October 15th, 2008


Hey kids, got the moral integrity of Your Agenda???

So why did the Sacramento FreakShow give up on calling to Waterboard Obama?
Not a lone protestor or crowd member. Not a fringe nut on Free Republic. On the official Republican website in the state capitol of the most populous state in the Union. This is why the GOP has to be defeated this time.
When reached for comment Tuesday, Craig MacGlashan – head of the Sacramento County Republican Party – owned up to these and other characterizations of Obama.

How curious.

A few weeks ago, MacGlashan spoke out publicly against anti-Obama vandalism around town.

But now, he's OK with the words "Waterboard Barack Obama" that were displayed prominently on sacramentorepublicans.org?

Maybe if someone had painted "Waterboard Barack Obama" on the side of a building, MacGlashan would be outraged. On the Internet? Not so much.
[ cf "Waterboard Him!" ]
OK, So i Just SOOO love the comedy of Andrew Sullivan, like so many "stab our troops in the back" liberals get to spin around from supporting the president to support the troops to this new policy of Seeking to Destroy Freedome because he no longer considers torture a comedic moment.

What has become of the formerly NeoConClowns?

Where is their Total Loyalty To Great Leader!!!!

It is as if majikally there are folks who wake up and majikally learn that a society that supports Torture, may well support Stealing a Girl's Trust Fund, and from there it is a sharp dive into selling UnVetted, unable to be marked to market Creditized Debt Swaps...

SHOCKING!!! Just Shocking!!!

Are YOU stabbing our troops in the back? Or do you support the greatness of great leader???

Hey kids, remember when once upon a time a threat to the life of a Presidential Candidate was considered a BAD thing??? And for our slow readers
What if Felonies were felonious? And War Crimes were considered a not good???

Proof that some economists have a sense of funny

Buy low, sell high after all.

Just saying...

[ cf Now Might Be a Good Time to Take the Social Security Trust Fund Balance Out of Treasuries and Move It into Equities ]
Clearly the greatest Idea that Milton Friedman worked out with Generalissimmo Pinochete.

Second only to working out the kinks in the fact that GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS do not consider votes a fungable commodity driven by basic market forces...

But if votes are exterior to the market... TERRORISM....

PSA for stopping Drug Abuse....

"McCain compared Obama to Herbert Hoover, the Republican who was president when the stock market crashed in 1929 triggering the Depression."


[ cf John McCain: Dishonest, Dishonorable, Despicable ]
Wow.... Dude, where is the alledged GOP Candidate?????

Remember boys and girls, when you do bad drugs, bad things happen.

So do not do bad drugs....

{ if you do not understand why the comparison can only be caused by bad drugs, seek therapy. LOTS AND LOTS OF IT! }

How can it be a recession...

Holy Stab The Troops In The Back!!!!

The evil godless liberal media is not only reporting a drop of over 700 pts in the DOW, but also the general assumption that this is in some way associated with data that indicates a recession.

But how can that be... it would mean that the President, a WAR PRESIDENT, were in some way failing in his war with the GODLESS HEATHEN LIBERALS of Wall Street.

And we know that can not be... Since clearly the Most War Winningest WAR PRESIDENT could have nothing less than the most gloriously Victorious Mission Accomplished Dance, EVER!!!

Music Piracy, a Good Thing???

What??? Hasn't anyone informed that whole Red Hollywood Elites, that the MooseLady has open issues about her notions of Music Piracy???
Bon Jovi, who threw a $30,000-per-person, fund-raising dinner for Democrat Barack Obama at his New Jersey home in September, said he was surprised to hear that his band's song "Who Says You Can't Go Home" was used during rallies held by Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin this week.

"We wrote this song as a thank you to those who have supported us over the past 25 years. The song has since become a banner for our home state of New Jersey and the de facto theme song for our partnerships around the country to build homes and rebuild communities.
The rock group Heart sent a cease and desist letter to the Republican campaign in September asking them not to use the song "Barracuda." The song was the early unofficial theme song for Palin, playing off the "Sarah Barracuda" nickname the Alaska governor earned on the basketball court in high school.

In August, rocker Jackson Browne sued McCain, the Republican National Committee and the Ohio Republican Party, accusing them of using his 1977 hit "Running on Empty" in a campaign ad without permission.

[ cf Bon Jovi complains over Republican rally song ]
So remember boys and girls.

You should never illegally download or openly pirate music, because, that would be morally questionable...

And if there is anything of importance in the time of selecting the next Person who will grind down the moral standards of the White House below that of a player who is willing to torture for no reason at all, then remember to vote for the person who will do the most morally questionable thing.

Since, as we know, if they will pirate music, then clearly they are willing to mass murder! And for the fun of it all...

What if we called Gitmo the First NEPZ?

Clearly by rebranding Gitmo as an NEPZ ( New Economic Prosperity Zone ) then all of the evil nasty bad, ikky, yukky, welfare statist anti-free-marketering that Donald Rumsfeld and his God Hating America Bashing Liberals brought to the place will no longer be a problem!!!

Instead people will learn that in the NEPZ, the law is what the War Lord Mandates is the Will of GOD!!!!

In this state the Free Market will be free to engage in any form of Free Trade that the FreeNeff of Free will make manifest as the Destiney of th NEPZ!

And everyone in the world will understand that the Great Military Victory of Milton Freidman has come to fruition, and all will be right in the world!!!!

No more law, no more democratic elections, no more of that nasty interventions by anything but the TRUE WILL of the Free Market will exist in the NEPZ!!!! and all will be right with the world!!!!

Remember boys and girls, if you want enough justice, that is why there is a Free Market Justice hedge fund.

Adding Market Value To People

No, the class of people who are marketable!

This way they know that they have value, because the Market Tells Them So... Yes, Jesus Loves YOU, Yes, Jesus Loves YOU, Yes, Jesus Loves YOU, the Market Says it's So...
Some people believer in the Free Market, and some people need to be Productized!!!!

So why not start over again in the NEPZ!

It's Cheap, It's Easy! It's Fast!!!

A new Life in the NEPZ!

Why Do The Karl Roverian Draft Dodger's Hate America???

Debate Thread Yaah! Zarg! Fleen!.

It seems that some of the Karl Roverian Draft Dodgers are not aware of what the State Flag of Ohio looks like, and seem confused that US Troops in Iraq might have State Flags, especially if they come from, GOSH, one of the State National Guard Units, and not from a Black Water Corporate Entity....

I mean what next? The Karl Roverian Draft Dodgers are going to be upset that Obama has been allowed to be an american...

Hey kids, what if they restored the draft, and took all of these Karl Roverian Draft Dodgers off some place where they needed to be able to recognize any of the Flags of the United States Of America?