January 9th, 2009


PSA: Bigger Drugs, Faster Bleebelling....

Wow, David Limbaugh is stunningly brilliant:
The best long-term solutions for our ailing economy are to restore market forces in every possible sector, reduce the crippling tax burden, and restore responsible fiscal practices to the federal government. Sadly, the incoming Obama administration plans on moving in the opposite direction in all these areas and believes it has a mandate to do so. Are conservatives asleep or just worn down?

Too many Americans have succumbed to the propaganda that the market is inherently evil and fraught with excesses fueled by "capitalistic greed" and that such systemic corruption has led to our economic woes. Only large-scale government intervention can rescue us from this pernicious system.

{ cf To Your Battle Stations, Conservatives ]

What if the nation were actually at war??? Wouldn't the so called conservatives already BE at their Battle Stations???

And what if there had been an actual Fiscal Melt Down, with an Actual Liquidity Trap????

Would chanting party slogans really work???

Sometimes you have to just say NO!! To Bad Drugs!!!