November 24th, 2008


Why does OBAMA Hate the Guacamole?????

I was shocked while listening to Obama on the radio, when he pre-empted the news reports to go into a list of persons who will have various offices in his so called 'economics' related part of the government. He also alledgedly outlined some commentary about restoring the economy.

But where was the CRITICAL and Vital Post of WarCzar For the Holy Crusade against the Godless Liberal Wall Streeters????

I mean, what less than Stab the Troops In The Back is it to forget that Our Holiest of Holy Warriors are at this very moment MORE winning against the Unbelievers and the Godless on Wall Street than at any time before...

Clearly What MORE important post in a War Lord's War Cabinet than the War Czar For Holy Crusading against The Godless Liberal Wall Streeters????

My GOD have folks forgotten how Saddam Hussein PERSONALLY flew Iranian Flying Saucers on Behalf of the GODLESS Liberal Wall Streets in the attack on our white christian america back on 09/11/2001....

They Coming For YOUR 401(k)

  • Diabolical New Congressional Plans to Fund Emergency Bail-Outs By Meddling, Manipulating, and Even "Merging" Tax-Deferred Retirement Plans Such as 401(k)s into the Insolvent Social Security System.
  • A Desperately Cash-Strapped Liberal Congress Will Soon Double-Cross Taxpayers and Investors With Massive Changes and Absolutely No Warning.

( email from GOPUSA ; Subject: Congress to Repo What's Yours: Are You Ready? )

Those Rich White Elitist HATE YOU!!!!