December 11th, 2008


Speaking of Principled Religious Debate

A U.S. advisory panel weighed potential limits on Thursday for widely used asthma drugs to address long-held concerns that they raise the risk of death and serious asthma attacks.

The inhaled drugs include one of the world's top-sellers, GlaxoSmithKline PLC's Advair, as well as AstraZeneca PLC's blockbuster Symbicort.

Doctors appealed to the Food and Drug Administration advisory panel to keep the medicines known as long-acting beta agonists (LABAs) available for asthma therapy.

Dr. Stanley Szefler said the drugs are better than alternatives for keeping the lung disease under control and asthma attacks were likely to increase without them.

[ cf Panel weighs future of widely used asthma drugs ]
Oh NO!!! Not advisory Panels discussing Policy!!!

Not more brutal intervention into the Free Trade In Free Markets!!!!

Clearly ONLY a Permenant tax cut for capital gains tax will stop Gay HomoZeXual Marriages that clearly are the cause of these sorts of discussion about the social risk of allowing various scientific issues to move forward.

{ in the new spirit of Glasnost, I have COPD, and use some of the drugs referenced, so it is not like I am advocating Permenant tax cuts for light and transient reasons. }

Malkin Embraces Terror Of The Law

Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi can stop clucking now. For the last three years, Democratic leaders cheered GOP ethics woes. Dean accused Republicans of making "their culture of corruption the norm." Pelosi touted cleanliness as a liberal virtue. But with the eye-popping pay-for-play and bribery case against Democratic Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich topping a year of nationwide Democratic scandals, the corruption chickens are coming home to roost.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald called the breadth and depth of charges against Blagojevich and his Democratic Chief of Staff John Harris "staggering." That's an understatement. Anything that breathed was a potential shakedown target. It's the Chicago way. Democrat Blago's so dirty he'd hit up a children's hospital for money. Oh, wait. He's accused of doing that, too.

[ cf The Democratic Culture Of Corruption ]
So now Malkin OPPOSES the Free Trade in Free markets????

What next? that she will openly embrace opposing herself on her stands in favor of state sponsored terrorism???

And then, majikally, a commitment to more Excessive Governmental Interferances in the market?

Yes, it is soooo good to see Komrade Party Malkin leading the charge that it is important that those Democrats learn the importance of law like stuff...

Will we be able to count on Malkin to oppose her own positions as well??? Where she has advocated lawlessness in america.... or is that just asking too much....

They Want to Take away the white women...

Rootless (or is that "ruthless"?) cosmopolite Gideon Richman calls for world peace through world law. And Matt Drudge sics the Republican base on him:
I knew that there was something odd going on, when I woke up at 7am on Tuesday and found that over 200 e-mails had arrived in the seven hours that I had been in bed. It turned out that my article on world government had been “Drudged.”... The following from is fairly typical: “Just wanted to let you know that you’re never gonna get your New World Order. People are waking up everyday to what’s really going on.... Good luck gettin’ the guns you traitor piece of trash!!”
4. I can see what Obama means by referring to “bitter” people clinging to guns and religion. And clinging is the word. Several people informed me that I would only remove their guns “from my cold, dead hands.”
I am disappointed, however, that Gideon continues to pull his punches. He does not endorse my call for immediate execution of the Canada Plan--the conquest of Canada by the United States in order to transform America's median voter from someone in a pickup truck and a gunrack outside of Nashville to someone who takes mass transit and likes socialized medicine in Toronto.

Perhaps now that he has been Drudged, Gideon will wake up to the urgency of the Canada Plan.

[ cf A Plea for the Canada Plan ]
Well, there it is!!!

Clear PROOF that Liberals want to over run america with Canadianist Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista!!! Simply because they want to Invade Canada in lieu of a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut to prevent Gay HomoZeXual Marriages!!!!

Cizik, Terrorist or American, you be the judge...

Cizik’s resignation comes shortly after a December 2 interview with Terry Gross on National Public Radio’s Fresh Air. Most of the interview focused on the environment, but Cizik made brief remarks about same-sex civil unions, gay marriage, and his early support of President-elect Barack Obama.
[ cf Richard Cizik Resigns from the National Association of Evangelicals ]
Given that we know that voting for Obama is a Mortal Sin, and hence allowing that anything he does could be lawful, is clearly also a Mortal Sin, we are suppose to blame the Gays here????

And Why the Gays???

Oh, that's right, the need for a permenant capital gains tax cut....