February 11th, 2009


Should the Obama Regime Break with the Secret Torture State?

Ok, so my whiney evil liberal friend offers us On Vox: I'm Outraged By President Obama which points us to Glenzilla: The 180-degree reversal of Obama's State Secrets position, where there are some lovely updates to the ongoing discussion about whether or not a Civilian President should protect the Super Duper Sekret Programmes of the War President.

It should be noted that the UK has opted out of offering testimony, that would validate the plaintiff's claim to torture, on the ground that the UK needs the information sharing relationship with the War President's secret collection of torture facilities that have kept us safe from them for all this time.

I think that it is important for americans to decide if they want to Support the War President in a time of Homeland Security Investment Bubbling, or do they really want to allow a Civilian President to over rule The War President - even IF the evil liberal media is no longer covering the Mission Accomplished Dance of the War President.

Those of you who favor the Civilian President should report to the department of homeland security for further processing, you know, for reasons of national security, and the preservation of the presidential right to state secrets that cover the whole of the Unitary Executive!!!

UU's attack white christian america!!!


can there be any doubt that this is evil liberal code word for
They Are Putting All White Christian Americans on the Death Trains!
Now we all know why the EVIL OBAMANATOR has maintained the state secret policy as their cover up of the SLAUGHTERING of innocent White Christian American Babies so that they can make special sauces....

oh well another drieuxster is born...

Once again some GODLESS HEATHEN AMERICA BASHING FERRIGN DEVIL has taken 'drieux' at a site I wanted to register at, and..... so I am forced to fall back tactics...

They should have a law that prevents Plebian Masses from abuse of single name personalities....


But didn't Dubya pull the TARP over the Problem?

Hey kids, uh.... Brief Notes on the Geithner Financial Rescue Plan notes that it is called the Geithner plan to offer some distance between TARP phase II, and any Obama plan...

So why again would anyone oppose what the War President did to defeat the GODLESS UNBELEIVERS of Satanic Unamerican Liberal Wall Street????

OH MY GOT there is a wiki entry for it Troubled Assets Relief Program....

Ah yes, what it would be like to return to those Halcyon Days when Dubya could do no wrong, and True Americans believed in him, as the one true and ONLY manifestation of

They Shiney!!!!
and fashionabley fashionable!

Evil Liberals Are Evil, and persecuting our true believers...

When a questioner suggested a summit of the nation's best economists, Krugman said something like: "We know what will happen if we bring together the greatest economic minds. It's spread across the blogosphere every day, and it's not pretty."
[ cf The World's Greatest Economic Minds ]
Ah yes, and then we get:
The return of shrill: Via Angry Bear, Will Marshall says I deserve a “Pulitzer Prize in hyperbole” for saying that
the dastardly centrists would kill hundreds of thousands of jobs and cut vital health care and food programs, while offering a fat tax break to affluent homeowners
whereas the truth is that... the centrists would kill hundreds of thousands of jobs and cut vital health care and food programs, while offering a fat tax break to affluent homeowners. But shhh! You’re not supposed to say that!
[cf Will Marshall Says that Calling Things What They Are Is "Shrill" ]
Well, there you are.

No more pussy footing around it.

The Rumours Are TRUE!!! Not only are the Evil Obamanites going to destroy Talk Radio, but they are now purposefully persecuting all true believers and attacking freedom everywhere!!!!

Or, there is an irony here that is just scrumdillyIscious!!!!

I was soooo amused when the attacks were coming from such patriotic types as HanoiAnnie Coulter and friends, the care bears of the apocalypse.... But to find the EVIL LIBERALS IN THE MIDDLE attacking the centerists, and getting attacked by the Radical Angry Care Bears of the Leftists Cliques.... for being Shrill....


The Colours....

Or am I the only person who notices that all of this could well just be symptomatic of the growing threat that more than ONE group of persons have opted to smoke the Voodoo Zombie reanimated Mushroom Saddam Hussein, the cyborg pilot of Iranqianist Flying Saucer Pizza Boxes, WITH ANCHOVIES!!!

Ok, ok, so I am more than a little pleased that this is our worst case - since clearly the former chicago school fan club are just off sucking the tail pipes of the parked cars that they have been chasing. It really is OK, they never really did understand that under the Old School Rubric "blow job" was actually a real financial term, and it had nothing to do with getting confused about the fumes from cars v. bongs...

I mean those chicago school freaks were always a little off the mark more than once, but hey, at least they are taking the time to share their Total Mission Accomplished Moments with their Glorious Victory over the Parked Car they have been chasing all of these years... Now if the NeoConClownCarCrew would do the polite thing, and get out of the car and take them all home....

Then we can get back to trying to understand why it is that so called centerists are the ones who have so given up on reality that they are still sniffing around for a parked car to chase....

What IF this were a real time of war, and there were real economic battlefields that would need to be conquered, and there was no time to be one more draft dodging wing nut chasing parked cars!!!!


That would never happen in Happiest Centerist land...

Maybe like the whole nation should just go back into Rehab????

And stay away from the Parked Cars!!!!

when theories collide

End times for Milton Friedman? should help folks understand what was SUPPOSE to be the majikal and marvelous world that Milton Friedman was SUPPOSE to be providing....

The crucial bit is:
Today, we have reached the end of the line for the Chicago view of financial deregulation. Friedman thought (a) that the central bank could exercise enough influence over the money supply to effectively control it, and (b) that banks and other financial intermediaries would be regulated tightly enough that what is now happening would be impossible. But he never resolved the tension between his view that banks need controls and the Chicago view that business must be unfettered.

Monetarism may well make a comeback -- as a doctrine that is good enough for normal times. For in normal times "keep the money supply growing smoothly" does appear to be a relatively easy task, a minor adjustment to laissez-faire that can be performed by a small number of qualified technocrats. Unfortunately, not all times are normal.

( op cit )
There are still some nasty bits that will need to be addressed by the various Truth Commissions around the planet, as we deal with the horrifying backlog of 'ways to protect the Free Market' from all of those communists, and commie symphs, and, well, the folks who think that poor people should still be allowed to live in a healthy environment without tainted water, air and food... You know, THE TERRORISTS!!!

But that is a technical discussion for another time, eh no?