February 10th, 2009


They are on who's Side again???

The dollar and yen rose versus most of their major counterparts on bets Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s financial recovery plan will fall short of reviving lending, increasing demand for a haven.

The yen advanced more than 6 percent versus the Australian dollar, the biggest intraday gain in more than two months, on speculation investors reduced holdings of higher-yielding assets as Geithner pledged financing for programs that may grow to $2 trillion. The dollar increased for the first time in three days versus a gauge of currencies of six major U.S. trading partners.

“It’s classic risk aversion as the market expresses its disappointment to the Treasury’s plan,” said Adam Boyton, a senior currency strategist in New York at Deutsche Bank AG, the world’s largest foreign-exchange trader. “Geithner’s plan lacks a lot of details.”
[ cf Dollar, Yen Rise as Geithner’s Plan Spurs Demand for Haven ]
Ferrign Devils!!!!

Do we really want to allow Illegal Immigrant Capital to wander into america and take away all of the high paying jobs from Indigenous Capital???

Maybe NOW is time for us to BONG CANADA into submission, and show them that we are no longer going to take it any more....

WE still have a War President, even if the GODLESS Radical Left Wing Journalists like Faux News is stabbing our troops in the back by only covering the stuff about their pet favorite, the civilian president!!!

We are still going to defeat the Iranq, and their GODLESS EFFORTS to try to get Military Grade Math, so that they can use it to reanimate A Voodoo Zombie Mushroom Saddam Hussein!!!! Who will lead a Demonic Horde of Iranqian Flying Saucer Pizza Boxes, to spread Gay HomoZeXualist Marriage Agendanism as they did on 911!!!


STOP THEM FROM TAKING AWAY OUR HARD WORKING INDIGENOUS CAPITAL that has been successfully creating cute and creative and wildly colourful debt instruments, in mainstream traditional family values colours!!!


Do you want them walking around the streets under the jack boot repression of Gay HomoZeXual Canadianist Marriage Only AgendanistaIsm!!!!

or not....

Throbbing And Tumultuous Tubor Of Male Masucline Manliness!!!

Ok, so I just love being able to pull the conversion tool out of the old SVN, and running it over the text, and STILL GETTING THE SAME OLD OUTPUT!!!!

The international sound of Complete Global Domination by the Evil Engineer, who cares less about mere scientific data, and wants IMPLEMENTATION SPECIFIC DETAILS, that establish consistent and continuous total quality GLOBAL DOMINATION!!!!
Remember boys and NonPerKin, when it comes to GLOBAL DOMINATION, screw the engineers, they understand the implementation specific details, and it is not merely a theoretically viable screwing...

GANTT chart not included, offer void where prohibited by law, or the specifications do not pass the COMPLETE MIND BOGGLING Giggle Factor.