October 7th, 2008


Robert's Rules Of Order, Communist Front Organization...

Hey kids, did you know that SDS used Robert's Rules of Order in the formative days of the Port Huron Statement back in 1962. This clearly unmasks Robert's Rules of Order as a Communist Front Organization.

Granted, the alternative is that maybe the Sarah Pallin re-ramp of the "man steals from daughter's trust fund to pay for smear campaign", is, well, uh, also upset that in the early days of SDS, they were also known to use the Communist Tools of Aristotiliean Logic - showing why now more than ever we must win against Reasoning at All Costs!!!
Annihilate Rational Thought!!
Or The Terrorists WIN!!!
The other option of course is that poor MooseLady made a boo-boo, even if she does support gay marriages, and believe that father's should be allowed to raid their daughter's trust funds....

UnHoly God Hating America Bashers!!!!

It is shocking that GodHatingAmericaBashing Radical Left Wing Extremists have Gone Crazy!!!!
Consumer borrowing fell in August for the first time in more than a decade as U.S. households, battered by rising job layoffs and the decaying economy, cut back sharply on their use of credit.

The Federal Reserve said Tuesday that consumer borrowing fell at an annual rate of 3.7 percent in August, before the financial crisis became acute in September, forcing the government to approve a $700 billion rescue of the financial industry.

[ cf US consumer borrowing falls for the first time since January 1998 ]
Just because the GDI numbers were negative, for a couple of quarters doesn't mean that the economy was anything but Greatly Robust And Glorious!!!

In Related News, The Miracle Of Canada shows that Moral Purity Is Pure
Toronto police patrolled a midtown area overnight, after vandals cut brake lines on at least 10 cars parked at homes with Liberal election signs on their lawns.
[ cf Oh Canada ]
Well, there you have it, more clear and compelling PROOF that God is striking back at the Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Al-Qaeda Cyborg Iranian Flying Saucer Zombie Marriage Agenda Items of Atilla The Eskimo who have been threatening the family values of The MooseLady!!!

You know, there are GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS who want to believe the DOW is below 10K, simply because they hate the Guacamole, and are not willing to support The President To Support The Troops....


Liberal Media Attacks Freedom...

Have you noticed how many Evil Liberal Media Venues, as a direct attack on the President, and stabbing our troops in the back, are still erroneously reporting that the DOW is less than 10K!!!

Clearly this form of Treason of Defeatism is a sign that the Evil Liberals Must Be Stopped!!!!

Now More than EVER we can no longer afford to allow the UnBelievers in our Midst!!!!

IF you are not clapping for TinkerBelle, you are on the side of EVIL!!!!

Radical Judicial Activists Go CRAZY threatening Freedom!!!

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the Bush administration to immediately release 17 Chinese Muslims who have been held for seven years at Guantánamo Bay, and to allow them to stay in the United States, because they are no longer considered enemy combatants.

The ruling, handed down by Federal District Judge Ricardo M. Urbina, marked the first time that any United States court rejected government arguments and ordered the release of detainees from Guantánamo Bay, an American naval base in Cuba, since the detention center there opened in 2002.

Judge Urbina said that the detention of the 17 prisoners — members of the Uighur ethnic group, a restive Muslim minority in western China — was unlawful, noting that the Constitution prohibits indefinite imprisonment without charges.

[ cf Federal Judge Orders Release of Chinese Muslims ]

Allowing Terrorists Loose In America simply because they were not convicted of being terrorists, even though clearly they had to be terrorists because they were in GitMo....

Ah yes....

Makes one wonder what it means to the ProWarCrowd when they have to deal with more cases of folks who were not as clearly terrorist as the religious dogma would demand....

But I guess when it comes down to respecting law in america, who knows, maybe the ProWarCrowd should take some time to learn the basics....

You know, like the actual american law stuff...

What is that technical word used when you take people from one place, by force, for no apparent reason????

Wonder if it should be construed as a crime???