March 9th, 2009


Should Americans Retreat to Mere Reason?

I love the discussion point
The Bush aide who told Ron Susskind in 2003 that the United States was now an empire and created its own reality was merely being honest about the process by which the Republican ascendancy had been established. Very little of what Republicans say about Ronald Reagan, for instance, is true:
[ cf Bringing reason back? ]
Clearly someone will have to make a better pitch for why reasoning would have been a better solution....

Why not solve the riddle of why the Reagan Era, like the Mythological Fifties, seem the way that they seem.

Then figure out how to sell that as a Car Air Freshener....

When we complain about some of the problems of american politics, what if a central part of the problem is that we allow americans to vote in their elections....

Should TruthierNeff be allowed to Threaten Americanism?

He misses two important threads.
1. Had John McCain won last November, very few of the New Deal denialists would be out in public--instead, the Republican legislators and their tame intellectuals would be enthusiastially rallying behind McCain's tax cut-based Keynesian fiscal stimulus package right now.

2.Amity Shlaes was fired from the Financial Times for lying about the Bush administration's preparedness to deal with Hurricane Katrina. Surely this deserves a mention?
( cf Jonathan Chait on New Deal-Denialism )
Ok, so she was underTruthier about american plans to defeat the Iranqian Flying Saucers that attacked New Orleans as a part of Hurricane Katrina.

I mean really. In a time of Tax Cuts, should people be revealing every national security fact about how the government plans to defeat the MushRoom and Anchovie Pizza Box Flying Saucers????


Do you think that the Obama Administration should be revealing how the War President is still keeping america safe from those threats????

Would Jack Bauer stop torturing people if there were some sort of thingus about stuff....

That's what is wrong with these radical extremists!!!!

Any effort to retreat back to a facutalist based society merely means the Terrorists are More Mushroom Reanimated than ever before...

{ for our slow readers.... try to remember, that simply because teh obama clique believes that
2 + 2 = 4
doesn't mean it is so.... we are
Now more than ever before.... }

more Proof Liberals Hate the Guacamole....

Shlaes has explained in an op-ed piece that she did this because "to count a short-term, make-work project as a real job was to mask the anxiety of one who really didn't have regular work with long-term prospects." So, if you worked twelve hours per day in a coal mine hoping not to contract black lung or suffer an injury that would render you useless, you were employed. But if you constructed the Lincoln Tunnel, you had an anxiety-inducing make-work job.
[ cf Jonathan Chait on New Deal-Denialism ( emphasis mine )]

What can I say. When I saw her forgotten man book come out, i of course picked it up to browse it. Since, well, who can resist that wonder of
Busby Berkley and the very Powerful number “Remember My Forgotten Man” from Gold Diggers of 1933.

But Komrade party leader was not writing about Busby Berkley, nor was she writing about the great depression.

She was writing one of those Slip Stream Novels about he Singularity that would have come about if only history had been made up of other bits....

So..... we must go on winning against the Zombie voodoo Dust Bunnie Gay HomoZeXual Nancy Pelosi thinguses, and stuff, with reanimated Mushroom and Anchovie Pizza Box Cyborg Al-Qaeda Cheerleader virgin bikini beach blanket bongo wongo...

If you know what we mean.


Evil Film Combo's

Ok, so the evilOnes took me to the stanford theatre to see the double bill of Wuthering Heights and The Scarlet Pimpernel. They both had this guy merle oberon - which was why evilOne(she) had advocated seeing it. But i think it was to inflict Wuthering Heights onto evilOne(he) as a part of their whole evil liberal plot to impose Gay HomoZeXual Marriages.

Long story short. HELLO!!!! HELLO!!!! if you did not see Prop 8 stemming DIRECTLY from Wuthering Heights, what were you? Asleep at the wheel!!! That was sooo all about how evil things are when evil whilely wanton womanly wones get wickly wascally in their whilely wanton womanly ways!!!

I Mean it just SCREAMS Capital Gains Tax Cuts.

Ok, so I never really liked the sort of folks who bibble babbled about wuthering heights as some sort of thingus of pooh....

So the film remains one of those grand classical films, that was once so socially relevant. With of course the grand tragedy that we keep revisiting the problems of class consciousness and class warfare, with such fun as 'six degrees of separation' and the usual rich teenagers persecute the ugly duckly films, not to mention all of the ongoing variations on 'the heathers' that will always keep on getting remade...

Then there is the scarlet pimpernel, which I have always loved, for all the horror of Foppery UnMasked...

Yes, there is the interesting sub text at one end that the original story is written before WWI, when aristocracy is not really a problem, per se. When the radical extremisms of the revoltionists IS a problem. Baroness Emma Orczy moves with her family from Hungary to London at the turn of the century.... While the whole kult of SOE would be come the "baker street irregulars", for the lower class types... It would also be a home for various toffy nosed twits who were not allowed to play in the establishment's traditional intelligence directorates....

So it has a bit of problem, and romance, and issues, and most of all stuff.

Oh yes, and Mussy Bits. Ik Yuk Grosse.

Obama Unmasks Herbert Hoover as Communist Overlord!

Well we just all learned:
The economy is collapsing. The Omnibus bill is flailing in the Senate. The Treasury Department still needs a workable approach to the banks. Why is the New York Times wasting Obama's day -- and their 35 minutes of interview time -- with these gotchas? Did they really think he would slip and admit that his stimulus plan was cadged from a footnote in Das Kapital?
[ cf This Week in Journamalism ( emphasis mine ) ]
Well, I think that is clear enough proof that obama is a communist.

Which of course clearly supports the well known position:
This part of Shlaes's argument has generated enormous enthusiasm on the right. At last the cultural baggage of Roosevelt's predecessor--Hoovervilles, Hoover flags, and the like--has been lifted off the shoulders of conservatism and onto the real culprit, which is liberalism. Senator Kyl proclaimed on the Senate floor last fall that "in the excellent history of the Great Depression by Amity Shlaes, The Forgotten Man, we are reminded that Herbert Hoover was an interventionist, a protectionist, and a strong critic of markets."... There is indeed a revisionist scholarship that recasts Hoover as an energetic quasi-progressive rather than a stubborn reactionary.
[ cf Jonathan Chait on New Deal-Denialism ]
Which we all know is secret liberal code phrasing:
Herbert Hoover was a COMMUNIST
And thus we have come to the clear and compelling position, with geometrical logical reductions from first principles:
Obama has outted Hoover as a Kommunist
and thus Obama is bad.

( hey it could be worse, we could be doing the icelandic schuffle. )

Making America an Elven Free Zone...

Before Alcoa could build its smelter it had to defer to a government expert to scour the enclosed plant site and certify that no elves were on or under it. It was a delicate corporate situation, an Alcoa spokesman told me, because they had to pay hard cash to declare the site elf-free but, as he put it, “we couldn’t as a company be in a position of acknowledging the existence of hidden people.”
[ cf Wall Street on the Tundra ]

Why isn't there a national ban on allowing Overseas Corporations from Importing Cheap labor such as elves, leprichauns, and other types of undocumented workers that they conjure up from below the depths of thingus and Pooh!!!

Clearly if we do NOT draw the line here, then there will be trolls, orces, BugglyWugglySquirmey things - all of whom will want to get welfare and food stamps...

Ok, so the article in vanity fair also addresses the sort of absurdities which do not appear to be driven by the fact that jimmy carter was a democrat:
At the same time, in part because the banks were also lending Icelanders money to buy stocks and real estate, the value of Icelandic stocks and real estate went through the roof. From 2003 to 2007, while the U.S. stock market was doubling, the Icelandic stock market multiplied by nine times. Reykjavík real-estate prices tripled. By 2006 the average Icelandic family was three times as wealthy as it had been in 2003, and virtually all of this new wealth was one way or another tied to the new investment-banking industry. “Everyone was learning Black-Scholes” (the option-pricing model), says Ragnar Arnason, a professor of fishing economics at the University of Iceland, who watched students flee the economics of fishing for the economics of money. “The schools of engineering and math were offering courses on financial engineering. We had hundreds and hundreds of people studying finance.
( op cit )

Some how the majikal third eye of the imaginary invisible foote of the market was not prepared to deal with: Iceland’s de facto bankruptcy—its currency (the krona) is kaput, its debt is 850 percent of G.D.P., its people are hoarding food and cash and blowing up their new Range Rovers for the insurance—resulted from a stunning collective madness. What led a tiny fishing nation, population 300,000, to decide, around 2003, to re-invent itself as a global financial power?
( op cit )</blockquote> or would it be nicer for americans if we were to simply start a TeaParty to stop the growing threat of Elves....