February 26th, 2009


But did they ever really try supply side economics?

And if so can we finally say that it did not work as advertised.

This way we can get on with the process of getting more people out there with wooden wings, and imitation Air control towers, and try that as a method for getting the cargo planes to bring back the cargo.

I would hate to think that we would irrationally want to just leap on trying to do the realistic and rational thing first shot out of the barrel.... wouldn't be the american way and all that... Not Cricket at all...

How much are the principles in the window....

... the one with the waggily tail....
In recent days, Jindal has displayed another leadership quality: ideological balance. He is highly critical of the economic theory of the stimulus package and turned down $98 million in temporary unemployment assistance to his state -- benefits that would have mandated increased business taxes in Louisiana. But unlike some Republican governors who engaged in broad anti-government grandstanding, Jindal accepted transportation funding and other resources from the stimulus -- displaying a program-by-program discrimination that will serve him well in public office. Jindal manages to hold to principle while seeing the angles...
[ cf Washington Post Crashed-and-Burned Watch ]
Ok, so I think that we should be very careful when we are talking about those Dangerous Human-Metaphour Chimera Experiments...

Since, well, it is important to know when to go long on principles, and when it is important to liquidate and get out of a position with what ever the market will bear. In related growly comedy we have
Nothing there any reality-based liberal could disageree with, right?

But Ruffini is a conservative. So let's see what he recommends:
We need to advance our ideas without ever once saying the word "conservative" or "Republican" in a speech. We need to define these ideas not as conservative, but as American. We need to be confident... that... our ideas are in alignment with basic American principles, and quit treating middle class, working class, or rural Americans like an interest group to be mollified by symbolic, substance-free BS.

But, Patrick, your ideas are not in alignment with basic American principles. Americans are for, not against, monitoring volcanoes. Americans are for, not against, human-animal chimeras to make insulin. Americans are for, not against, stem cell research. Americans are for, not against, love and fairness. Americans are against, not for, tax cuts for the rich. Americans are against, not for, Great Depressions.</i>
[ cf Patrick Ruffini Hates Joe the Plumber, Adam Smith Lapel Pins, Exaggerated Worship of Generation-Ago Presidents, Hollywood, Plungers, and Tax Cuts for the Rich ]
You see...

Now is the time for the GOP to totally Flip The FruitBatting Out, and drop any pretense of the failed pre-911 rational thot stuff...

Now is the time to just go
Doom de Doom de Doom....
Which PROVES! beyond a shadow of a doubt that Invader Zim has always been a Republican!!!

Insert laugh here that establish the True Irken nature of The Korrekt Implementation of the One TRUE and ONLY Republican Policy Position!!! Just as Gir would DO!!!

They Hate The Guacamole and Will Enslave Those witout market vaues...

I suspect that Crook’s main beef with Krugman isn’t with polarization, but with the particulars of Krugman’s suggestion that the case for free trade is a qualified rather than an absolute one. Crook more or less accuses Krugman of being a dishonest partisan hack for saying this. However, from my limited understanding, Krugman is making claims that are reasonable ones within the internal debate among economists. Certainly, Crook doesn’t provide any contrary evidence. Thus, I suspect that Krugman’s perceived crime was to express these qualifications in the agora rather than in closed session. Which is to say that the ‘consensus’ that Krugman is setting aside so ‘carelessly’ is a political one – the shibboleth that free trade is an Unqualified Good Thing – rather than a seamless consensus that emerges from the underlying academic debates...
[ cf In Which Clive Crook Succumbs to the High Broderism, I Think ]
Ok, we should not the the EVIL Krugman made the GOD HATING APOSTASY of noting:
Don’t say that any theory which has good things to say about protectionism must be wrong: that’s theology, not economics.
(op cit)

He is evil!

Clearly once you abandon the theological underpinning of market fundamentalism, it is a fast track to loading up the white christian americans and shipping them off to death camps, rather than outsourcing that process to the Free Market which would be able to do that at whole sale costs...

UnHoly Defeatists Rumour Mongering...

Hey kids, did you notice that the DOD has lifted the so called ban on photographic images of military grade coffins being returned from overseas.... I mean what, they think that if this imaging gets out now, folks will, uh... what is it that happens?

Oh that's RIGHT! The FDIC Watchlist of Banks in Zombie Mushroom land is up to 252, and therefore....


We have always been winning against Iranq and the Evil Liberals of Wall Street and their Red Hollywood Banking Fellow Travelors!!!

oh things are just getting badder...

his economic crisis, like perhaps every other, comes from an inversion of normal Social Darwinist order: the strong but trusting were duped by the weak but devious; parasites did not ‘perish as they should’ — or rather, they did but they killed their hosts as well. But then such perversions of nature are inevitable when collectivists alter the economic ecosystem, when they suspend the properly-applying law of the jungle and instead force Randian supermen to give loans to duplicitous jungle bunnies.
[ cf Parasites Become Predators!
Shorter Megan McArdle
Now remind me again about which side the Atlantic Monthlay is suppose to have been on???

Or is the real core problem here the tragedy that so many americans only know the theological bits and bobs about economics, so wind up offering the folly of their theological drift???

Would it be gooder to try to ground more of american reasoning in something more closely approximating rational thot?

or is that the very threat the Terrorists want us to take...

So remember boys and nonPerkin:
Be Reasonable!
And the Terrorists WIN!

They hate YOU!!!

Remember last week, when the stimulus bill was revealed as the culmination of a decades-long Communist plot involving a Kenyan-born sleeper agent and a bio-engineered “doomsday” virus spread by the salt marsh mouse that caused people to vote Democratic, and ultimately to dine, zombie-like, on the tender flesh of derivatives traders? Those were good times, weren’t they? I mean, yes, it meant that as soon as Obama signed the bill, civilization would destroy itself in a single night, like the climax of Azimov’s Nightfall, but at least there’d be no one left behind to envy the dead.

But now I learn a noted theologian has proven that the stimulus bill is actually a blood pact, and with one stroke of the pen, President Obama has legally sold our souls to Satan! Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you? Makes a lifetime spent toiling in a heroic tractor factory for the greater good of the proletariat sound pretty good, doesn’t it?

[ cf Stimulus Bill Possesses Linda Blair; Pea Soup Ensues ]
Satire or Policy paper
We report, you decide...

PSA - Social Skils are Gooder...


they have issues enough as it is...

{ ah yes, for those kinder, gentler more halcyon days when the Freaks were the Yippies on the left wing, near the anarcho-syndicalists... and not on the right wing next to the anarcho-syndico-libertarian-mushroom-smoking-post-modernist-supplySiders... I mean, uh, what ever happened to traditional family values??? }

which morality case?

A Wisconsin Army Reservist refused to leave Friday to return to his unit in Iraq, saying he’s become disillusioned with the U.S. role there.

Spc. Kristoffer Walker of Green Bay said he sent an e-mail to his squad leader, platoon sergeant and company first sergeant in Iraq, stating he won’t return from his two-week leave.
He said he now views the Iraq war as “an illegitimate, unnecessary campaign,” and he feels that by making him take part, the government broke the contract under which he agreed to defend the U.S.

“I feel absolutely justified in doing what I’m doing now based on their breach of the initial contract,” he said.
Lt. Col. Nathan Banks said Walker should return to duty and petition to be reassigned as a conscientious objector, adding that “he is letting down his battle buddies.”

Walker said he doesn’t fit the military’s definition of a conscientious objector, because he sees a legitimate purpose for warfare, as in retaliating when attacked.

He said he put in a request in December for a transfer out of Iraq, but it was denied. When he pursued it again, he said the effort ended the day before he left on leave, when he got an angry response that left him little hope of getting the request considered.

[ cf Wis. reservist refuses to return to Iraq ]
So ya gotta ask:
Is America still @WAR?
or did all of that just majikally change???