October 22nd, 2008


Communist Back Red Aggression Against Freedom!!!

Oh sure, once more the Communist Hordes Attack Our WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA:
Insured parents don't necessarily mean insured kids.

So say researchers who found that more than 3 percent of U.S. children and adolescents are uninsured or underinsured at some point during any given year -- despite having at least one parent with health insurance.

That translates into almost 3 million U.S. children with no medical care at all and no access to prescription drugs over a full year. Slightly more than half of that number qualify for public coverage but aren't enrolled.

Overall, more than 9 million U.S. children are uninsured; some 18 million have a coverage gap at one time or another, according to the study.

[ cf Many Kids Lack Insurance, Despite Having Insured Parents ]
Hey kids, what do you think about the COMMUNIST DOMINATED LABOR MARKET that is preventing children from getting the high paying jobs in the New Economic Prosperity Zones!!!!

Maybe now americans will finally end the brutal repression of the Free Trade in Free Markets that is clearly being caused by the EEEEEVIL so called Child Labor Laws that are preventing the next generation of Joe The Plumbers and their in excess of $600K a year earnings!!!!


Do we really want the BRUTAL Uppity Ones to define how we can buy and sell child labor in a Free Trade of Free Markets???

Americans Defeating Godless Euro

Have you noticed that the Euro has shrunk to a mere $1.28, and the cost of a Barrel of Oil has likewise shrunk under the GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS Military Victories against the evil liberals Of Wall Street!

Thank GOD that we have RoboBushCheneyParis!!!
They Shiney!!!
and fashionably fashionable!!!!

And they did not need the party faithful to spend $150,000 on new fashion togs!!!
( cf Palin clothing bill up, poll standing down - now I don't want to sound catty or anything, but a gurl goes walking the street for some guy, just so she can get fancy clothes, well we have names for that sortz of behavior.... I mean, would you want your daughter to start taking strange gets from strange men, simply because she has opted to leave her husband behind... )

Got Stabbed In The Back???

I love the mojo wire's:
His interpretation of events is frighteningly plausible.

Already we have been seeing during the course of the summer and into the fall, the desperate talent search by movement conservatives for a new internal enemy, like a reality show; "American Traitor" where contestants line up to see who would be the best victim for the "stabbed in the back" myth making.

Thanks Billmon... you can just rock me to sleep, now...

[ cf van.mojo: Heed the Mighty Billmon... (emphasis mine) ]
Ah, the restoration of a Real American Reality TV.

Granted my great hope is that we can get the Real AMERICAN GLADIATORS back on TV, as we see the struggle between those whom God has Selected, and the Godless Atheistical Unbelievers, and their PapistFellowTravellorRedHordes fighting it out With the Holy Warriors Of God's One True Steel Grudge Match Cage of DEATH!!!!

No Mexican Masked Wrestling Wring Here!!!

Just one ring to bind them, and into the darkness....