January 7th, 2009


SEC to Improve SAS

In light of recent complaints about the SEC's You must be this tall to ride on the Hedge Funds, they have decided that they must imporve SAS ( Shareholder Attention Span ) so that they are at least as aware of what they were doing at the start of a conversation as at the end.

Some critics complain that Shareholders who are still looking for the Pretty Ponies at the end of a sales pitch would pass even these more Stringent SEC standards.

The SEC responded with note, that the SEC has always supported Pretty Ponies as a basis for economic policy.

Did Flash Gordon Cause Star Wars Capital Gains Taxes???

Last night I was watching Flash Gordon: Space Soldier. And I was SHOCKED!

There were all of those HotPants and Cutey Short Skirts, and those were on the MalePerKin!!!

Can we say that there is a clear and compelling obvious connection here between the EVIL of Red Hollywood and the Growth Of Capital Gains Taxes!!!! Need I say any more????

Then there is that whole horror about the City in the sky, and the other elements, that so clearly make one wonder how it was that the EVIL Star Wars Types would so openly steal these Pro-Capital Gains Tax thema!!!

It was absolutely FRIGHTENING!!!

Worse yet, that they would allow those types back on Planet Earth!!!

Keynes v. Frieman

Or the holy war is taking a new round? ( cf Martin Wolf Puts It Better than Anyone Else I Have Seen )

It is a good read. It may help some folks understand the old Nixonite Line:
We are all Keynesians Now.
and the irony of that point...

I am of course looking forward to the correct Post-Marxian Analysis...

That and of course the obligatory Colouring Book version of the Korrekt Implementation of Milton Friedman, and how it would have defeated the evils of liberalism, if it were not for the fact that the Godless wanted to have a democracy, rather than follow the rational market theory of the Invisible Imaginary Foote of the Market Place.

Army Adopts Viral Marketting Programme

Hey kids, remember how many american troopers have died in thatIraqiThingiePoohWithAfghanistuff?

Well the army has once again lead the way in viral marketting:
The U.S. Army apologized on Wednesday for sending 7,000 letters addressed to "Dear John Doe" to the relatives of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The letters, printed by a contractor and mailed in December, were intended to inform family members about private organizations that offer assistance to those who have lost relatives in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

The Army said the letters should have contained specific salutations and addresses, instead of the anonymous greeting. It blamed a printing error for the mix-up.

[ cf Army apologizes for "Dear John Doe" letters ]
Now not only does everyone KNOW that there are that many KIA's.

But we all know that the DOD is out sourcing the problem to the private sector!!!

You know,
From the wonderful people who brought you the financial market melt down.
Now you can get the sort of support you need for that KIA....
Ah yes, the marvels of the modern Kulture...

Is Obama Persecuting Christians Already???

People. Can we get a grip? I know you don't like Rick Warren. He's a bigoted homophobe and an apologist for the Torture State. Giving a guy like that another pulpit and more face time with the panopticon is dangerous business. I get that.

He is, on the other hand, a leadership figure in a large religious movement. Obama is sending an important message by picking him to deliver the invocation: Rick Warren is a preacher, not a political advisor, and the New Rules say that preachers should stick to performing religious services. If Warren were smarter, he'd be refusing the invitation. It's a trap for him and all his dominionist screwhead followers.

[ cf s9: The Inaugural Invocation Kerfuffle... ]

A black LBJ from the fifties is going to return the HORROR of stopping True Christians, as LBJ did, with his brutal assault on Christians, by saying that it was not gooder to Preach Against LBJ from the Pulpit. Granted in the fifties this was against the right wing of Xtianity, and in the 60's the anti-war types were not always on the right wing...

So IS this not only a trap for Rick Warren but PROOF that Obama is persecuting Christians!!!

h/t to to the godless unbelievers at MojoWire for once again Unmasking the Radical Left Wingers....

PSA on bad thingies and stuff...

The headline says that the stock market was knocked on recession fears.

For those of you who do not recall:
It is a recession when your housemate is out of work.
It is a DEPRESSION when you are out of work.
So it appears that the stock market may be out there living under a bridge if you do not find a job for it!!!

This boys and NonPerKin is why good people do not let Stock markets drink and asset bubble...