October 31st, 2008


Why are they not supporting their Own Forces?

One has to wonder why the liberals have turned on the Lord's Resistanace Army that has been defending christianity in Uganda. ( cf An Unconventional Warfare from the fun folks at Sentinal Group - who some how consider Jesus's Warriors in the Actual Combat Zone of Uganda to be Satanists!! )

Hey kids,are YOU keeping track of the fun? ( cf Palin's Spiritual Warfare Network Partners With Homeland Security )

OR ARE YOU A SATANIST that they hate???

Are You supporting the Troops?

I was told to make sure he kept standing up, but something was wrong with his leg. He was injured, and he kept falling to the ground. The sergeant in charge would come and tell me to get him up on his feet, so I'd have to pick him up and put him against the wall. He kept going down. I kept pulling him up and putting him against the wall. My sergeant was upset with me for not making him continue to stand. He picked him up and slammed him against the wall several times. Then he left. When the man went down on the ground again, I noticed blood pouring down from under the sandbag. I let him sit, and when I noticed my sergeant coming again, I would tell him quickly to stand up. Instead of guarding my unit from this detainee, I realized I was guarding the detainee from my unit.
[ cf How the U.S. Military Turned Me into a Terrorist ( emphasis mine ) ]

Now remind me again why all of the ProWarSatOnTheirFaceCrowd are still in the rear with the beer?

Rather than taking one of those high paying jobs torturing detainees????

Or is that too pointed a question to be asking the Karl Roverian Draft Dodger Kultur???

GodlessNeff Run Rampant....

Hey kids, did you know that the GODLESS have their own PAC? ( cf Godless Americans Political Action Committee ).

Now ask yourself if the Freak Fest of the Frau Dole Whine ( cf The Dole Ad: Over the Line? ) - or as the evil one speculates, that this may be a sign that there are more than two open issues in the Current Manifestation of White Christian America that is the clear evidence of the Argument From Intelligent Design - since clearly what God Has Created can not be unDone...

Remember, when you decide to vote, you are either voting to SAVE our White Christian America, or YOU are the terrorists....

Say 'Hebbo' to Tarvuism!

I am just SHOCKED that they allow Tarvu.com on the net espousing the HERETICAL DOGERAL DOGMA of the False UBU!!!

Remember, YOU either Support The TRUE UBU, or the terrorists WIN!!!!

That should be your number ONE concern when you go to your voting place to sell your vote to the HIGHEST BIDDER as mandate by the Divine will of the Free Trade In Free Markets!!!


Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday that the federal government will need to continue to play a role in the future of the mortgage financing market.

In a speech broadcast to an economic symposium in Berkeley, Calif., Bernanke said there are many alternatives that need to be considered but that all will involve a role for the federal government and federal guarantees for securities backed by mortgage loans.

[ cf Bernanke discusses future of Fannie and Freddie ]

Everywhere you turn it is nothing but the Godless Red Hordes!!!!

We tried to warn you that if you allowed a Papist in the White House, the Next thing you know, it would be the Road to Serfdom as the degeneracy would continue on, and Americans would elect a DIVORCED PRESIDENT LIVING IN SIN WITH SOMEONE ELSE's WIFE!!!

{ hey, ok, so you fruit bats forget that while 'divorce' is socially acceptable amongs the average run of the mill god hating america bashers, you have to remember 'what god has put together, let no one take apart'. So persons are actually STILL MARRIED even if the GODLESS STATE thinks that they are both divorced, AND at liberty to remarry!!! So yeah, you MORAL PREVERTS, Reagan was the other part of the MORAL COLLAPSE OF AMERICA!!!! }

{ Speaking of which, did you ever notice that america has not declared war on another nation before sending in tthe troops ever since Reagan Got Divorced??? Ever wonder WHY the GOD HATERS have been that way???? }

Well now americans have a choice, they can follow the RED PATH TO GODLESSNESS, or they can decide that they are going to re-elect the President, our Great War Leader, who has mostly kept the volume of terrorist attacks CONUS down to a reasonable enough level of violence to not seriously impact the profitability of war crazies.

By re-electing RoboBushCheneyParis!
They Shiney!!!
and fashionably fashionable!!!

You will get the sort of America YOU deserve...

What economic issues???

Clearly with the DOW rising a whopping 1000 points in the last week from around 8200 to the current 9300 range, where will it stop?

I think it is time that americans ask themselves, do they want to vote for the NEY SAYERS and their negativism, or join the optomism of Free Trade in a Free Market...

Clearly if the Government were willing to do it's part and start taking the food out of the mouths of the unproductive elements of society, we could use it to fuel an even more explosive economic growth!!!!

Yes, there is a New Day In America!!!! and we must stop the Evil Liberals from defeating the Glorious Economic Prosperity that Sarah Palin has brought to America with her Alaskan Economic Miracle...