February 4th, 2009


A nice reminder folks.

Once upon a time 'rendition' was a way of saying extradition, and therefore that it was a part of the rule of law. But then again, that is from a time before 9/11, when the full force of the Unitary Executive Principle made it clear that while there may have been "Extraordinary Renditions" during the ClintonestaEra, those were not the sort that had the special protection of 'when the president does it, it can not be illegal'.

So BillyBob says, Check It Out:Oh Noes!! Somebody Has Written Something Wrong on the Internets!!!!.

But most scary of all, will the Rulings of a Civilian President be allowed to over Rule a War President???

The War President Still Rules!!!

I mean, clearly since the Evil Iranq have not engaged in Voodoo Zombie Reanimation of Saddam Hussein as a Cyborg Pilot of Iranian Flying Saucer Pizza Boxes, and therefore that there has not been a repeat of the Attacks on the WTC, it must also follow that the nation is still being protected by the War President, even IF the Evil Liberal Media is no longer doing their Patriotic Duty of supporting the War President to support the Troops.

Thus we know that the economy is blossoming, and is the most economical economy ever, since, A Time of WAR ends depression and brings economic revival and growth!!!

How can it be otherwise?

Spam Analysis says Economy Is Tanking!!!


Recent spam analysis shows a SERIOUS decline in spam about my favorite friend...

While it is all about job opportunities and economic miracles and great investment opportunities....

Clearly when the wankers are trying to play act as if "blow job" were a financial position...