November 12th, 2008


GP Booga Booga....

It is soo going to be one of those days when people will just have to work it out for themselves, since there is still a government, an economy, and those types who hate us and are trying to destroy our way of life.




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Mormonist Persecutors Of True Beleivers...

Is america, civilization is collapsing, and the GODLESS God Hating America Bashing Pro-Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Canadianists are not willing to be gooder enough:
The Aphorisms are the guiding principles of Summum, a religious organization that operates from a pyramid in Salt Lake City and practices mummification. They are so important to Summum that the group's founder, Summum "Corky" Ra, asked that they be displayed in a public park in Pleasant Grove, Utah, near a Ten Commandments monument.

The city said no, triggering a court fight that today wound up before the Supreme Court. The justices debated whether the city violated Summum's First Amendment rights and must also erect the Aphorisms, which contain sayings such as "Summum is MIND," "Everything flows out and in," and "The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left."

Based on today's arguments, it was unclear whether this particular court is swinging right or left. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., an appointee of President Bush, immediately questioned Pleasant Grove's decision to accept the 10 Commandments monument in the first place, saying it could violate the 1st Amendment ban on government establishment of religion. Summum's attorneys filed their challenge under a different part of the amendment, the free speech clause.

[ cf High Court Considers Fight Over Display of 'Seven Aphorisms' ]
Bring out your Generic Angst!!!

Bring out your generic angst!!!

"I'm not really a generic angst, I am feeling better."

Any questions you heathenist spawn of Cubist Movements...

This is NOT a PSA. REPEAT. This is NOT a PSA

The NEW Reagan Revolution
Bring Conservatism BACK!
From the Desk of Michael Reagan

Dear Conservative Friend,

It's official: America has its first truly Socialist president... and it's the Republican Party's fault.

No, scratch that -- it's the so-called "leaders" of the GOP who are at fault for this humiliating defeat -- and I say it's time to name names and make heads roll in our party. Because, my fellow conservatives, we have been BETRAYED by the very people who promised that, if we would just elect them, they would get into office and vote OUR conservative values.


But we CAN resurrect it -- IF we start TODAY to take action, by both booting out our failed fake-conservative "leadership" AND vowing to FIGHT tooth and nail against the coming tidal wave of destructive, anti-American legislation that's now heading our way... thanks to Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

We CAN fight back -- Join me now in the NEW Reagan Revolution, to bring Conservatism BACK!

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Yes Boys and NonPerKin, when YOU do bad drugs, they do YOU.

So first piece of Advice, DO NOT DO BAD DRUGS!!!

Take the Pledge!!! DO NOT DO BAD DRUGS!!!


Yes boys and nonPerKin, HOW could anyone have known that any of the policies and processes put in place by such RADICAL HARD LEFT ANTI-AMERICAN EXTREMISTS like draft dodgers Gnewt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, and friends like HanoiAnnie Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Negoponte, etc, etc, etc, was all a part of the HARD LEFTS COMMUNIST ASSAULT on our white christian america with their Godless Wall Street Liberalism....

Yes, if there was EVER any clearer proof that we MUST bong canada, to stop the Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Canadianist, it is the evil horror that they are to the Hard Right of Caribou Barbie and her Bible Spice AlterEgo...

BLEEVE!!! BLEEVE!!! , Generic BLEEVE!!!

Why does he HATE the guacamole...

Well, I think that Sarah Palin is America's new psycho ex-girlfriend: makes it clear that he just never understood Caribou Barbie and her AlterEgo Sidekick Bible Spice, and that she can, when called upon turn into her new SuperFriends character, "the uppity one's white woman"....

Yes, it is all about the HORROR, and how white women go that way. Especially if you forget to put them back in the refrigerator before they go bad.

So clearly, what EVIL DOING EVIL DOERS like arian1 need to learn, is their place in the proper ordering of the cosmos, and that it is a crime to spread defeatist propoganda about the woman who could have become the Moral Equivolent of Richard Nixon's 1960 VP candidate.


He had to hate the player....

Why we MUST win on the Eastern Front!!!

Besides the obvious realPolitik of Lebensraum:
The unemployment rate is expected to rise to 8.5% by the end of next year and inch even higher in early 2010, economists for Goldman Sachs wrote Friday. The cumulative trough-to-peak increase of more than 4 percentage points in the jobless rate would be the most since World War II, they said. Goldman analysts lowered growth forecasts for the next three quarters, and said they now expect the Federal Reserve to cut its interest rate target to 0.50% by December. "The main reason for these changes is the accumulation of evidence that U.S. domestic demand and production are dropping sharply," they wrote. "We do not see a resumption of anything close to trend growth before 2010."
[ cf Worst Recession since WWII ]
Defeatist Elements!!!

Communists!!! Red Fellow Travellors!!! The GODLESS HORDS of Goldman Sachs, a well known hot bed of Pinko Extremists Dogeral Toadying to their Stalinist Overlords!!!

Hysterical Fits of Emotional Outbursting, interleaved, in Standards compliant format, with obligatory frothing at the mouth, and gut wrenching uncontrollable giggling....

Meanwhile, later on at super spy's secret hid out, we learn that canadianists are gay, or at least mostly amused, contentent, happy, pleased....