January 5th, 2009


Which War College IS God's War College?

Over at The War College the evil dr_strych9 shows that he does not understand that JESUS wants GOD's War College so that the Holy Crusaders will be HOLY and CRUSADING and ERS!!!!

unlike the evil doing evil doers, who are evil and doing, and ERS!!!

hey kids, what if some dangerous radical religious extremist clique were trying to overthrow the Constitutional Government in the USofA, so As to establish their radical extremist theocracy, you know, like the Islamo-Fascists, and their Papist, Mormonist, Zionist fellow travellors.....

I mean, gosh, don't we want the Government to protect us from these vile religious extremists who want to replace our White Christian America with some sort of Godless Unamericanism????

You know, it is what the troops are fighting for....

Should Civilians Be Allowed to OUST a War President?

Clearly, while the Godless Unbelievers in the Democratic party are advocating that Al Franken has taken a Senate Seat from Minnesota, that this means something. Which it will not until the last legal challenge has been ruled upon by some court(s) - Which of course means that we will have to await the Rapture, when the Dead In Christ are raised and the Godless are Judged!!!

Unless of course the Godless Unbelievers are going to advocate, irrationally, that we must limit this all to merely the law of Man, and thus establish the HORRORS of The Persecution of White Christian Americas!!!

But more important, as we all know, a War President does not need a Congress to Rule, because he already has been given authorization to rule by congress, so they are no longer required. They did the only thing that they can do, and it is done, so they should be dismissed so that The War President can go on Ruling!!!

Clearly no sane person can imagine a War President ABANDONING his troops in the field and running away like some sissy marry software man, because some CIVILIANS want to raise up the Rule of the Law of Mere Mortals over the Divine Rule Of GOD!!!

So yes, evil doers are still Evil, and the War President is STILL Winning!!!

can white people ever get over being sooooo persecuted???

I am still amused at the confluence of the 'nice white people' who are fronting the Salvation Army's new War College Media Blitz, for the new "Blood And Fire" crusade against, well.... Hum....

Mean while we are dealing with when is racialist humour more appropriately funny.... Like when the RNC has the crisis of faith about their inability to make any of the psuedo conservatives, such as Cal Thomas, the source of their mirthful "Cal Thomas The Majik Negro" or was that suppose to have been "HanoiAnnie Coulter The Majik Negro, Had a Very Feminist Nose...."

You know that would be really much more funnier ....

Or is that really a part of the core problem here....

I get that while we now have always been at war with the EVILS of the Wall Street Liberals who clearly have always been bad people, that we need to rally the True Troops, and not those welfare queens who were formerly in the US Military because they could not get good jobs in the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, or the Holy Crusaders against the Godless Liberalism of Wall Street....

But clearly, maybe, we should be doing MORE PATRIOTISM about keeping our white christian America AMERICAN and free from those NotReallyWhiteEnough...

Why we MUST defeat the International Date Line!!!

I was shocked!!! SHOCKED I tell you to learn about F-22 Squadron Shot Down by the International Date Line!!!!

Clearly when those Ferrign Devils Declare WAR on america, we have a War President who knows What Must Be Done!!!

As Long as there is an International Date Line, the terrorists WIN!!!!

I mean, what more pounding proof can there be that we MUST have Permenante Capital Gains Tax Cuts to defeat the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista!!!

not as HappyTimes, but...

As alleged in the superseding indictment, Enron issued a press release on May 15, 2000, announcing the acquisition of Warpspeed Communications. According to the plea agreement, the press release falsely represented the status of the BOS and implied that it was already embedded and functioning as a part of Enron’s network; in particular, the press release stated that the BOS “allows application developers to dynamically provision bandwidth on demand for the end-to-end quality of service necessary to deliver broadband content.” The plea agreement states that Hirko reviewed and approved this language even though he knew it contained material inaccurate representations of the BOS’s status. Hirko admitted that he knew the BOS was under development throughout his employment at Enron, was never embedded on Enron’s network and could not dynamically provide bandwidth on demand or provide for the end-to-end quality of service necessary to deliver broadband content. According to the plea agreement, Hirko’s approval of this press release, as well as other press releases, assisted in maintaining Enron’s overall stock price, thereby improperly increasing the value of Hirko’s holdings of Enron stock
[ cf Grmf ]
Ah yes, those were the fun days, back before they beceame unindicted co-conspirator number three - and were all the rage in the Fourth Branch of Governments special meetings about which parts of Iraq would need to be upgraded after liberation...

Ah yes, the glorious fun of the acquisition of Warpspeed Communications by the MOST inovative Corporation, EVER!

What clearer proof that we MUST have Permenante Capital Gains Tax Cuts to prevent these types of GAY HomoZeXual Marriage AgendanistaIsms deffacing the Fourth Branch of Government, and the Governor of the Great State of Enron!!!