September 30th, 2008


Free Markets are not Free!!!!

This is why the President, as the CIC, has extra special powers, to negotiate the current rate of freedom, and what other nations will need to pay america to keep them free from the threat of those would seek to destroy our american way of life.


Are You Fighting To Free the shit out of The Free Markets???

Please, let Biden Be Biden...

Eschaton: Great Moments In Cable Television : Republican MSNBC strategist talking about Biden "the human gaffe machine:"
Here's a guy who thought FDR was president during the Great Depression.
[ cf I Picked the Wrong Week to Give Up Sniffing Glue... (emphasis in original)]
Any questions????

Clearly we must stop the DANGEROUS IMPACT of Obama Bin Biden, whom, as we have been learning, has risen from 10 percent of americans, back in march, who thot he was a Muslim, to 13 percent in the most recent pew polls....

So please America - give to the Mental Fund of your choice, because, well,
and must be stopped in our life tyme....

We Need More Authoritarians....

Every time the New York Times publishes a David Brooks column, an angel has its wings ripped form its shoulders leaving a bloody, gory mess: "What we need... is authority. Not heavy-handed government regulation, but the steady and powerful hand of some public institutions..."
[ cf New York Times Death Spiral Watch (David Brooks Edition) (emphasis mine)]

If you are bored, yes, do read the referenced stuff in the rest of that posting....

For me, it just says:
Thank GOD!!! We have RoboBushCheneyParis!!!!
They Shiney
And Fashionable Fashionable
and the rest is patriotic drival about something with the troops, and more ideological spewing that suggest that David Brooks is still not emotionally recovered from the fact that the government gave all the good billets to the minorities.... depriving him of his great chance to be a great war hero in the new resource wars....

Should Palin throw the gig to make the bucks???

Hey kids, are you following the Sarah Palin to be withdrawn as Republican VP nominee/candidate before 2008 presidential election CONTRACT over at intrade dot com????

You know, the freedom of the free market, is the free trade in the tradeables....

Why yes, now more than ever, Numbers are Numerical, and it is a great place to hedge your bets against the prospect that someone may use nonNumerical Numbers in an unThot way....

Remember, that our Valiant Fighting Forces are Fighting to recover the resources that we really need these days....

RINO's Attack Freedom!!

I was SHOCKED!!! Shocked I tell you to hear God Hating America Bashing comming from the Red Hollywood Elitist Communist Clique of Draft Dodging Peace Freak Dirty Stinking Hippies:
FYI, all the Georgia Republicans voted against the bail-out.

As FRC said today, the current proposal fell short of upholding conservative ideals. The Congressional conservatives played an important role in keeping out the already-borderline socialistic White House proposal and some Hugo Chavezesque suggestions from the Democrats, such as allowing judges to set mortgage rates and creating a slush fund for liberal groups like ACORN. However, the final plan did not reform what has created the problem nor did it adequately explain how the taxpayers get their money back. Moreover, the bailout seemed to create a new entitlement in a federal insurance system for every home loan in America.

[ cf Why the House Republicans Voted Against the Paulson Plan (emphasis mine)]

And in a time of @WAR - to think that the RINO's so want to stab our troops in the back to call the CIC a communist....


Clearly now more than Ever the GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS must remember that the CIC is given special majikal powers.... And that americans MUST rally to defend the president to defend the troops!!!!


New Freedom Products For The Freedom Free Trade!!!!

Clearly since we can no longer afford a cheap and free freedom for our free trade, it is time that the rest of the people out there understand their PATRIOTIC DUTY!!!!
Somebody please tell me: why the f*ck do we spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year on a Navy that can't even do the one mission for which the Navy was created to do?

Pirates. You have got to be f*cking kidding me. Pirates!? We can't even suppress the goddamn pirates and keep the shipping lanes safe anymore? Jeebus. What the f*ck are they doing with all that money we spend on them? Blowing it on hookers and dope?

Okay, so now I gotta ask: is Chevron gonna be allowed to build their own fleet of battlewagons to defend their tankers against pirates because the U.S. Navy is too f*cked up to do the job itself? What kind of firepower are we thinking Chevron ought to be lugging around while we continue to go about pissing away the military's power to project force? Can we sell them cruise missiles? I'm only asking because I'm kinda in the business of making things, you know, and well, I'm seeing this wealthy new buyer coming into the market soon...

[ cf s9: Oh, Dear God... ( note, there is no U in Team ) ]
Well, there you go, someone who is ready to look positively at a positive privatized process by which americans can be freed from the Jack Booted Repressive Excessive Governmental Regulatory Excesses!!!! { if you read the mojo wire, you will learn that Com 5th Flt, has abandoned out of area operations against piracy, without actually opening up a free market bidding for the privatization of varying levels of pirate free seas.... }

Clearly people want to have the liberty of being able to sail on seas with more or less Pirating, but that does not MEAN that they want some Brutal Federal Interventionists Socialist Red Communist God Hating Regulatory Imposition on the Freedome of The Free Market!!! Clearly if the Invisible Foot of the Imaginary Free market meant that there be pirate free sees, then the Market place would provide the same level of safety and security that only a Free Market can provide!!!!

It's what the market regulators are fighting for!!!!

Factualist Assault On Our White Christian America....

So what did I do in that Chicago radio studio last Friday when a wingnut (who, incidentally, is African American) spewed forth some excrement about how Jews harvest the blood of children for their Passover matzohs handouts to swarthy people are responsible for the meltdown of the American economy? I did my job. I called it a "lie and a slander," explaining in simple and forceful terms that lending institutions covered by the CRA have a lower mortgage default rates than ones that aren't, and that even if the former were the worst companies in the history of the universe, they wouldn't have helped produce the financial contagion had not conservative deregulation green-lighted the buying and selling of insanely irresponsible mortgage-backed securities.
[ cf My fair and balanced radio appearance ( strike out in original text ) (emphasis added)]

You Mean the Zionists are not harvesting the blood of white christian americans for their Passover matzohs????

Or were we suppose to be giggling at the PUNCH LINE - that the CRA, that EVIL Carter Administration HORROR that forced banks to loan money where they were taking depositor's deposits, and to end the red lining....

Which would mean... OH MY GOD!!!! that the people who are defaulting are not those Minorities... Then they are the drug abusing Suburbanites of Draft Dodging Moral Reprobates.....

Which can only mean that these EVIL FACTUALISTS are attacking our white christian america because they hate freedom!!!!

did you ever notice....

not engineered securities are BAD. they are a cause of the so called fiscal crisis.

This merely underscores that the culture of death, and it's genetic engineering is WRONG!!! and the evil bad engineered securities are God's Proof Positive that we must stop stem cell research before genetically mutated securities come rampaging out of Wall Street Onto Main Street!!!!

Why Does K-LO hate America???

We're on the verge of financial meltdown, but Congress can afford to take a day or two off? I understand that it's a major religious holiday for some members, but this is an "emergency."
[ cf Can You Blame Americans If They Wonder? ]

Could it be that no one explained to K-Lo that the reason that congress was taking the jewish banking holiday off, was because Zionists make their passover matzoh's from the blood of christian babies....

Or do National Review folks only celebrate some of the christian holidays when it is christianist enough....

h/t to Fairweather Christianists. by way of Fergodssake....

Hey kids, would now be a good time to talk about the biblical literalism of the Jubilee, and how Jesus was clear that in the Jubilee Year, that the Federal Government would buy up all of the bad loans, and would pass out additional bonuses, graft, tax cuts, to all of the good white christian americans.....

Or would it be a bad time to talk about lending at rate, and bibilical literalism???

Yeah, Get That 19th Century Sixties On....

Meanwhile, activists on the Far Left are now publicly admitting just how high the stakes have become in the nation’s most populous state. Recently, Evan Wolfson – grandfather of the effort to destroy marriage across America – declared “California is Gettysburg” in the marriage battle.
[ email from, SUBJECT: Radicals Call California ?Gettysburg of Marriage Battle? (emphasis in the original) ]
Uh.... so, uh, does this mean that the fine folks with the Alliance For Marriage are the new Rebels, who oppose the law of the land, because their god has called them out of the Republic, because they hate the Grand Old Party, and, uh, want to retain their biblical literalism????

While the Gay Marriage Folks, are on the side of preserving the union, and extending the rights of citizenship to more and more americans????

and if so.... uh, doesn't this mean that the alliance for marriage is calling for a new Pickett's Charge???

And I want to go with them on their suicide dive for what reason again????

I mean, uh, why not simply outlaw divorce amongst white christian americans??? that would stop them from ending their marriages.... Clearly a better solution than getting gunned down before Union Troops in a mindless waste of good infantry....

Or didn't the folks at the alliance for marriage actually spend any time learning about the actual american history????