November 7th, 2008


Day THREE: America Held Hostage!!!

OH MY FOD, The job losses!!! Clearly now those God Hating America bashing Rich White Elitist Obamanites will have to admit that they are clearly responsible for the MASSIVE ECONOMIC DOWNTURN that came about because of the Threat of Obamanism.

In related Terrorist Activity Komrade Party Leader Rice warns that there may not be as much Peace in The Middle East as originally Planned. Inside sources are still unclear if this means that Rice is supporting Bush's Attacks on Dubya, or if she is angling for a new role as the new UberStrumBanFubar!!!

Brutal Persecution Continues

Lawyers for the Republican National Committee are heading to Alaska to try to account for all the money that was spent on clothing, jewelry and luggage, according to The New York Times.
[ cf Palin Aide Fires Back at Reported McCain Camp Slams ]

There seems to be a disconnect here as to where the RNC stands with regards to Bush Stabs Dubya in The Back To Defeat The Holy Crusaders. But clearly there is more to come in the Holy War of Holy Crusaders against The Dominion of Darkness And EVIL!!!

Are You doing your part??? Or are you just Jumping in Bed with Bush Stabs Dubya in The Back because you are one of those Victimized Rich White Elitist Obamanites who was never told which side you were supppose to be on, in the ongoing Holy Wars!!!

{ hum, do I need to make a delta between war and holy war? }

More Proof that Science IS DANGEROUS!!!!

Do NOT try this at home boys and nonPerKin:
The part of the brain associated with reward lights up when an aggressive teen watches a video of someone hurting another person, but not when a non-aggressive youth watches the same clip, according to the University of Chicago study, published in the current Biological Psychology.
[ cf Brain Scans Show Bullies Enjoy Others' Pain ]
The National DUH festival will be held later on in the day as we look for ways to stop science from being, well so, DUH...

But there is obvious gooder news here...

Now what we need to do is explain to bullies in their youth the importance of SOUNDING more anti-Anti-War than anyone else, without actually having to really do Diddly about it, since with the correct networking one can become a Power Player of Persons who enjoy getting off on others getting shipped into the combat zone and taking it in the shorts for the ideologically more adaptive.... Yeah, and if we can solve that part, brand it, market it, and sell the shit out of it, the International War on Terrorism could become it's own profit center, establish that the Free Trade in Free Markets is it's own advancement in the Post-Videodrome Kultur.

{ for those of you who missed that part of your life, Videodrome, and no, it is NOT a canadian travelogue, no matter how much Your Favorite GOD HATING AMERICA Bashing Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Canadianists try to spin it... }

On National Currency

Forgive me if I take up a bit of a pedantic tone. But I rather do owe tongodeon and arian1 a bit of an expalnation. So let us start with one of the stock Stalking Horses of Monterism - the theory that there is some relationship between the current accounts and the value of the national currency.

In this simple notion, if Countries A and B get into a trade imbalance, then the MAJIK of the Free Trade in Free Markets will force the currency of one of the nations down. This will make importing more expensive. Thus driving down the volume of imports, strengthening internal production of goods and services that were formerly outsourced to foreign regimes. This also means that the goods and services in the debtor nation are now cheaper, and in a better position to fight in the global market place.

Thus all that is needed is the Free Trade In Free Markets, and the Majik of Monetarist Policies. { More than the simple hanky waving that Hayak offered us the KEEN insight that at times markets are lovely way of deciding various types of pricing thingies. }

But what happens if Country A has their currency adopted as the Global Currency. OR, they offer to make sure that all contracts for PRODUCT X, must be made in Amerio's, the defacto global currency, because of course Country A happens to have the BIG MAJIK ZEL MILLER LASER DEATH RAY EYES and can burn up anyone opting to price PRODUCT X in anything other than Amerio's.

Now, when Country A gets into any sort of current accounts issues, it need not devalue it's currency, since everyone NEEDS Product X, and will be FRIED TO CRISPIES, if they offer to price their contracts for it in anyting other than Amerio's. NOW, the 'price' of the Amerio's is based upon the usual supply and demand curve that is associated with two external factors.
  • Global demand for Product X.
  • Global aversion to wanting to be FRIED TO A CRISP
The former has some market related supply and demand curves. But the later is the Majikal Hidden Market.

It is a market that it somewhat outside of the usual debating range for most Monetarists.

Where does this take us? To the really unpleasant place. Do americans REALLY want to retreat into a space where they seriously wish to have their national currency, well, american. Something that is used to establish a working relationship about the goods and services in the market place? In particular, the goods and services that the americans bring to the market, over and against the goods and services of others. Without the monetary distortions of using the American Dollar itself as a weapon. Buy Our Bucks, or you can not buy Product X. Buy our Debt Instruments, or deal with the financial crisis that will follow...

And can they really find their way off of Phantasy Island and back into the real world?

OR, is it finally time to agree with Dick Cheney, that Reagan told us that Deficits do not matter. A point that is as truthier for the National Federal Debt, as with the problems of our current account deficits.

If we agree with Dear Old Dick, then we stab Milton Friedman in the back, by asserting that we no longer religiously believe in the majikal powers of the Free Trade in Free Markets. While, ironically, we can also sorta agree with Dear Old Dick and with Milton Friedman, in that we want to be able to have the correct manipulation of the market, in a way that helps define the winners, as well as make sure that the threat of Democracy is not so grave as to upset the Free Trade in Free Markets.

IF we opt to move to the idea that the US Dollar should be defended in the Market Place by market forces, then we clearly have a whole lot of work on our hands to end the Culture of War and the Culture of the US Dollar as the Global Currency. NOTE PLEASE, I did not say 'the cult of global economics' - that is another problem, it is not the core concern of the National Currency RANT here.

Ah yes... In america, americans do not really have to worry about these questions, since Jesus gave them Nuclear Weapons, and the war winning courage, to defeat anyone who would attack the American Dollar Hegemony.

But that way does lead us into Nuclear Merchantilism... And it's somewhat unpleasant marriage to the other end of the 'escalatory theory' - the "war on persons who's ideological alignment is a threat to American Dollar Hegemony'. Formerly known as 'the dirty war', but now all cleaned up and ready for prime time as 'The War On Whatever' - or as we like to say, "WOW!".

In short, for me to buy into the full force Monetarist Milton Friedmanesque Triumphalist Free Marketeering has it's obvious costs. IF you are not willing to pay them, then we have arrived at a place where we can either start to negotiate about what other options are open to us as civilized persons. Since I am here defending 'truth, justice, and the american way', others are allowed to confess to being in league with satan and the terrorists...

These REALLY are going to be fun times...

Giggler Quote:
In 2005, Amity Shlaes wrote a Financial Times column warning about Fannie and Freddie, and considering nationalization and privatization. She said: "It is time to end Fannie's creepy relationship with government. Few projects could do more to sustain the American dream."[1]
[ cf WikiPedia: Amity Shlaes ]
yes, it really is that funnny a wiki pedia entry. I mean, who can forget how that was SOOOO the heart and soul of the Religious Fight back in 2005, what with the Gay HomoZexual Pirate Zombie Canadianists everywhere...

{ why is it that these freaks all hate some of the GSE, but can't come up with a theory about which parts of what creepy relationships they want to be creeped out by... }

Well it seems that others are not understand how the Great Depression would have been, if it had been what it was suppose to have been, as told in say Amity Shlaes cute new book about "the Forgotten Man" - which just happens to be a Busby Berkley song. ( google it, and catch the films. { cf about mashups } ).

Then there is:
Oh for pity’s sake. Some real news outlet needs to publish a nice short piece on conservative falsehoods about the New Deal. Amity Shlaes’s Liberty League retread has got a new lease of life, thanks to the Daily Show of all outlets (Jon Stewart, you should be ashamed) and now in the Wall Street Journal’s five “myths” about the Great Depression, we find stated as fact
As late as 1938, after almost a decade of governmental “pump priming,” almost one out of five workers remained unemployed.</blockqouote>Readers of this site know this is simply not true. For pity’s sake, Conrad Black knows this is not true. (You may here enjoy Bill Scher pointing out that Shlaes describes the Historical Statistics of the United States as an “obscurer” source of data.)
[ cf Wall Street Journal Death Spiral Watch (Amity Shlaes Birdcage Liner Edition) ]
Show of Hands Boys and NonPerKin, remember when the Wall Street Journal was a conservative publication with a commitment to integrity???

Now re-read ALL of it madmerle and this way when we are at Leigh’s Favorite Books you may better understand why I looked at the book, noted busby berkley, and prefer the later....

Ah yes, so where do we park the part of the PP&E discussion about recovering the actual real american history of the America on Planet Earth?

There Will Be Blood....

"Remember son, a Republican doesn't take a dump without consulting a tax accountant...."

- The Hunt For Red State Oktober.

{ is it just me, but is it still hard to take reality with quite the same level of commitment? }

Sometimes the Spammers Tell You Bad Things.

McCain Lawyer Impeach Obama!
McCain has reached an agreement with the Obama lawyers that makes Obama resignation effective November 11.
Barack Obama can lost President's Chair.
McCain video report 7 November:

Proceed to the election results news page>>

2008 USA Government Official Web Site.

( spam mail ( the phishing url was the line with the >>) )
Hum... how many folks would be sucked into that??? given the subject line:
IMPEACH Barrack Obama | USA government news
Clearly these guys are working an edge case....

But in these times it worries me when we lose the more traditional god fearing all american titties and toosh basis for phishing email.

Why does John Derbyshire Hate America?

At the Corner - of the alledge National Review - we have
Arbeit Macht Frei (cont.) [John Derbyshire]

Sorry, you had no idea what I was posting about, did you? This.

[ cf John Derbyshire Goes TOTALLY WackaWacka ]
The problem seems to be that he hates freedom, and is not sure what to do with the difference between volunteering, as noted at America Serves, and, well, I guess that John Derbyshire wants us to think that the new Obamanites are starting to round up what? white persons???

I am seriously wondering what sort of HARD KORP DRUGS these folks are going with these days? And to think that once upon a time the Find Folks at NRO tried to pretend to some standards by pushing HanoiAnnie Coulter under the bus for her insane writings.

Could it be that John Derbyshire has, well, gone with elvis on the mothership???

As attackerman notes:
It's a thin line between Veteran Corps and Freikorps.
[ cf You’re A Holocaust ]
So I guess we can say that the polite faze of the self realization moments inside the former NeoConLand have also gone...

Or is it the case the Derbyshire was 'just joking' or 'making a funny', because he is still hiding out in america, in spite of his stand on winning the WhateverOnWhomever... and doesn't know what is clearly offensive to vets... and americans, and human beings.

Why is the Godless Heathen News still covering Caribou Barbie?

Is it really the threat that they are planning ahead for the counter-coup?

I mean do we really need to allow the MSM to turn the republican party into some tawdrier version of the Ongoing Britany Crisis????
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin fired back on Friday against post-election claims by aides to Republican presidential candidate John McCain that she thought Africa was a country, not a continent, calling the anonymous sources "jerks."

Palin, McCain's running mate in their unsuccessful White House campaign, told CNN the allegation "is not true." She said the leaks could have come from people who helped her with preparation for her debate against Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden.

[ cf Palin fires back at leaks questioning her smarts ]
What? Stoopid is the new Elite?

Can you BE a christian and be in America?

To all those who name the name of Christ who plan to willfully disobey Him by voting for Obama, take warning. Not only is our nation in grave danger, according to the Word of God, so are you.
[ cf You cannot be a Christian and vote for Obama ]
More importantly given the number of NeoCon Whiners whining about PRP - can anyone who says that they are actually a 'christian' be allowed in the American Armed Forces? Given their clear divided loyalty.

Remember, what goes around comes around.

Maybe now would be a good time for the discussions of faith, religion, politics, and the various wars, to, um, get their Pooh Packed And Parked?

for what it is worth...

Veterans and active-duty servicemembers not in uniform can now render the hand salute during the playing of our national anthem, thanks to changes in federal law that took effect this month. The legislative change was sponsored by Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., an Army veteran, and included in the Defense Authorization Act of 2009.

The new provision improves upon a little-known change in federal law last year that authorized veterans to render the hand salute during the raising, lowering or passing of the flag. But it did not address salutes during the national anthem. Last year's provision also applied to members of the armed forces while not in uniform.

[ cf Veterans can now salute during national anthem ]
What would be preferred, if you don't mind my mentioning it, is that we do something about restoring the HONOR STOLEN from the veteran's community by the various war crimes that have been done in our name....

Torture is Still Torture.

It is still a War Crime.

Pussy Footing Around about it is not nice.

Stealing people and shipping them across state lines for Immoral Purposes is still a NOT NICE, it was boys and girls one of those BAD THINGS that Nazi's and the Imperial Japanese, and The Godless Red Hordes did, it was not something that Americans should be doing.

But there is GitMo.

And there is the desparate rear guard effort to try and play act like they all just got there by majikal carpets that they got from the KING of the Potato People... and that some day the Military Tribunals will finally get around to resolving which of them were suppose to be on the Majik Karpet Rides for the King of the Potato People...

And all the while the stain remains....

Makes me wonder what is really important to the American Legion in these troubled times of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU.

Who knows, maybe Americans will recall with pride those lost Halcyon Days when the REPUBLICAN PARTY was the party of law and order...

Whew... The Rush Of Excitement...

Regardless of the Haas case's final outcome, the Legion will continue to seek and support legislation (such as H.R. 6562, the Agent Orange Equity Act of 2008) that includes wartime service in the territorial waters of Vietnam for the purpose of presumption of exposure to Agent Orange.
[ cf Legion fights for 'blue-water veterans ]
Wow, let me get my sixties thing on....

Only, what, fourty years now, and GOSH looks like this time we may get near to fixing.....

Why any day now... Real Soon...

For the new issue troopers, welcome to life on the Bus.....