December 18th, 2008


We are still Winning The @WAR!!!

Let us all put on our reasonablity Hats.

It is a doctrine of HOLY TRUTH, that @WAR is what got america out of the depression.

AND that @WAR is the Organic Fertilizer that Makes Economies BLOOM.

That we must therefore be in the Midst of the Greatest Economic Marvel EVER!!!

Anything less and the Terrorists are using God Hating America Bashers to stab our valiant fighting forces in the back with their God Hating Unamericanisms!!!

Thus we MUST have Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts to stop the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista and their stab our troops in the back unamericanism...

how can wire taps be illegal?

Clearly in the age of the Holy Crusade Against the Godless Unbelievers, and their Evil Liberal Wall street red fellow travelors, how can any wire tap be illegal???

Do People REALLY want Saddam Hussesin to return in his Iranian Flying Saucer to spread Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista like he did on 9/11 imposing Capital Gains Taxes!!!

It is Just SHOCKING how horrific the fellow travellors of ObamaBinBiden have become when they are palling around with KNOWN freeMarkteeers:
A lawyer for Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich told state lawmakers Thursday that the federal wiretaps at the heart of the pay-to-play allegations against his client were illegally obtained, and therefore should be kept out of any impeachment proceedings. The wiretaps are crucial to the federal charges filed against Blagojevich last week. Prosecutors say they caught the Democratic governor discussing efforts to auction off Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat and pressure a hospital executive for campaign donations.

Genson told the impeachment committee that it shouldn't consider any material from the wiretaps, saying the evidence was "illegally obtained."

Earlier on MSNBC, Genson said the governor maintains his innocence: "He's telling me that he's not guilty, he's telling me that he wants to fight."

[ cf Lawyer: Ill. governor wiretaps illegally obtained ]
Yes, you got it!!!

Only by Complete and Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts can we stop the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista who are Palling around with ObamaBinBiden because of their evil godless belief in the Freedom Of The Free Market! Rather than accept that all prices were fixed at creation by god!!!

Are RedHollyWood EVIL Mad Scientists Really just notNice Engineers?

Evil Cartoon That hates TrueGuacamole and discounts Mad Scientists.

GOD i hate what the economy is doing to the status of everyone....

I mean, what there have been some 600+ Hedge Funds rolled up like cheap drunks falling out of Sleazy Water Front Bars normally frequented by persons of questionable inclinations, and lacking a solid financial backing...

Hold on, remind me again which are the drunken sailors and which were the Hedge Fundies????

Well, at least we KNOW about Mad Scientists...

But will they be allowed to opt out of torturing terrorists?

The Bush administration, as expected, announced new protections on Thursday for health care providers who oppose abortion and other medical procedures on religious or moral grounds.

“Doctors and other health care providers should not be forced to choose between good professional standing and violating their conscience,” Michael O. Leavitt, the secretary of Health and Human Services, said in a statement on his department’s Web site.

The rule prohibits recipients of federal money from discriminating against doctors, nurses and health care aides who refuse to take part in procedures because of their convictions, and it bars hospitals, clinics, doctors’ office and pharmacies from forcing their employees to assist in programs and activities financed by the department.

[ cf Medical ‘Conscience Rule’ Is Issued ]

But in Happier News:
Who can blame Galveston plainclothes police who thought a 12-year-old girl standing outside her house (flipping the switch on the circuit breaker as her mother has asked her to do) was a prostitute? After all, she was wearing "tight shorts" according to the vigilant officers, and she happened to live only two blocks away from a location where someone had complained that prostitution was taking place.
I guess the silly family expected an apology from the police. Like I said, silly. Instead, here's what happened.
Three weeks later, according to the lawsuit, police went to Dymond’s school, where she was an honor student, and arrested her for assaulting a public servant. Griffin says the allegations stem from when Dymond fought back against the three men who were trying to take her from her home. The case went to trial, but the judge declared it a mistrial on the first day, says Griffin. The new trial is set for February.
[ cf Plainclothes police beat up 12-year-old honor student girl then arrest her 3 weeks later ]
Ah yes, when the allegations of Moral Purity should take precedence....

Since clearly, there is a need to send a Message to Society that we are not going to support these Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista, and that we are going to need a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut to stop them, and we will go on support the Troops, the Paramilitary foces, and the people who have the gooder conscience until we get that Tax Cut!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists WIN!!!

{ and the question some slow readers maybe wondering, but what about the torture... well, ever notice that there are medical staff available to maintain the torturee in a state of conscience so that they can full appreciate the information extraction mechanisms... and GOD ALONE only knows that we need them to keep us safe from WHILEY 12 year old honor students who could be secretly harbouring Anti-Empire Attitudes!!! }

Are YOU taking your minimum daily dosage of Mercury to Support The Troops????

Well the GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS who of course hate freedom oppose Goodness:
In a truly astonishing betrayal of public safety (even for the FDA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today revoked its warning about mercury in fish, saying that eating mercury-contaminated fish no longer poses any health threat to children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants.

Last week, the FDA declared trace levels of melamine to be safe in infant formula. A few weeks earlier, it said the plastics chemical Bisphenol-A was safe for infants to drink. Now it says children can eat mercury, too. Is there any toxic substance in the food that the FDA thinks might be dangerous? (Aspartame, MSG, sodium nitrite and now mercury…)

This FDA decision on mercury in fish has alarmed EPA scientists who called it “scientifically flawed and inadequate,” reports the Washington Post. Even better, the Environmental Working Group ( issued a letter to the EPA, saying “It’s a commentary on how low FDA has sunk as an agency. It was once a fierce protector of America’s health, and now it’s nothing more than a patsy for polluters.”

[ cf FDA Stuns Scientists, Declares Mercury in Fish to be Safe for Infants, Children, Expectant Mothers! ]
HUM.... let us put our thinking Kaps On.

The unitary Executive Principle has already established when any branch of the War Presidency establishes War Winning War Policies of Mission Accomplished Victorious Glorious Greatness, All TRUE AMERICANS, know that this is GREAT!!!

Thus we find that only the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista, who are stabbing our troops in the back, would doubt the greatness of The Great War President, and clearly only The Holy and Most Divine Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts can defeat those types.

Just Read IT or suffer the consequences.

Blogging Krugman's The Return of Depression Economics Over at TPM Cafe... An interesting visit to the land of real economists dealing with reality without the rose coloured glasses of romantic Idealism.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that anyone who would be planning to vote in any election before the next glacier ice age take the time to read the discussion point.

There are alternatives - like having a chorus of drieux's singing the great leader song for you ever 15 minutes until your BRAINS have a nose bleed...