December 12th, 2008


God Hating Terrorists Liberals Seek To Impose Law As Lawful!

In a unanimous decision watched closely worldwide, California's air-quality regulators yesterday adopted the nation's first comprehensive plan of attack to curb global warming.
Yesterday's groundbreaking action positions California to influence a new national global warming strategy once President-elect Barack Obama begins crafting his environmental initiatives.

“This is an example of what can and should be done,” said Mary Nichols, state air board chairwoman.

Board member Daniel Sperling said, “Everyone across the country – and around the world – is looking to us to blaze this path.”

[ cf State board blazes trail with plan on emissions ]
While communist Propoganda notes:
</i>The law spearheaded by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first in the country to set carbon targets. The federal government still has no firm plan.

"(The plan) provides a road map for the rest of the nation to follow," Schwarzenegger said in a statement. Democratic President-elect Barack Obama has promised to make climate change a priority when he takes office on January 20.</i>
[ cf California moves on global warming ]
Thus proving that Communist Dominated Reds, such as the EVIL Kennedy Toy Boy are Evil and bad, and trying to undermine our white christian america with their radical extremism.

Yes, I understand, for many folks they forget that Komrade Evil Radical Left Wing Extremists Schwarzenegger was not always the Criminally Treasonous Symbol of the Failed radical left wing draft doding extremism of the Eco Terrorism of the Tree Hugger In Chief, and the other failed elements of the Bush Administration, but, well, these are the times after those times, and clearly the whole world changed after the whole world changed on 9.11 and now it is more important to be on the Righter Right Side of all of these things, and only supporting the Right Types Of Right Things, while all of the rest of them are clearly WRONG!!! since if they are not Right, they must be wrong!!!

Given that the so called Air Quality Board is trying to implement some law that was passed by some now radical left wing extremist governor, who can argue that he is no longer Right, and thus is Wrong.

Thus we also see that since the idea of supporting the Law is now a Left Wing Idea, it too is Wrong!!!

Thus making clear that the only important war winning strategy will be to Permenantly Cut Capital Gains Tax to stop Gay HomoZeXual Marriages which are clearly confusing folks about which rights are righter....

I mean, would anyone have voted for Harvey Milk if they knew he had been divorced from his lover????

HUM???? Think about that one....

evil Liberals evilly Liberal in Godless Evil Liberalism

Former Nasdaq chairman Bernard Madoff was arrested Thursday and charged with a single count of securities fraud for allegedly operating a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme from his investment advisory business, federal authorities said.

Madoff, 70, operated the advisory business separately from his Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, a securities broker dealer with its principal office in New York City, the Department of Justice said.

"We are alleging a massive fraud - both in terms of scope and duration," said Linda Chatman Thomsen, Director of the SEC's Division of Enforcement. "We are moving quickly and decisively to stop the fraud and protect remaining assets for investors, and we are working closely with the criminal authorities to hold Mr. Madoff accountable."

A source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that Madoff appeared in court Thursday and bail was set at $10 million bond. The bond was signed and Madoff was released.

[ cf Ex-Nasdaq chair arrested for securities fraud ]
I mean, where is the reference to our Valiant Fighting Forces winning against International Terrorism!!!

Where is the deepening Concern about how Gay HomoZeXual Marriages cause the complete Moral Collapse of people who should have known better about the moral hazards that arise when the Free Trade In Free Markets is corrupted by people who would want to prevent the free market from deciding the value of a Senate Seat!!!

You Know, Support the Troops To Support The President To Win Against the Evils of Liberalism....

And NOT ONE mention of the clear and compelling reason that a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut is mandatory for stopping the Horrors of the Gay HomoZeXual Marriages!!!


Oh yes, and maybe someone should work out why it is that a Ponzi Scheme should be considered a not Gooder Thing, since Clearly the Free Trade In Free Markets were working perfectly fine up till now...

Oh My GOD!!! Cnn/Money Comes out as Radical Left Wing Communist Front

With everything that has happened on Wall Street over the past 18 months, you'd think we had seen just about everything right? Wrong!

Two of the most remarkable frauds in the history of finance were exposed this week. They are just beginning to unravel and as such we don't fully understand the magnitude of the crimes. But already I can tell you they are of epic, even cinematic, proportions. This is really from the "can't make this stuff up" school of news. These two miscreants aren't just every day corner-cutters, they are world-class whack.

First, let's take on Marc Dreier, head of his eponymous law firm who was busted in Toronto and then charged in New York cheating investors out of $380 million. Let's see, where do we start with this Yale-Harvard educated, power-lawyer bloodsucker? That he was allegedly impersonating another lawyer? That he allegedly would use innocent companies' offices and suggest that he was representing these firms as he swindled clients out of millions?

No, I will start -- and end -- with the fact that he employed dozens and dozens of innocent men and women who could soon be out on the street. And I'm not just talking about lawyers. Martindale, a service which tracks law firms, says the firm has 85 of 'em. Law enforcement reports suggest that no one else in the firm was in on Dreier's crimes.

[ cf 'Financial psychopaths' wreak havoc ]
Well, there you have it!!!

They might as well march with the RED FLAG calling for the Jack Booted Brutal And Vindictively Vicious Komrade Mom in the Komrade Momovitch!!!!

Clearly to suggest anything but that the Free Trade in Free Markets is what is Still WINNING against all forms of Godless Gay HomoZeXual Marriages, is, well, COMMUNISM!!!

There, I've been forced to say it!!!

Clearly ONLY a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut to stop Gay HomoZeXual Marriages will protect us from Hard Left extremists like CNN/Money, Wall Street Journal, and all of the rest of those Hot Beds of Pinko Red Lesbianism and their God Hating America Bashing....

old friends from facebook land...

I said:
In what way??? I accept the Divinity of Dubya as Mandated By the Divine Comedy, and accpet that this would also allow for a Clearer Insight into a Post Dilbertianesque software development process based upon a more Elightened Flowing of John Waters....
UnNamedGodlessHeathen said:
"That whole sentence screams west coast. You put too much effort and thought into it. Chill. relax, drink a beer, read your Bible, watch some American Idle, go to the mall and buy something and let something else do the thinking, like all of us in flyover land."
Scary isn't it....

and to be totally correct:
I was Studying Diligently In The Library
which is why I can advocate TOTAL Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts to prevent Gay HomoZexual Marriages...

but why isn't it the evil liberal media's fault???

I wonder why it is that no one is whining about how the Evil Liberal Media is persecuting the Governor Of Illinois, because the evil liberal media has always hated DubyaObamaBinBiden.... or which ever it is that they have always hated...

Which of course is why the evil liberal media is always doing bad things, like back when they started the witch hunt about the corruption amongst persons who have since been convicted....

Could the real problem here be that folks are just not willing to tow the party line, and all of it's excess baggage? When, well, the market is tanking.....