's principles not averted the current economic disaster, it has greatly contributed to causing it. The Keynesian desire to manage aggregate demand, ignoring the long-run costs, pushed Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke to keep interest rates extremely low in 2002, fuelling excessive consumption by the household sector and excessive risk-taking by the financial sector.
As you all know by now, I have four problems with this:

The first problem, of course, is Zingales's characterization of Bush administration economic policy as "Keynesian." John Maynard Keynes would certainly not The essence of Keynesian policies is not running big budget deficits--Keynesians call for big budget surpluses in boom years. The essence of Keynesian policies is using monetary policy and the government deficit as balance wheels to try to keep the flow of total nominal spending stable. And, yes, it does surprise me that Luigi Zingales does not seem to know what Keynesianism is.

[ cf The Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Modern Chicago School, Part LXXIV ]
Well, There it is.

Liberals hate freedom, and can not accept that everyone has known that Herbert Hoover was a communist engaged in radical red propoganda and attacks on america that caused the Great Depression, which he did on the Orders of the CommIntern.

Just like Little Kommunist Doctrinaire Dude Dubya, whom we have all known was a part of the hard left.

Which is why he has always been stabbing the troops in the back!

Anyone who would have supported Dubya was Killing Innocent Christian White Babies!!! For Terrorists!

And gays!

And Ikky Pooh!

Evil Liberals Want Komets to Destroy Freedom.

Thus, as best as I can tell, Luigi Zingales's argument comes in four steps:
1. Our problem is in the banking system.
2. Keynesian deficit spending will not fix the banking system.
3. Keynesians say that even though Keynesian deficit spending will not fix the banking system, it will keep unemployment from rising much higher while we do other things to fix the banking system.
4. The weakness of this Keynesian argument is--LOOK!! THERE IS HALLEY'S COMET!!!!
So it is kind of hard to figure out how to respond.
[ cf The Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Modern Chicago School, Part LXXIV (emphasis mine)]
Well, There it is.

They sooooo do not care that Keynesianism causes Komets to come hurtling at america!!!

Obviously this is a clear cause of Iranqianist Flying Saucerisms!!!

That and the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage AgendaNistaIsm!!!!

Thus we see that Liberals are Bad.

Radical ReligionIsts Attack White Christian America!!!

The odious members of the equally odious Westboro Baptist Church went to the University of Chicago (my alma mater), apparently to protest the existence of Barack Obama, and found themselves pwned by 100+ students, who among other things created signs that both mocked WBC’s own hateful screedings, and were naturally far more clever. Good on ya, Maroons. Good on ya.
( cf Maroons Vs Morons )
and if you look at the sign it says
Any question that this is more about Imposing God Hating Capital gains taxes...

Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista Gone Wild!!!

The engagement is off for the teenage daughter of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and the father of her baby. Levi Johnston told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he and Bristol Palin mutually decided "a while ago" to end their relationship. The 19-year-old Johnston declined to elaborate.

Eighteen-year-old Bristol Palin says in a statement to the AP that she is "devastated."

The two are the parents of a boy named Tripp, who was born Dec. 27.

Sarah Palin revealed her daughter's pregnancy days after being named John McCain's running mate on the Republican presidential ticket.

In an interview that aired on Fox News last month, Bristol Palin said her fiance saw the baby every day and described him as a "hands-on" dad.

The two had said they were considering a summer wedding.

[ citing Alaska Gov. Palin's daughter's, boyfriend break up ]
Can there be any doubt that this is Super Secret Evil Liberal Media Code Phrasing for:
Gay HomoZeXuals Destroy White Christian America for Iranqianesque Flying Saucer Klique of POOH!!!
It is just shocking how totally out of control the nation has become after these last 8 years of brutal radical hard left Hooverite Kommunism, Gone Wild!!!

Only The Free Will of The Free market Can Prove the True worth of a Free Military

So what did Bobby Jindal choose to ridicule in this response to Obama last night? Volcano monitoring, of course.

And leaving aside the chutzpah of casting the failure of his own party’s governance as proof that government can’t work, does he really think that the response to natural disasters like Katrina is best undertaken by uncoordinated private action? Hey, why bother having an army? Let’s just rely on self-defense by armed citizens.

[ cf What should government do? A Jindal meditation ]

There it is.

Only the Free Trade in a Free Market can win the wars we want to win!!! Since we can not depend on the evils of a socialist government that would impose excess governmental regulation on the Free Trade in War Winning Whatevers!!!! which is why we must stop the welfare queens in the DOD who so clearly hate freedom and are merely destroying our white christian america because they lack the patriotism to support the Free Trade in the Free Markets of Global Domination!!!!

are you there yet???

Think of war run by Enron....

OOPS, my bad. Haliburton was more innovative, and a clear compelling proof of war winning ness...