December 3rd, 2008


Should elections be limited to the votes of mere plebian masses???

The U.S. Senate recount took two abrupt turns Tuesday, both boosting the prospects of DFLer Al Franken.

Franken unexpectedly picked up 37 votes due to a combined machine malfunction and human error on Election Day that left 171 Maplewood ballots safe, secure but uncounted until Tuesday's final day of recounting in Ramsey County. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's office immediately asked county officials to explain what had happened, and U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign said it sent its own experts to Ramsey County to review the situation and said it was "skeptical about [the ballots'] sudden appearance."

[ cf Senate recount: Pendulum swings to Franken ]
What clearer Proof can there be that Voting should be left to those who understand the importance of voting, and the value of votes!!!!

Now more than ever, americans NEED a Permenant Capital Gain's Tax Cut, to stop those Gay HomoZeXual Marriages from interfeering in the voting process!!!

What IF Joe The Plumber ver BatWackoFruitFlyinUpsideDownIn?

My view is that Money and Credit is very readable--compulsively readable, in fact: I have just spent two and a half hours telling myself "it's OK; I will just read one more page...". But it is only readable in a rhetorical-excess-train-wreck mode, for it is also totally bats--- insane.
[ cf When Reactionary Goldbug Austrian Plumber-Economists Attack!! ]
IF you have to ask
Who is Ludwig von Mises?
you may be a satanic Spawn of the Evil Ones...

Which of course explains clearly why we MUST have a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut, to stop the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage attack on the who was that economist again?

Why The Evil Liberal Media Is EVIL!!!

Amity Shlaes “Rewrite history tour” continues apace. Recall that a few short months ago, Ms. Shlaes was insisting that we were not in a recession.

What is her solution to the current situation? Tax cuts.

[ cf Amity Shlaes: Clueless as Ever ]
( yes, go watch the video over there)

You see, clearly we can not be in a recession...

One of the Smart People knows better, and that we MUST have a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut to defeat the Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombie Thingie what not widget bleeval snark wanker wonk.

If you know what I mean.

WaPo/NewsWeek Attacks FREEDOM, Stabs Troops In Back

Under God mourns the loss of the minister who persuaded President Eisenhower and Congress in 1954 to insert into the Pledge of Allegiance the phrase "under God" -- an idea whose time was then.

Now, with the passing of the Rev. George M. Docherty, who died Thanksgiving Day at the age of 97, let us review why the phrase was added in the first place and why we should consider updating the pledge.

Docherty's contribution to American civil religion came during a sermon he preached at Washington's New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in honor of Lincoln's birthday in 1954, the height of the Second Red Scare. As Post reporter Matt Shudel notes in Sunday's obituary, Docherty, a native of Scotland, argued that the then-godless American pledge could just as easily apply to the communist Soviet Union.

[ cf It's Time to Update the Pledge ]

Abandon the Pledge of Allegiance that won the War against those types....


How clearly a clarion call for a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut, you know, to stop those Gay HomoZeXual whateverItIsThatScaresYouMost.

Cluster Bombs fall out of fashion!

Representatives of some 100 countries gather in Oslo City Hall for the signing conference of a treaty banning cluster bombs, 03 Dec 2008
Representatives of more than 100 countries are in Oslo, Norway Wednesday to sign a treaty banning cluster bombs.

Norway, which has led efforts to ban cluster bombs, was the first to sign the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which bans the use, production, and sale of the weapons.
The United States, China, India, Israel, Pakistan and Russia are among countries refusing to sign the cluster bomb ban.
The U.S. State Department Tuesday said outlawing the bombs would put the lives of American troops and their coalition partners at risk.
U.S. officials say the weapons are still useful, but that the Pentagon plans to phase out using current cluster bomb technology by 2018.

The State Department says it is concerned about the dangers unexploded bombs pose to civilians and says Washington has spent more than one billion dollars cleaning them up.

[ cf More Than 100 Countries Sign Cluster Bomb Ban ]
It should be noted that US Officials who are LEAKING that the DOD plans to WIN against the State Department, are clearly in violation of the State Sekret Act, that criminalizes the illegal distribution of information about the internal warfare between various factions of the government.

Or Alternatively, this makes clear that the State Department position is currently supporting the DOD's Plan to stab the troops in the back in 2018....

ALL of which is the clarion cry of freedom calling forth for a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut to Free Free People From the Free Trade In the Free Markets for Gay HomoZeXual Marriages....

But Everyone LOVES Saddam.

Hey kids, why not have a kult favorite 80's SitCom, Everyone Loves Saddam The happy go lucky wacky feel good show about some state department crazies, and their wacked out friend Saddam.

It was such a GAS back then, why not revive it one more time????
CNN found that intervention is often weighed against political and economic costs.

Declassified U.S. government documents show that while Saddam Hussein was gassing Iraqi Kurds, the U.S. opposed punishing Iraq with a trade embargo because it was cultivating Iraq as an ally against Iran and as a market for U.S. farm exports.

According to Peter Galbraith, then an idealistic Senate staffer determined to stop Hussein from committing genocide, the Reagan administration "got carried away with their own propaganda. They began to believe that Saddam Hussein could be a reliable partner."

[ cf CNN: Declassified government docs show U.S. let Saddam gas Kurds for farm deal ]
Ok, so maybe it was not really Green Acres.

But you have to admit that it is a clear and copmpelling smoking gun that we MUST have a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut to stop the Gay HomoZeXual Made For TV marriage movies...

Speaking of owing an Allegiance to Ferrign Devils...

Traditionalist Anglicans are to formally announce that they are setting up a new church in the US and Canada.
They have instead formed a range of new alliances, often with Churches in Africa.
But doubts remain as to whether or how it will be recognised by the wider Anglican Communion.

[ cf North American Anglicans to split ]

And while our troops on the eastern front are valiantly defeating the evils of Liberal Wall Street!!!

How SHOULD americans respond to persons who wish to owe an allegiance to ferrign devils from overseas??? Should they be forced to register as resident alien agents??? Should they be required to wear a big RED A so that we know that they are Registered Alien Agents????

And can there be any doubt that clearly we must NOT have a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut, to protect us from Gay HomoZeXual Marriages, and the Resident Alien Agents they cause???

Why Poor People should drink more public water.

Among the Bush administration's final environmental legacies will be a decision to exempt perchlorate, a known neurotoxin found at unsafe levels in the drinking water of millions of Americans, from federal regulation.

The ruling, proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency in October, was supposed to be formalized on Monday. That deadline passed, but the agency expects to announce its decision by the year's end, before president-elect Barack Obama takes office. It could take years to reverse.

Critics accuse the EPA of ignoring expert advice and basing their decision on an abstract model of perchlorate exposure, rather than existing human data.

[ cf Feds Set to Eliminate Water Regulations for Neurotoxin ]
So remember PerKins, trust your drinking needs to CorporateWater Inc., the home of American True Brand Water!!!

Besides, what clearer argument can be presented as to why we MUST have a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut, to stop the growing threat that Gay HomoZeXual Marriages are a threat to the Purity Of Essence...