December 23rd, 2008


Pope To Expand Holy War On Capital Gains Tax!!!

Ok, so the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA once again misunderstood the pope:
A suggestion by Pope Benedict XVI that homosexuality is as much of a threat to the survival of the human race as climate change sparked outrage among gay rights campaigners on Tuesday.
[ cf Gays outraged by pope's 'homophobic attack' ]
Clearly when you understand that ONLY Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts can defeat the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista, which is the root cause of Global Warming, you understand that the Pope has TRULY come out on the side of Tax Cuts.

The MOST important thing in a time of WhateverOnWhomever...

So WIN WOW NOW, with Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts!!!

Evil Liberal Media Stabbing Troops In Back with Defeatist Propoganda!!!

Hey kids and NonPerkIn, notice:
Sales of single-family houses in the U.S. dropped in November by the most in two decades and resale prices collapsed at a pace reminiscent of the Great Depression, dashing speculation the market was close to a bottom.
“Housing is still in a freefall,” said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Global Insight in Lexington, Massachusetts.

[ cf U.S. Economy: Housing Prices Collapse at Near-Depression Pace ]
I mean that sounds soooooo defeatist!!!

Why not look at this as the Most Glorious Mission Accomplished Victorious Victory that it clearly must be!!!

Since CLEARLY doesn't this establish that the Most Holiest of Holy Warriors, who have been held as the Glorious And Victorious Strategic Reserve, are at this moment ROUTING the Godless America Hating Price Gouging Groupies of The Evil Demonic Wall Street Liberals and their Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agwendanista!!!

Can there be any doubt that very soon all will have the great family values of the Waltons!!!
Good Night John Boy
and they Gloriously and Victoriously March into their new
Little House On The Prarie
which is made of ecologically friendly SOD, and not the Godless Red Communist Hollywood Elitiest EVIL Murdered Tree Person Products!!! Because of course the President is Pro-Actively helping people be more TreeHuggingly Dirt Worshipping Friendly in their choices about living life styles....

But can the GODLESS MEDIA ever say anything NICE about the War President and the Holy Warriors!!!

Evil Liberals Fail To Admit that Obama IS the Anti-Christ!!!

just go read for yourself This Week in Journamalism.

I mean, we all know, that while the EVIL LIBERALS want to oust the War President while the troops are ever winning against the forces of Godless Evil, there is nothing in the Constitution that says that a War President HAS to give up being the War President merely because Evil Liberals are Evil, and Liberal....

So, uh, stop the evil of liberalism... and their evil liberal media types tooo.....

Ok, so the number one Giggler Line:
The worry is that Geithner might be unduly influenced by his wife’s penchant for ethical government?
HELLO!!! HELLO!!!! if the ethical government is not based upon the Biblical Literalism of the WAR PRESIDENT, then how can it be ethical....

Obama Corruption Scandal EXPLODES!!!!

Did any of the rest of you notice that the aucion for 4-week t-bills ( cf Treasury's Own Revelations Of Obama Corruption ) went out the door at a 0.00% interest rate!!!!

Yes, in four weeks those folks will get their money back.

So why are so many folks offering money to the Obama Transition Team interest free????

How LONG have the Obama Transition Team been covering up their EXPLODING CORRUPTION SCANDAL!!!!

And will they finally be releasing the names of who has been involved in this crisis, and how their hatred of GOD is clearly the cause of all of this!!!!

That only by repentance, and the COMPLETE AND PERMENANT Repeal of all Capital Gains Taxes, to defeat the darkening foes of Gay HomoZeXual Marriage AgendanistaIsm, can america feel safe from the EXPLODING CORRUPTION SCANDAL!

God Haters Stab Troops IN The Back by not supporting the Free Trade In Horse.

Yes boys and NonPerkIn the horror is there s9: Happy Yuletide Greetings!.

Once again they HATE the fact that the Free Trade in Free Markets has once again FREED americans from the GOD HATRED of excessive Brutal Government Regulation and restored more appropriate cost effective customer focused, export oriented, Heroin Trading!!!

Think of all of the BRUTALIZED VICTIMS of the Evil Liberals and their Evil Liberal Wall Street who will be able to safely turn to cheaper heroin as a resolution of their thingus of pooh...

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