February 17th, 2009


If the DOW closes below 8K do we get to liberate China??? Or Reliberate Iranq?

Clearly with the great Military Victory of the TAX Daleks, for the last 8 years, the Glorious Military Economic Mission Accomplished has been Victoriously Gloriously Accomplished.

But should the DOW close below say 7.3K, uh, would more Liberating of Iranq make more Glorious the Glorious Tax Cuts that have always been the Mission Accomplished that they have always been.

Which of course is why not only MUST we have more tax cuts, but more Liberation of Iranq!!!

It is tradition!!!

More Persecution of White Christians...

I never in my worst nightmares imagined that I was going to grow up to be the kind of professor who writes letters to the chancellor demanding that my colleagues be fired.

How have we come to this?!
Scott Shane: [The Justice OPR report on] three former officials of the Office of Legal Counsel... John Yoo... Jay S. Bybee... and Steven G. Bradbury.... The Office of Professional Responsibility can refer cases for criminal investigation, but legal experts say a more likely possibility is a referral to bar associations for potential disciplinary action.
[ cf Am I a Crank? ]

Just because a law professor gets disbarred from the bar, does that really mean that he should be fired from teach law to law students?

Now what again is the american position on legal staff being involved in a criminal conspiracy to commit war crimes????

Or should we just exempt americans from the questions, because, well, they are technical and complicated?

Maybe the war president should be allowed to pardon all of the persons who were involved in the criminal conspiracy to commit war crimes....

You know that the founding fathers MEANT to give them those special powers...

PSA: doo notee doooEee Deee Baddeee Druggies...

Bizarrely, suddenly everyone is interested in economics, but most academic economists are ill-equipped to address these issues. Recently a group of economists affiliated with the Cato Institute ran an ad in the New York Times opposing the Obama's stimulus plan. As chair of my department I tried to arrange a public debate between one of the signatories and a proponent of fiscal stimulus -- thinking that would be a timely and lively session. But the signatory, a fully accredited university macroeconomist, declined the opportunity for public defense of his position on the grounds that "all I know on this issue I got from Greg Mankiw's blog -- I really am not equipped to debate this with anyone"...
[ cf Gregory Clark Is Chairman of the Department of Economics at the University of California at Davis ]
Try to remember boys and Non-Perkins:
In a Time Of Holy Crusade!
The Dog Ate someone else's blog!
Is not an excuse to let one off the hook
for having no viable reasons to defend one's positions!
Alhough, I am more than sure that if the Cato Institute were willing to argue that they had personally accepted Invader Zim as their Personal Lord And Savior, that the appeal to
What would Gir Do?
would at least seem reaonsable as a basis for opposing the unbelievers who failed to continue the economic policies of the last 8 years....

Invader Zim Unmasks Faux News as Evil Liberal Pit of Death!

Sarah Palin has famously opposed sex-ed programs other than "abstinence education." Funny, then, that daughter Bristol was on Fox News tonight saying abstinence is "not realistic at all."

Bristol scheduled an interview with mom's pandering BFF Greta Van Susteren of Fox News. But she didn't tell mom until 24 hours before, probably because she was planning to personally insult Jesus, and the former Republican vice presidential nominee would not like it.

After describing the difficulty of being a teen mom, Britsol told Van Susteren abstinence is the best policy, but is not realistic because it's not the 19th Century any more, not even in Alaska.

[ cf Bristol Palin: Abstinence Is 'Not Realistic' (Despite What Mom Says) ]
Well, there you are.

The Evil Godless Liberal Shrill Hysteriacal Angry Leftist Losers at Faux News unmasked at stab our troops in the back Cut and Run Kapitulationists Appeasers who Hate The Guacamole!!!

Now more than ever the Department of Homelans security should be protecting us from THEM!!

{ will someone wake up snake plissken }

Mommy, Mommy Make The BAD MAN STOP!

Godless Heathen offers us One Toke Over The Line - Lawrence Welk....

A Modern Spiratual????

No wonder the drug addled psycho Freaks voted for Richard M. Nixon as their Peace Candidate!!! The God Hating, Stab Our Troops in The Back Heathen who created the EPA so that his radical left wing Eco Terrorists, like the EcoTerroristInChief would allow anyone to grow up to be the TreeHuggerInChief, and lead to accidentally seeking to restore the Iranq Wetlandes....

MOMMY! MOMMY! Make the Bad Man Stop!!!!

More Persecution of White Christians, and their funding streams

I am just SHOCKED!!! Shocked i tell you that the Uppity One is persecuting White Christian Americans Left and Right, and left and right...

It's just a jump to your left, and step the right.... Oh, sorry, wrong rant.
Hoping to halt what it called "a fraud of shocking magnitude that has spread its tentacles throughout the world," the Securities and Exchange Commission charged billionaire R. Allen Stanford and other executives at his massive financial services company, Stanford Financial Group, with operating a multibillion-dollar fraudulent investment scheme.

In a complaint filed early Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Dallas, the SEC alleged Antigua-based Stanford International Bank (SIB) fabricated investment returns in order to market and sell high-yielding certificates of deposits.

[ cf Billionaire Stanford Charged With Fraud ]
Or is it just more of the same old racial profiling?

Makes me wonder how many of the Chicago School Gangsters are going to be OPPRESSED by the excessive brutal governmental repression...
It's astounding, time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely, not for very much longer
I've got to keep control
It's just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
Let's do the Time Warp again!

( cf - The Time Warp Lyrics )
You mean Frank-N-Furter was really just a Doctor, and not really a Financial Advisor...

Then when he said,
In Just Seven Days, I Can Make you a MAN...
it was not a matter of great HUGE tracts of fiduciary assets under management...

I am just shocked....

Oh me, oh my, what ever will i do....

Oh look janet, there is a light coming from....

{ you mean I was not suppose to dress up as brad???? what??? }

{ hey kids, in a Holy Crusade if the godless evil liberals engage in crimes against the state in a time of war, is that more of a war crime than if they did it merely in the time of an Upppity One? }

Cards for sorrow, cards for PAIN....

( cf I'm going Home... )