September 19th, 2008


Komrade Mom is IN the Komrade Momovitch!!!

As President Bush's third treasury secretary, Henry "Hank" Paulson was slow to get his footing and recognize the severity of the financial crisis that has frozen credit markets and threatens the American economy.

But lately, against long odds - remember, he's working for an unpopular, lame-duck President and a Congress run by Democrats that is reluctant to take risks during an election year - Paulson has seized the initiative.
"The underlying weakness in our financial system today is the illiquid mortgage assets that have lost value as the housing correction has proceeded," Paulson said. "The federal government must implement a program to remove these illiquid assets that are weighing down our financial institutions and threatening our economy. "

[ cf Paulson to the rescue ]
In other reporting Komrade Party Leader will be getting the SEC to engage in criminalizing crime on the Stock Exchange, which will include illegal rumour mongering, and illegal not having a happy day....

So all of you nasty short sellers will neeed to take your gloomy faced, "somebody has the mondays", unhappineff somewhere else, because Komrade Mom in in the Komrade Momovitch, and the command economy will be nationalistically Nationalist!!! OR ELSE!!!

But clearly this is all a great Military Victory for the Unitary Executive with the Special Majikal Powers that make all things Wonderful.....

ALL HAIL RoboBushCheneyParis!!!
They Shiney!
and fashionably fashionable!!!

and they understand the importance of a command economy that understands the importance of strong Leaders, and the Strength Through Joy principle that is bring happiness everywhere as our Glorious Victorious Princesse Sparklee Poney defeats the evil forces of ikky yukky grossness!!

Now more than ever we must collectively reject the defeatist kapitulationist appeaser cut and runners who are not willing to support the president to support the troops!!!

did you miss the post-post surrealism?

Sydney H. Schanberg, the longtime New York Times reporter and editor and Newsday columnist -- and author of "The Killing Fields" -- has written a 9000-word investigative piece on John McCain and his longstanding efforts to, as Schanberg asserts in his lede, "hide from the public stunning information about the live Vietnam prisoners who, unlike him, didn't return home."
[ via Ghosts Of Nam Redux ]

So should the POW flag be flown above the Christian Flag?

And should the two fly above the american flag????

Or is there a need for the nation to start working on the new round of POW/MIA issues that will need to be solved, by preventing Peace Candidates like Richard M. Nixon from stabbing the troops in the back.

Or maybe, we should be dealing with the real questions in the 21st century and start sending the wacky moments from the last, to, well, where ever it sends broken toys...

What should the 21st Century be about???

EU Threatens Monroe Doctrine in initial War Attacks On Freedom!!!

Canadian and European officials say they plan to begin negotiating a massive agreement to integrate Canada's economy with the 27 nations of the European Union, with preliminary talks to be launched at an Oct. 17 summit in Montreal three days after the federal election.

Trade Minister Michael Fortier and his staff have been engaged for the past two months with EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson and the representatives of European governments in an effort to begin what a senior EU official involved in the talks described in an interview yesterday as “deep economic integration negotiations.”

[ cf Canada-EU trade proposal rivals scope of NAFTA ]
Can this be anything other than the Brutal Jack Booted Armed Aggression of EU Based Islamo-Fascists-Zionist-Communist-Papist-Mormonist-TheyThemThoseTypes.....

Now more than ever we must crush the unbelievers....

Should DOJ change DOJ ideology to Protect Sarah's Personal Personal Privacy Rights?

And if they do, should DOJ decide to extend the notion of a personal Personal Privacy Rights to other persons, including persons who may not be the next owner of the Department of Justice, and hence, well, like any Personal Persons, as well as Corporate Persons?????

Or should the DOJ limit this Personal notion of Personal Privacy to only Well Named Persons????

The scary part of the technical discussion is:
Under the Stored Communication Act (SCA), it is illegal to access without permission a wire or electronic communication while it is in electronic storage. A 2003 case, Theofel v. Farey-Jones, ruled that electronic storage refers to e-mails that have been read, as well as those that are unopened.

The DOJ, however, is not a huge fan of the Theofel decision.

The agency's computer crimes and intellectual property division "continues to question whether Theofel was correctly decided, since little reason exists for treating old email differently than other material a user may choose to store on a network," according to the DOJ's Prosecuting Computer Crimes Manual.

"The term 'electronic storage' has a narrow, statutorily defined meaning. It does not simply mean storage of information by electronic means," according to the DOJ. "If the communication has been received by a recipient's service provider but has not yet been accessed by the recipient, it is in electronic storage. When the recipient retrieves the email or voice mail, however, the communication reaches its final destination. If the recipient chooses to retain a copy of the communication on the service provider's system, the retained copy is no longer in electronic storage."

[ cf Palin Hackers May Dodge Feds via DOJ Loophole ]
Not that I really think that there is any legal basis for requiring that the DOJ hold that any of it's legal opinions are legal, unless of course, there is a specific Biblical Citation that is supported by TRUE White Christian Americans, and not those Apostate Papists and Unbeliever Friends.

Clearly, now we must work out whom are More Person Persons than the folks whom, as we all know, are not the sort of Persons who have an actual right to privacy.

Remember, only the Head of Homeland Security can know for sure in a time of @WAR - since only the War President has the true ear of God!!!!

It is what our troops are fighting for!!!

Some people just do not get it.

One God Hating America Bashing Dirty Rotten Stinking Hippie called the following report:
Stocks rallied Friday, with the Dow rising 369 points, as the government's plan to help rescue banks from toxic mortgage debt soothed investors at the end of a gut-churning week on Wall Street.

Treasury prices plunged and gold prices tumbled as investors bailed out of safe-haven plays and poured money into equities, reversing the flight-to-safety trend of earlier in the week. Oil rallied more than $6 a barrel. The dollar jumped nearly 2% versus the yen, but fell versus the euro.

[ cf Stocks surge as Feds act ]
That most unkind smack:
Dow rallies on news that accountability is dead

HELLO DIRTY STINKING HIPPIES, when was accountability anything more than the sort of useless Evil Rich White Elitist Propoganda slogan that Obama Bin Biden folks used to cloud the minds of innocents...

We are in a time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities for the Full On Fiscal Fiasco of Faith unto the Unborn Baby UBU!!!!! It's what Jesus DEMANDS!!!!

Or the Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianists attack!!!!

Saddam Hussein Hid His WMD's amongst the Evil Wall Street Liberals???

“When you listened to him describe it you gulped," said Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York.

As Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut and chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, put it Friday morning on the ABC program “Good Morning America,” the congressional leaders were told “that we’re literally maybe days away from a complete meltdown of our financial system, with all the implications here at home and globally.”
“You have the credit lines in America, which are the lifeblood of the economy, frozen.” Mr. Schumer said. “That hasn’t happened before. It’s a brave new world. You are in uncharted territory, but the one thing you do know is you can’t leave them frozen or the economy will just head south at a rapid rate.”
“We have got to deal with the foreclosure issue,” Mr. Dodd said. “You have got to stop that hemorrhaging..If you don’t, the problem doesn’t go away. Ben Bernanke has said it over and over again. Hank Paulson recognizes it. This problem began with bad lending practices. Those are his words, not mine, and so this plan must address that or I’ll be back here in front of a bank of microphones at some point explaining the next failure.”
Senator Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, the senior Republican on the Senate banking committee, said in a television interview that cost to the government of purchasing bad debt could run to $1 trillion — a potential warning sign since Mr. Shelby is a longtime skeptic of government intervention in the private market.

Until Mr. Shelby was interviewed on Friday morning, officials on Capitol Hill had been careful not to discuss specific figures, though the rescue envisioned by the Treasury Department clearly entails a government appropriation of hundreds of billions of dollars.

[ cf Congressional Leaders Stunned by Warnings ]

At least now we know why we have to go on winning In Iraq - anything less and the Evil Liberals in Wall Street will attack our white christian america with their godless heathenism....


WhipOutWhatever..... Or was that WhineOverWhomever, or was that WarOnWhatthemthingiepoohs....

Thank GOD no one actually believes any of that smack about the imaginary invisible foot of the market place that will deftly defy reasoning and bring the correct thingus of pooh to bear on the bearables...

Clearly now we MUST cut taxes so that there will be more tax cuts for those people who most despeartely need to be bailed out from the stuff of thingus of poohing that has prevented the Free Flowing of The Marketable Market Placing because of the Iron Fisted Jack Boot of excess governmental regulation of the market stuff.

It is what the verb, phrase, nouns, are Wording Up!!!!

Prepare to be boarded, while on the argh list is Poseur Ponsey...

Hello boys and nonPersons. Yes, it is Squack like a Pansy Royal Navy Press Gang Queen day.

I am so sorry, but I do not hold to this myth that 'prepare to be boarded' is real pirate speak.

Law enforcement types, yes. Persons trying to pretend that they are Law Enforcement types.... But.... Realistically, nope, not pirate talk....

Ah yes... the trips down memory lane, and the on going problem that Piracy is just NOT what it use to be...