January 16th, 2009


got Iranq!

Hey dude, like, in keeping with like the accidentally smoking the Super Sekret Voodoo Zombie Saddam Mushroom, that was like delivered on the Iranian Flying Majik Mushmroom Pizza Flying Saucer, ( like I like read it on like the InterGoogle, cf it can Happen ) like should we be worrying about Iranq, and that they keep trying to like camaflog themselves as like each other to like keep confusing americans about where Dick And Dubya's Like Most Excellent Majik Mushroom Like Fueled Like Adventures Really Were and Like How They Like Really Kicked Everyone's Like Stuff.

Republican Pron 101

Here is a fun thot experiment:
Why should the price of Foo be at the end of the year?

What if
(fooPrice + inflationRate(foo)) == fooPrice
would that be a good enough excuse to start a Pogrom?
Or would that of course push us back to the problem that things may change their price, but we many not need 'inflation' as an excuse.

Why if we were working on pushing the inflationRate() to zero, would that be a bad thing???

IF folks were to be paid the same thing for the same work, would that be a bad thing?

IF we remove the inflation creep, we would also remove the inflation tax pinch...

Should War President Abandon Troops In Time Of Holy Crusade>

Attorney General Michael Mukasey raised concerns that government agents and national security lawyers may be at risk for criminal prosecution after his likely successor, Eric Holder, declared that waterboarding of terror detainees is torture.

The 67-year-old former federal judge in New York, who took office 14 months ago, said in an interview that the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama faces a "conundrum" as it tries to shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Word that Mr. Obama plans to issue an executive order to close the prison has caused worry among Justice Department lawyers who fear evidence backing the cases against many of the approximately 250 detainees wouldn't hold up in a conventional court proceeding.

[ cf Mukasey Cites Risk in Using Term 'Torture' ]

You mean those radicals would not construe tortured confessions to be admissibile evidence in a time of Holy Crusade!!!


Mandating that Law is Legal In America!!!

Where will it all End!!!

What if Iranq gets Military Grade Math and reanimates Saddam Hussein as in Iranian Pizza Delivery Mushroom Extraspecial Zombie and attacks America like he did on 9/11!!!

Hum.... will the players get to use the "we were only following orders" defense, or are they going to start organizing a way to roll over and become state's evidence against the RadicalExtremism of the TreeHuggerInChief and his Side Kick DearOldDick!!!