January 15th, 2009


Ah yes, the days gone by...

Once upon a time there were folks who understood that the National Guard was not merely a fifth or sixth branch of the Federal Military.

Ah yes, once upon a time there was the idea that americans would try to remember why we accidentally invaded another nation to restore their wetlands...

And now there is today...

Thot Experiment

Can anyone remember what were the reasons put forth for restoring the wetlands of Iraq, and have they been accomplished?

If they have been accomplished, then would returning the troops be an indication that the mission is accomplished?

If they have not been accomplished can the Troops Be Removed?

Was the so called "Iraq War" ONLY the time up to the Mission Accomplished Dance? Or does it also include the current ongoing casualty creation process?

Try to remember that some of us are tall enough to remember when the South East Asian Games were about protecting the west coast from the growing threat of Iranian Flying Saucers, and how Ho Chi Mihn, even after he was dead, would lead a Battle Fleet of Iranian Flying Saucers and destroy our white christian america.

Or do americans want to really re-visit those discussions as a part of resolving the Whole Karl Rove Draft Dodger Kultur...

And show some clear and compelling argument that the problem of the Falling Dominoes was NOT an argument about the Horrors of Ho Chi Mihn Manned Iranian Flying Saucers?

Can America allow the Smoking Gun to be a Mushroom...

Yes, boys and NonPerkin that is the crucial Pressing Crisis of The HOUR!!!

What if the Godless Unbelievers in Iran were to reanimate Saddam Hussein as a Zombie Mushroom!!! And allow him to once again Rule As the Head of the Iranian Flying Saucer Korp, and return to attack AMERICA!!!

And you and I both know that this will be made POSSIBLE if the Iranians get their Hands on Military Grade Math!!!



oh fisk it, Bong canada...

decalf, decalf...

IS NOT a biblical reference to "Fantasy Moses Island", the fun filled story about a Midget who goes to work for a guy who basically spends most of his time up on a Mountain making project plans with a so called GOD, who is just going to make the Majikal Miracle of the Imaginary Invisible Fooote of the Market that makes Everyone's Life fantastically Rich, but of course most folks never get beyond the part where they make De Golden Calf, De Golden Calf...

God why are People Just TOTALLY FRUIT BATs???

I mean, what? did they accidentally SMOKE the Voodoo Zombie Saddam Mushrooms with the Iranian Flying Saucers???

Real Republican Pron

Fama's Fallacy, Take I: Eugene Fama Rederives the "Treasury View".

Ok, so the Money SHOT is that this is written by a former Governor of the Bank of England, and starts with the great Line:
Back in the 1920s and 1930s--in the days that overly-clever bisexual academic dilettante John Maynard Keynes was trying to persuade us that if only we got the government to spend more money the unemployment rate might go down--by far the silliest argument against his position was the one put forward by the staff of the Chancellor of the Exchequer: the so-called "Treasury View."
( op cit )
I mean, well, there it is!

{ do I really need to put a tag for republican pron? }

More worth the serious thot

One way to understand Keynes's General Theory is that Say's Law is false in theory but that we can build the running code for limited, strategic interventions that will make Say's Law roughly true in practice. The modern Ametican liberal economist's view of libertarianism is much the same: libertarianism is false in theory, but it is very much worth figuring out a set of limited, strategic interventions that will make the libertarian promises roughly true in practice.
[ cf Modern Liberalism and Libertarianism: An Economist's View ]
Ah yes, the sobriety moments...

Ah yes, IF only Friedmanesque Theology were Truthier, even after the torture chambers were torn down...

Thank GOD we protected the Iraqi from the unpleasantry of Abu Ghraib, and the ongoing crisis that the americans are not sure what to do with all of the other detainees who may not be the sort of folks we would want to hand over to an iraqi government that felt that an iraqi government should be allowed to dictate terms about what american troops can and can not do...

So yeah Libertarians, remind me again, where DO you want to get your boots, now that your Free Marketeering Foo is, uh, you know the Growth Excuse for your Yellow Elephant...

Hey kids, would this be a great time to extol how marvelous life has been since they privatized social security.