February 3rd, 2009


Immenent Death Of Usenet predicted.

Ok, that makes sense Actually

{ I so rarely see that, but... hey, we had this big massive model of how we were going to solve a somewhat complex problem, and we just ground out two of the requests, because, well, uh, we do not need those sub classes to encapsulate SQUAT... so it is time to move onto the stuff we do need done... }

Hard Korp Republican Pron

Refuted Economic Doctrines #1-5 thus proving that they are THEM and we must stop them from their UnBelief...

Why just this afternoon I was having lunch with my favorite Godless Unbeliever and honestly, he told me that the liberals really had been clapping, but some how Tinker Belle Croaked and took the economy with it...

Well, I guess if merely advocating Irrational Exuberance is no longer a basis for economic policy, who knows, maybe now would be a time to return to the economic rationalism that had once been a part of preparing the ground work to defeat both the leftists and rightist euroDeviationalisms, and their Nipponese Asiatic Fellow Travellors....

Proof Positive that Red Hollywood has always been stabbing our troops in the back.

Let us take a look at the Films that Red Hollywood put out.

Exhibit One: I was a Male War Bride (1947), in which RED COMMUNIST Hollywood wishes to present women as being human beings and active members of the American Armed Forces serving as Commissioned Offiers, who would none the less give it up For GODLESS foreign Devils.

Exhibit Two: Kiss Them for Me (1957), in which the bulk of the film is taken up with War Profiteers and the Cheep Hussy Harlots who are running around mindlessly as their so called Fiance.

Now, I do not mean to suggest that GODLESS HEATHENS should have been making patriotic films, but the idea that they would allow a guy who abandoned his nation while the Godless Hun were bombing it flat, so that he could loolly gag about with Red Communist Hollywood Atheistical Effemete Draft Dodger Elitists...

Well.... that is just shocking!!!

No wonder innocent children like Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, et al, were lead astray by Evil Red Hollywood into believing that being a draft dodging war profiteer was the way to get the cheap lazy american bimbo's....

Clearly if only the 50's had been about restoring Moral Fibre in America, then we would not now be suffering with this long hiddeous and heinous onslaught of evil liberalism!!!