January 19th, 2009


Brutal Canadianist Assault On Our White Christian America!

Five deaths have now been linked to an outbreak of Salmonella food poisoning linked to peanut butter, but the strain involved is not particularly virulent, U.S. health officials said on Friday.
Tauxe and other officials confirmed that the outbreak could be linked to peanut butter and peanut paste from Peanut Corporation of America (PCA), which has voluntarily recalled peanut butter produced in its Blakely, Georgia, processing facility.
"Salmonella and other bacteria, if they are introduced into peanut butter ... they are not in any way destroyed," Tauxe said.

"They don't continue to grow in the peanut butter but they similarly are not killed in the peanut butter. So they sit there in a dormant state."

An outbreak of salmonella was linked to Peter Pan brand peanut butter in 2007. ConAgra Foods Inc(CAG.N) closed a Georgia plant after more than 300 people became ill.

[ cf Five deaths now linked to US salmonella outbreak ]

Why of course, everyone knows that Canada is full of Canadianists, and since they are not american, can there be any other doubt that now more than ever we MUST re-enflate the Homeland Security Bubble with Massive Federal Subsidies for Corporations that will rebuild Canada and give it an Opportunity To embrace the freedome of the Free Market!!!

Yes, now we MUST make Canada American!!! for our own National Security, and the safety of all INNOCENT children who want to grow up on Peter Pan Brand, and become wholesome and strong, so that they too can defeat the godless unblievers while converting public funding into private profit!!!




why do the anti-military pro-war types need annonymity?

I mean, yes, I get it, there are some deep seated psycho-seuxal issues that they are suffering with. Never too sure how to validate their manhood, since, well, they will never be a real man like HanoiAnnie Coulter, since, well, the evil liberals let the Women and Homosexuals take all of the good billets in the Military part of the WhateverOnWhomever...

Could it be that they are afraid that they will never get to proove that they could have been a really RealMan, you know, by having served in the Military, but without giving up on the great economic miracle of the wonderous love that comes with the Homeland Security Bubble.

So what is it with these whiners???

Just so that we are clear.

Don't get me wrong folks, some of my best friends are civilians. I just don't think that it is in the best interest of National Security that we allow these Pro-War-Anti-America types to be emotionally traumatized by living in the America they soooo hate!

Why don't we pass a law that will have the Department of Homeland Security simply export them to their favorite Authoritarian Regime Place.

Should Obama be allowed cleaners?

Hey kids, now that the debate will move along to what to do with the Post-Homeland Security Bubble, there is of course the question of whether or not Obama should be allowed to send out shooters to irradicate the unbelievers in his Most Divine Messiahneff?

ESPECIALLY if the war president opts out of the divine mandate of being the Divine Decider, and hands that part of the office of WarPresidente to the mere civilian president.

He kept us safe....

That is the religious theme from Fox...

But safe from what???

Clearly we are still at risk of the Iranqian Flying Saucers returning at any moment.

We have gutted the economy with the failure and fraud of the Homeland Security Bubble, that has dangerously damaged the american economy, and made it no safer, than we had been on 09/10/2001, when the number one threat was the the very same Iranqian Flying Saucers...

There had been a time when the americans could pretend to some moral high ground over Saddam's Abu Ghraib. There had been some chance of a moral high ground over the Radical Islamist Extremists.

But after the "Free Fraud Zone" in Iraq, and the complete FIASCO of Disaster Capitalism, and the unpleasant reality that the no-bid contractors required American Combat Troops to protect their Profits, and then would Bail on their contractual obligations, making clear that Disaster Capitalism can not be left alone without Combat Troops and the Secret Police who will be willing to torture anyone in the are...

Americans can retain which piece of Moral Integrity Here???

That the dead bodies that stacked up for lack of Medical Assistance in Iraq, because the CPA religiously believed in the Need For Privatizing Public Health, at all costs, and even over the bodies... was, uh, remind me again, which part of that fiasco are we going to put up on the Plus Side of american Operations...

So we are gonna finally burn our own ideological poseur posture, when we can't even get the Green Side of the Tree Hugger In Chief, becuase we were not willing to recycle our dead into useful products that would be able to fetch market prices...

So Safe from What??? The threat of the american law being legal in america?

Bad Jew, No Christian Zionist Support For YOU!!

You might want to check out say
and then visit the wiki entry Norman_Finkelstein.

Why, who knows, you might even want to read his book on The Holocaust Industry.

Clearly this person does NOT support the Guacamole. So it makes sense that there are Christian Zionists who will not want to support him... I mean, it would be bad for business....

It's nothing personal, merely business, and it is so IMPORTANT in the current collapse of the Homeland Security Bubble...

They Hate The Guacamole!!!

The true history of the Bush years.

I mean, hello!!! Why ever would a War President stand down, abandoning the troops in the field, merely because the civilians have elected a civilian president????

And in a Time of Homeland Security Bubbling in the Freedom of Free Marketting!!!

Why it was the Free Market that has won everything everywhere always!!!!

{ ah yes, sometimes those who were actually active parts of the Cold War are NOT impressed by the limp dick waving of neoConClownCarCrew types waving their failure to understand actual adult size economics, rather than the mindless chanting the holy dogma of their MarketFundamentalism!!! }

Kettle, Kettle, Bang

No U.S. president can justify a policy that fails to achieve its intended results by pointing to the purity and rectitude of his intentions... - Paul Wolfowitz, "Statesmanship in the New Century," in Kagan, R. and Kristol, W, eds. Present Dangers: Crisis and Opportunity in American Foreign and Defense Policy, San Francisco, 2000, p. 335.
[ cf Paul Wolfowitz Slams George W. Bush ]
yes, the year reference there is 2000.

So clearly this was Wolfowitz stabbing the troops in the back pre-emptively?