March 6th, 2009


All Hail Our Great Military War President

On the good new Side:
U-6 at 14.8%
If you do not know what U6 is, well, uh, you might want to know, especially if you become a part of U1 ....

But the cool stuff is
The most deserving and valuable people in America, according to National Review, aren't our firefighters, police officers, nurses, soldiers, and teachers. Instead, they are our lawyers, bankers, executives, and top salespeople.

Nice to see it hung out on the line for once.

[ cf National Review Lays It on the Line! ]
I mean, uh dude.

In a time of tax cuts who is really more important????

I mean who can forget who it was who helped put together the sort of leveraged buy outs that made outsourcing the war a central part of the whole Homeland Security Investment Bubble!!! And folks need to understand that in a time of tax cuts the most important thing IS a Permenante Capitale Gains Tax Cuts, or the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista will sell your virgin teen age cheerleader daughters to canadianist zombie bankers!!!

I Mean, support the War President to Support The Permenante Capitale Gains Tax Cuts or the TERRORISTS WIN!!!

Supreme's Support Policy of indefinite detention until regime change!

The Supreme Court today vacated a lower court's decision that said the president has the right to indefinitely detain a legal resident of the country without charging him with a crime.

The court did not rule on the merits of the decision, but it vacated the ruling as moot after the Obama administration indicted suspected al-Qaeda agent Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri and said it would move him from a Navy brig to the federal court system.

The Supreme Court had been scheduled to hear Marri's case -- he has been imprisoned for nearly six years -- next month.

Last summer, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit in Richmond agreed with the Bush administration that in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Congress gave the president the power to indefinitely hold terrorism suspects under military guard, even if they were in the country legally.

Last week, the Justice Department decided to move Marri to federal courts.

[ cf Court Says President Cannot Indefinitely Detain Legal U.S. Residents ]
It is not clear from this ruling IF the Supreme's favor the War President or the one mistakenly elected by the civilians. Nor whether this will remain state policy if the civilian president finds a need to randomly detain enemies of the state whom they will be able to detain as not really americans, because, well, you and I both know that many UnAmericans pretend taht they have american citizenship simply because they were born in america, even if they have not been able to be vetted as True Americans...

So for the moment it appears that one can be detained until regime change...

So remember boys and non-persons, you are only as american as your most recent release from detention allows you to assert your total loyalty to the War President and full support against our enemies in EurEastAsia.

Can I have another Victory Gin Please...

Evil Liberals say "Enron Accounting" like it were a bad thing...

We don't know who AIG's counter parties were, i.e., who got the money. And the folks at the Fed and the Treasury aren't saying. But there are a lot of snippets and shreds of information out there that do allow us to get a decent picture of who some of the major beneficiaries are. Zack Roth has the details in this piece today at TPMmuckraker.
[ cf More Lowdown on AIG ]
Come on kids, now for a rousing and emotional folk song:
Where have all the enron traders gone...
Long time passing.
Where have all the enron traders gone....
Well thank god there were not jsut hanging out on the street corners depressing the housing prices in the neighborhood....

Snivelling Whiners...

I must confess to finding this while ( check out WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ) since it is slowly becoming clear to some of the poor and unfortunate folks who clearly able to barely make $250K of taxable income, that they are being sooooo persecuted....

Which is really funny - since, uh, they were always wanting to be the rich kids, and loved the cool 'status politics' of play acting like they were the Plutocrats and Trust Fund Babies... and now... gosh, they just do not have the where withall to get out of the way of the great evil tax monster....

And of course the IDEOLOGY is that they will be prevented from working harder because of the limited marginal gains that they will make, because the marginal rate of return will go up....

UH, yeah.

Remind me again, how many of them stressed out over going over the 'line' to get into the $250K taxable income bracket, and that they would now have to pay a tax accountant to deal with the combinations of 1099(*) forms and the other evil things that forces one beyond the happy place below the MTA rates....

Uh yeah, as if.

Hum... What if the real problem here is that they are no longer considered 'the cool kids' who are all a part of the more Pro-War than ever before crowd, except for the part that they would serve, but have to stay and actively manage their portfolio....

Now remind me again about how all of that is suppose to keep working out in the wash....

You know, that they create jobs - which is why the job market is so great - and... uh... they do it for the patriotism... yeah... uh the patriotism....

I am so crying.

Ok, so I can cry louder, I have already shipped out the package to the tax accountant and HATE THE GODLESS EVIL LIBERALS who have made the possibilities of a capital gains tax less of a THREAT.... GRRRRRRRRRR.....

The Red Scare Is Scary!

One objection you keep hearing to nationalization pre-privatization as part of a bank restructuring effort is that the US financial system is just too big and complex.
[ cf How many banks? ( strike in text, emphasis mine )]
Well there you have it!!!


They are coming to round up the white women for resale, as
RUN for the hills!!!