November 20th, 2008


Hey Kids, why not MORE TORTURE!!!

Now put on your thinking kaps, and think back to those Kinder, Gentler, Happier Times, before the EVIL Neo-Liberals, and their Evil Failed Klintonesta Nation Building Syndrome destroyed Somalia.

Yes, back to when it was Italian Somalia, under the Most Benificient Leadership of Great Leader Himself, il Duce!

Think how much happier, and kinder, and gentler the world was.

Do we really want to simply continue on with the failure of the failed models of evil Liberalism!!!????!!!!

Or is it finally time to embrace the Greatness of Great LEADER!!!

Then the railroads would run on time.... and everyone would be happy....

Party Like it is 1997!!!

Yes boys and productizeAblePerKins, the DOW is showing the Great Military Victory Of God's Divine Wrath against the Unbelievers and their EVIL LIBERAL WALL STREET SPAWN OF SATAN!!!

All Hail Great Leader for the Greatneff!!!

{ for those in the future who are not sure, the DOW closed over 7500 points today, proving the Great Military Victory is Victoriously Glorious!!! All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader is Great!!! }

Solving the UC Funding Issues.

Here in California, the WHINERS are whining about limiting the number of students in the UC system, because of a lack of funding for schooling at the college level.

Why not try the Freee Tradee in Freee Marketese!!!

Clearly the UC folks need to invade Iraq to bring freedom and the glorious progress of being able to be integrated into a Global Economy. Which will of course have the positive growth opportunity that the UC system will see the sort of Stunning Economic Growth!!!
The markets reached a final low below Dow 7500 in mid-March 2003.
[ cf Stock market downturn of 2002 ]
which was ... uh right beforee
The 2003 invasion of Iraq, from March 20 to May 1, 2003, was spearheaded by the United States,...
[ cf Operation Iraqi Freedom ]
Any questions????

Or do you hate the Guacamole!!!

More People Who Just Hate the Guac....

Average real capital gain over the twelve years since Greenspan's "irrational exuberance" speech in December 1996: -2.1% per year.

Average dividend paid on the S&P composite over the twelve years since Greenspan's "irrational exuberance" speech in December 1996: 1.6% per year.

Real return on the S&P composite over the twelve years since Greenspan's "irrational exuberance" speech in December 1996: -0.5% per year.

And the Campbell-Shiller evidence for mean reversion in stock prices is now stronger than ever...

[ cf S&P Round Trip. ]
Meanwhile over in GODLESS HEATHENIST LAND we get
In the first ruling of its kind, a federal judge ordered the speedy release Thursday of five Algerian men after concluding the government didn't have the evidence to hold them for nearly seven years in Guantanamo Bay prison.

The decision by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, was the latest setback for the administration's detention policies and could foretell more court-ordered releases.
One of those ordered released is Lakhdar Boumediene, whose appeal to the Supreme Court became the underpinning of a 5-4 decision that gave Guantanamo prisoners the right to challenge their detention in court. Boumediene, 42, had maintained all along that he was a relief worker with the Islamic Red Crescent.

Leon's decision marked the first time that a lower court has concluded after a habeas corpus hearing that the government lacked evidence to hold Guantanamo detainees as enemy combatants. Now, more than 200 other detainees await similar reviews in Washington's federal court.
In an unusual entreaty, Leon urged the administration not to appeal his order releasing the five men.

"Seven years of waiting for our legal system to give them an answer to a question so important is, in my judgment, more than enough," Leon said.

[ cf Judge orders release of 5 Guantanamo detainees ]
Gosh, I sure hope that this does not start the precedence that the Government can not hold you for more than seven or so years without a trial, or an indictment, or that legal stuff...

Since that might put a press on about law stuff being legal in america....

No, seriously, remind me again, there was never really any connection between the abuse of power, the advocacy of torture as state policy, and, uh, that exhuberance thingie pooh about how the Milton Friedmanesque Types had been supporters of the market, whether or not that required crushing democracy along the way was left as an exercise to the readers....