October 24th, 2008


Are McCain Player attacking themselves.

New info from the Pittsburgh Police Department -- there is a gaping hole in the story of the woman who claims she was attacked because she's a McCain supporter.

The PD has released a statement saying "We have received photos from the ATM machine at the Citizens Bank and the photographs was (sic) verified as NOT being the victim making the transaction."

In other words, the woman who says she was attacked at the ATM machine wasn't there at the time of the alleged attack.

[ cf Pittsburgh PD Smells a Rat ]
there is also
Pittsburgh police say a McCain campaign volunteer who said she was held down by a black man who cut the letter "B" in her face has changed her story.
[ cf Police: McCain volunteer changes ATM attack story ]

What is this telling us???

How many of the other so called attacks are, well questionable.

Class Warfare Starts Early...

Chrysler LLC plans to reduce its white-collar workforce by 25% by the end of the year, the company said in an announcement Friday.

The cuts, about 5,000 workers in total, will come from Chrysler's salaried and supplemental workforce. Chrysler has about 18,500 white-collar workers.

[ cf Chrysler to cut 1 out of 4 white-collar jobs ]
Holy Kapitulationist Appeaser Kut And Runner Puppet Toadies of ThatOne....

Remember, if you want to see the red hordes destroying our white christian america, then go right ahead and vote Uppity...

What? The Market WAS NOT an efficient allocator of Capital?

How can that be Andrew Sullivan and George "smoke big bong" Wills?
Second: Look at that last sentence in the quote again. A more or less minor error slips in when Will seems to conflate real and financial capital — true beginners buffoonery. For a bigger howler, consider his complaint about government vs. private sector capital allocation. If “market forces” were so effective at allocating capital, we would, of course, not be in the position of bailing out private market players right now.
[ cf Bad Andrew (and George): Sullivan (and Will) Can’t Do Economics ]
Ok, if you want to go read the original snarking from Andrew Sullivan citing George "Smoke Big Bong" Wills, you are a tall person click on through, when you parents are around to provide you with an apporpriate adult chaperone...

But yes, when the wankers start off by whining about the "poltical class", understand that they have embarked upon the sort of class warfare they are hoping will work well enough as their Draft Dodge, again....

So remember Persons and ProtoChattel, when it comes time to sell your vote to the highest bidder, try to remember that the Important Part is that the Free Trade in Free Markets is not impeded by any sense of sanity or sobriety...

Anything less and the thinguses Will Pooh!!!!


There are Real Capitalists who are not merely Financial Capitalists???

I am shocked.... Financial Capitals v. Real Capital - but when one's good's and services rendered is a Big Bag of Pooh, then clearly the mechanisms used to create Big Bags of Pooh must clearly be a part of the Real Capital of the Financial Capitalists.

Remember, when it comes time to vote, don't let the Uppity One's say that owning a big bag of Pooh is not a part of the important things that our troops are fighting for our god given rights to have bail outs for the big bag of Pooh brigades!!!

Why We NEED better PSA's against Bad Drugs!!

Was anybody who wrote for National Review ever sane? Or were people just pretending?

Kathryn Jean Lopez:
The Corner on National Review Online: re: Unleashing Fred [Thompson]: You know, he could bring out some crowds in some battleground states. If I were the McCain campaign, I'd beg him to campaign all next week.
They don't have any money to pay for a bus. They spent it all on Sarah Palin's wardrobe.
[ cf Cry "Havoc!" And Let Slip the Basset Hounds of Attack Politics ]
Thank god it is not like the nation were in a time of @WAR and that there was a need to actually act adult like and responsible...

What if the nation were facing the consequences of the Moral Collapse of Milton Friedman's Fanciful Lassiez Faire FreeMarketeering????

Now more than ever theyThemThoseTypes must be stopped!!!!

{ok, so I just LOVE that and let slip the basset hounds of attack politics}

Talk about palling around with terrorists...

John McCain... sitting down with dictators without pre-conditions.... In 1985, McCain traveled to Chile for a friendly meeting with Chile's military ruler, General Augusto Pinochet.... According to a declassified U.S. Embassy cable secured by The Huffington Post, McCain described the meeting with Pinochet "as friendly and at times warm, but noted that Pinochet does seem obsessed with the threat of communism." McCain, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee at the time, made no public or private statements critical of the dictatorship, nor did he meet with members of the democratic opposition in Chile.... At the time of the meeting, in the late afternoon of December 30, the U.S. Justice Department was seeking the extradition of two close Pinochet associates for an act of terrorism in Washington DC, the 1976 assassination of former ambassador to the U.S. and former Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier. The car bombing on Sheridan Circle in the U.S. capital was widely described at the time as the most egregious act of international terrorism perpetrated on U.S. soil by a foreign power....

Other U.S. congressional leaders who visited Chile made public statements against the dictatorship and in support of a return to democracy, at times becoming the target of violent pro-Pinochet demonstrations.

[ cf John McCain's Palling Around with Terrorists ]
Would this be a bad time to remind folks that when Saddam Hussein was talking Anti-Iran, back when that was the new Communism, it was cool to be his friend....

Ah yes, supporting the right types of dictators has always been cool. Just like the cool kids always love torture, it is what makes them Rock Hard Patriots....

Hoping someone else will get down in the dirt and the weeds as the boots on the ground, because, well there are all those investment opportunities that one has to stay on top of in a time of Growing Investment Opportunities as the Shock Doctrines free up the capital resources....

Are YOU doing your part to be the Shock Doctrine, or should we just turn you out as one more of the boots on the ground....

Would this be a bad time to remind folks that Milton Friedman was also in love with the Generallissimo???

Or would that too be considered unfortunate in the light of today's glorious economic news...

GOP is a PSA for do not do bad drugs...

Cindy McCain has accused Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama of running "the dirtiest campaign in American history."

In remarks reported Tuesday by The Tennessean, she said she initially did not want her husband John McCain to seek the Republican presidential nomination after a brutal primary struggle in 2000 against George W. Bush.
In 2000, John McCain lost the GOP primary in South Carolina to George W. Bush due in large part to insinuations that he fathered an illegitimate child. The couple adopted one daughter, Bridget, from Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh.

Her comments came as the McCain campaign's tone has become increasingly harsh.

Nearly every TV ad McCain ran last week was negative, compared to just 34 percent of those by Obama, according to an analysis by the Wisconsin Advertising Project released on Wednesday.

[ cf Cindy McCain claims Obama is waging dirty campaign ]
Now, i can understand, that after decades of opposing public education, cindy probably hopes that folks will think that what she says is in some way suppose to be smart.

But I do have to crank on the SacBee for picking only the NICEST of the smear campaigns that made the Combat in the South Carolina Primary proof that the Vietnam era was clearly over and the draft dodger culture of Karl Rove had up and won the war. That we were all going to be watching more and more Yippie Moments as the freak factor defined what was left of reality....

So yes, things are tough out there, and it is rough when one is merely the trophy wife of the guy who sorta did some stuff that was not as cool as the real war heroes like Tom "No Retreat, No Surrender" DeLay....

Who knows, will the remnants of the GOP party opt to go into rehab and show america, that sometimes one has to do more than just say no to drug abuse. One has to specifically NOT take the Bad Drugs!!!

Has anyone pointed out to Cindy that Obama is not Dubya, even if both are rich white guys, that, uh, not all rich white guys look alike???