January 26th, 2009


Progress in Privatizing the DOD...

Hey kids, did any of you notice that the ratio of contractors per boots has gone from 1:100, to the new all time wonder of ThatIraqiThingiePooh where it peeked at 1:1.4!!!!

Yes!!! the private armies were the second largest military force run by the US Military, and in some places US military forces were under the command of commericalized militaries... spreading the profitability....

Doesn't that make YOU feel happy knowing that we are making the world safe for the Homeland security investment Bubble, and the ever growing economic miracle of disaster capitalism...

We are still economically flowing, right???

The war president is still war presidenting...

Can a Civil President Overturn the War President in matters of Lysenkoism?

While Our Valiant Fighting Forces are facing the ever Increasing Threat that Iranq and Iranqanist fellow travellors may adopt special majikal powers by way of evil demonism, we have to ask IF a mere civilian president should be turning against our troops and SEEKING to impose Science as Science, rather than the Faith Based Science which has been constantly winning the Homeland Security Investment Bubble?

Can we really afford to have the Smoking Gun be a Mushroom Saddam Hussein Reaniamted Voodoo Zombie Cyborg Pilot of an Iranqianist Flying Saucer MIMICING the attack profile of a Pizza to go box?


Should Americans Squander their $500 Welfare Checks?

Clearly when the Red Communists, Hiding behind the Dirt Worshipping TreeHuggerInChief pushed the EVIL GODLESS $300 welfare checks as a part of the Communist Effort to Destroy freedom and impose a Godless Super Majority upon americans, after the 2000 elections, americans were not willing to appropriately invest in the Economic Miracle of the Homeland Security Investment Bubble.

So should we be supporting MORE Communist AREMED AGREESSION in the form of the new Godless $500 Welfare Checks being advocated by Obama???

Or should those be going ONLY to the Homeland Security Investors, to help them froth up the Growing Homeland Security Investment Bubble that has kept americans safe from Mushroom Hussein!!!

Are YOU doing your part to support the Homeland Security Investment Bubble? Or do YOU just hate The Guacamole?

Terrorist Advocating Analog Systems!!!

Be Afraid!!! They Are Comming For YOU!!! In Analog!!!
Opinion - Chicago (IL) - An unpublished comment left today on the U.S. Coast Guard not responding to analog distress calls after Feb 1 article has got me thinking. With the huge push away from analog and toward digital, and existing federal authorities like the U.S. Coast Guard announcing they will no longer have equipment capable of monitoring previous analog frequencies - Well, hasn't that left a gaping analog hole available for possible terrorist uses? They could communicate covertly on open frequencies just by doing so with analog equipment.

Analog transmit and receive equipment is relatively simple to construct (compared to digital). There are $12 kits available at Radio Shack which allow someone to build them in AM or FM. It requires only basic, fundamental components like resistors, capacitors, wire, breadboard, batteries, coils, etc., all of which are readily available in every city.

[ cf Push for digital leaves analog hole open for terrorists ]
Now more than ever we must Plug The Analog Hole!!!


Ben Stein Does His Ferris Buller phase

For reasons that probably should not be delved into deeply, Ricketts spent the weekend rereading a Ben Stein column from Dec. 2, 2007, "The Long and Short of It at Goldman Sachs." At the time, Felix Salmon, Dean Baker, and Yves Smith all conducted exhilarating displays of Stein-demolition, so it might seem like I am coming late to the party.
To be fair, the vast majority of economists failed to predict how the housing bust/subprime meltdown would set off a cascade that incited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. But I dare say few got it wrong with such a tour-de-force of willful arrogance as Ben Stein.

[ cf New York TImes Crashed-and-Burned Watch (This Week in Journamalism Department) ]
Oh there are so many issues in that article...

Like WHY would one go back to look at Older Ben Stein articles, as if they were a part of some, uh, Intelligent Design, that was not evolving...