November 3rd, 2008


But is it a terrorist incident, if the guy turns out to be white?

A masked man waving an American flag and holding a handgun Monday on a Highway 101 overpass shut down the freeway for hours just west of Santa Barbara.

Police Sgt. Lorenzo Duarte says the man, wearing a ski mask and brown fatigues, was waving an American flag with one hand and a handgun in the other when officers arrived on the La Cumbre Avenue overpass just after 7:10 a.m.

No shots were fired.

[ cf Armed man waving flag shuts down highway ]
Or is this just more of the election gammes?

If this turns out to be deemable as a terrorist incident, is it to be charged to Dubya's Account, or the fact that there are those running against the president, thus undermining our national security by failing to support a war president...

UnHoly Communist Armed Aggression!!!

Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama says his economic plan would offer a tax break to 95% of working Americans.

John McCain, the Republican nominee, has another name for his rival's plan: government giveaway.

[ cf Are tax credits welfare? ]
Holy Flying Rodent Perkin - Tax Credits as Red Socialist Communist Armed Aggression Against the Free World!!!!

No wonder the Evil Wall Street Evil Liberals Are EVIL!!!!

They are so obviously the Front Organizations for International COMMUNISM!!!


Are YOU doing YOUR PART? or are you a Terrorist Tax Credit Taking TookieTookie in league with the Unbelievers in UBU!!!

Which election is it?

madmerle was telling me about the newsweek article that put forth the idea that the 2008 election is the 1980 election for conservatives. Trying to make a map and argument that the liberals had just run out of ideas, so of course it was time for a change.

What if the fine folks in the Main Stream Media are wrong. What if this is not about how the conservatives have arrived at their 1980 Moment.

What if the real question here is 1960,
We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans—born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage—and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this Nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

[ cf John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address ]
I mean... We're sitting here on the group W bench....

But what if that is the core of the crisis that has made the PsuedoCons so emotionally irrational about their sets of issues.

How many of them have not been able to come to peace with where they really stand on both what was really the fifties - Brown v. Board of education, and Presidente Ike sending in the troops to little rock Ark. - and, well, those parts of the sixties where so many americans have remain fitful and uncertain of their moral superiority - such as the 1968 Police Riot in Chicago, where one group of draft dodgers spazed out about supporting the President to support the Troops, and the Other Group got to feel the batons of the police gone CRAZY!!!

And of course the comedy of draft dodging national guardsmen shooting down ROTC students at Kent State, as a part of their failure to cope with hiding out CONUS, rather than hiding out in the weeds in south east asia, or any of the other border wars of freedom...

I put it that way, since how many of the last few elections, presidential and congressional, have been pimping the whole @WAR gambit as the excuse du jure for why folks should stop reasoning, detach from the flow of history and just say, "what great leader says is good enough for me."

Clearly the IRONY remains that none of the proWarTypes were willing to back President Clinton, when the evil liberal media, and the red hollywood elitists were whining about "Wag The Dog", nor were they willing to support the CIC, when the whiners in congress forgot the central maxim:
If the President does it,
It can Not be wrong.

- Richard M. Nixon

What if the fuggly that we can hope has TRULY CLOSED, is this mythological crisis of faith amongst the draft dodgers like Tom "No Retreat, No Surrender" DeLay, and his whole "the most important thing in time of war is tax cuts". Dudes, we have been seeking spare bodies for Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and where ever else we want to install torture chambers and economic chaos. So please. There was a Republican President, and a Republican Congress, so if you didn't get a chance to be the great war hero you felt that you should have always been, but those evil liberals got in your WAY.


Some of us had the optomism when Bush's Smear of McCain back in 2000 nailed the coffin of any form of moral integrity in the draft dodger culture, and their myths about respecting veterans, and the whole dark ages when the evil liberals were spitting on vets; that at long last the SIXTIES ARE SO OVER!!! That the whole vietnam thing is so last century....

But that didn't happen.

So here we go for the fin du cycle - where we finally get to deal with the fact that we had Ronald "ZAP" RayGun running the Democrats for Nixon - and even with the backing of Red Hollywood, that was not enough to get nixon in office - and we got stuck with LBJ's Friend - JFK. But we would also get the chance to wonder what it means for the torch to be past from one generation....

Who knows, maybe this time around we can really learn that lesson.

Maybe now is a good time for us to start working on what will it take to get america out of NixonLand and back into the USofA. Maybe now we can start over with working out what it is we REALLY want in this republic of ours....

OR do we really want to return to the 'new day in america' motif of trusting Great Father, and the various mythos about how authoritarianism IS the solution.

Ah yes, we can only hope....

What if we, as a nation, were able to step away from the Guilt and Angst about what folks should have done back in the sixties. What if we could step away from the myths about "the greatest generation EVER", and seek to deal honestly and openly with whom americans are, where they are now, and more importantly, where they want to be tomorrow.

It just might be worth the ride.

Will it really be worth reading?

Conservatism That Can Win Again
by David Frum a CANADIANIST.

Now do not get me wrong here, Just because he is some canadian citizen taking away high paying jobs from americans does not completely make him an evil person. I mean Caribou Barbie is to the left of canada too...

What I will find interesting will be the various discussions about how we can save our White Christian America from the colonization by foreign devils like David Frum, and return to the what ever of which ever...

Granted, this may be more or less interesting depending upon how many divisions, of both regular troops, as well as the ParaMilitary Forces, and the quasi Paramilitary forces McCain will have on Election Day, or at least by Day One of the Coup.

well we can all chill out now...

A Republican computer consultant denied under oath Monday that he knew of any GOP effort to steal the 2004 election for President Bush by rigging Ohio's vote totals, an attorney who questioned him said.

A federal judge on Friday ordered Michael Connell, whose firms had consulting contracts with Bush's campaign and with the Ohio secretary of state's office in 2004, to submit to a limited, closed-door deposition in a suit alleging schemes to fix the vote.

[ cf Computer expert denies knowledge of ‘04 vote rigging in Ohio ]
Well, clearly, when would a limited, closed-door deposition in a legal suit be fraudulent, and could lead to criminal penalties for Purjury....

Anyone want to say ThatGuyWhoWorkedForDearOldDick, and was convicted of perjury, for his undertruthfulness in the case of blowing a CIA operation for reason of mere partisan domestic politics.

Not that I would want to suggest or imply that some persons are less aware of their issues with truthiNeff in a time of engaging in special operations on behalf of the special warfare community....

What if it was just a BAD IDEA?

In the past month, millions tuned in to "Saturday Night Live" just to see Tina Fey do her spot-on imitation of Sarah Palin. Fey's hilarious sendups of the vice-presidential candidate quickly became the stuff of water cooler legend, and Palin's own appearance on the show brought "SNL" its largest audience in 14 years.

Our perverse Palin-mania revealed a deeply felt need for a humorous escape from a broken government and financial system that the two presidential nominees pledged to fix. Because the present reality is this: Now is a very unfunny time for America. U.S. troops are fighting two very different wars in two very different countries, and neither campaign is succeeding as promised. Many Americans are uninsured, left to battle catastrophic illness on their own. Oh, and the American economy is in the crapper.

Given their angst and frustration, it is no surprise that liberals have been enjoying the loudest (and last?) laughs during our current, pioneering age of dark, ironic humor. The chuckles produced during the George W. Bush era by a veritable legion of satirists and comedians, ranging from Fey to Jon Stewart to Chris Rock, have been particularly therapeutic. Unfunny times demand the tonic of humorous distraction.

[ cf The end of the satirical industrial complex? ]
What if it was NEVER a good idea to begin with?

What if a central part of the current crisis was the development of the Military-Industrial-Infotainment Complext? And the collapse of Actual Governmental Transparency, as well as the general openness of society?

What if the rise of the so called 'satirical industrial complex' - which is not industrial - but may be a 'complex' in the DSM-IV sense, is a part of the collapse of american culture?

What if folks were to start reading again?

Would they want to read Nation of Secrets: The threat to democracy and the american way of life.

Or should we just keep on amusing ourselves to death?

What if America were Broken, and we really needed to fix it????

What if it were no longer a laughing matter?

Yes Virginia, there is a SandyClaws...

In a move that is sure to put to rest the notion that there are no second acts in American life, former Bear Stearns chief risk officer Michael Alix has landed a job in the office of the Federal Reserve charged with assessing the safety and soundness of domestic banking institutions.
[ cf Fed Hires Bear Stearns Risk Boss ]
Yes boys and NonPersons, it is whom you blow, not what you know...

And in RepublicanLand, "BlowJob" has nothing to do with sex stuff, which is ikky, and yukky, and gross...

So let us tip our hats to the economic rescue that verifies the Vitality and Vibrancy of the ability to have as much Free Trade in Free Markets as one would ever want to have...

Since anything else is SOCIALIST WELFARE STATISM!!!

The fun of course comes when the new regime takes power after the coup, will Michael Alix still be around??? or will he have been given an even NEWER opportunity in the New Economic Prosperity Zones...