September 15th, 2008


Personal Life Goals...

... Yes, that is want I want to be when I grow up, A MindStylist...

Albeit, I have noticed that there are some open issues that can arise, such as a trilogy of films that may not work and play well together
  • Burn After Reading
  • Michael Clayton
  • Minority Report
Which, well, think of them as a MindStylist bringing that Phyillis Diller look to neural pathwayZ....

Yes, I think someone needs to establish the role of MindStylist, even if there are evil liberals who support the HORROR of Gag Halfrunt the allged
Personal brain-care specialist to Zaphod Beeblebrox, President of the Galaxy!
since clearly that is too obviously a CIA front if ever I have heard one.

Yes, clearly MindStylist it shall be.

You know, to defeat the evil ones.

Drug Addicts, I wish I could become...

I had almost completely forgotten that she confused the deprivatization of Fannie and Freddie with their privatization.

I keep trying to remember, do i want to be the dirty stinking hippie who can forget about the Pallin Faux Paux???

Or do I want to live in Sarah's Neighborhood where there is no requirement to be conscious enough to understand the truthier from the merely factual about those Really Big Intellectually Complicating White Male Elitist Stuff like economics, and what parts are and are not parts of the Government.

Hey Kids, should americans be required to know the differences between factual stuff, and the sort of stuff that the Evil Liberal Media lets the Wankers get away with...

Especially "In A Time Of War"....

The DOW nearly reaches 11,000!!!!

Just think!!! any day now the DOW will go across the 11,000 mark into totally uncharted regions!!!! Where were YOU when the DOW made 10,000 - remember that ad campaign, and how all of the Evil Liberals were not supportive of the totally deregulated market and how the imaginary invisible foot of the market place was going to be the winds under our wings, or was that the flatulence providing aerodynamic stability to Colon Investigating Simeon Flight Creatures.....

But are the Evil Liberals willing to face facts about how Glorious the current Economic Miracle is Mirraculous?
Barack Obama said Monday the upheaval on Wall Street was "the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression" and blamed it on policies that he said Republican rival John McCain supports.

"This country cannot afford four more years of this failed philsophy," Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, told a cheering outdoor rally in western Colorado.

Coatless and with sleeves rolled up under a blazing sun, Obama chided McCain for a new commercial that promises "change that we need."

"Sound familiar?" said Obama, who has made change the central theme of his campaign. "Let me tell you, instead of borrowing my lines he needs to borrow some of my ideas. Change isn't about slogans. It's about substance."

[ cf Obama blames Wall St. crisis on Republican policy ]
Of course not!!!!

All they want to do is engage in the failed sexism of the defeatist capitulaionist Rich White Elitism that is stabbing our valiant fighint forces in the Back, whom every day are Victoriously Gloriously Winning the economic miracles that god demands!!!!


{ hey kids, how much longer will the unwinding of the Evil Liberal Wall Street Evil Doing really take? as folks sober up to the reality that the glorious 19th Banking Fiasco can be dressed up, and with some lipstick on it, can be all swank and modern as a 21st Century Banking Fiasco.... }

Not The End of the scary?

Don't forget about Washington Mutual.

Concerned that Wall Street has done just that, the nation's largest savings-and-loan plummeted nearly 27% to close at $2 Monday. Investors are concerned that potential sources of capital have disappeared in the upheaval this weekend on Wall Street that saw Lehman Brothers (LEH, Fortune 500) file the nation's largest bankruptcy and Bank of America (BAC, Fortune 500) scoop up Merrill Lynch (MER, Fortune 500).

Washington Mutual (WM, Fortune 500) shares were battered last week, losing 36% of their value as investors grew increasingly nervous that the bank didn't have enough capital to see it through the tsunami sweeping Wall Street.

[ cf WaMu hit hard - down 27% ]
But Why are these GOD HATERS not supporting the fight agains the sort of Sexists who forget that Sarah Pallin has been great with Greatness!!!!

We are in a Holy Whatever Against the Evil Wall Street Liberals who are all right white elist Obama Bin BidenItes bent upon stabbing our troops in the back with their radical left wing agenda!!!!

Hey kids, did you know that WaMu is offering a 5% Money Market fond for new dollars, that may not be FDIC insured, but who cares, that is like getting one of the $3 Refrigerators, For FREE!!!


Why Just MUST have Tax Cuts!!!!

Texas officials pushed on with one of the largest recovery operations in the state’s history on Monday, struggling to restore power to millions of people, supply food and water to evacuees, and rescue those who remained stranded in flood-ravaged homes and towns.
[ cf Rescues Continue in Texas; Millions Without Power ]
Sure, what ever - they failed to have a Hedge Fund with Survival From Evil Devil Majik. Big DEAL!

What we need in a time of war is More Tax Cuts!!! Think of the folks who are being forced out of their high paying jobs - Not to mention the fact that these Assaults on our Financial Sectors by evil liberals are more important than the whining of people who should have known to have a Hedge Fund to protect them from the Hedge Fund Fiasco that comes when the UnBelievers stop believing in Sarah Pallin's Lipstick coverage of fiscal and monetarist issues.

Clearly can we allow our nation to be pillaged by God Hating Rich White Elitist Obamanite and their Wall STREET FREINDS, who do not understand the Military Value of Massive Subsidizing Tax Cuts for the top 0.1% of the trickler downers??? Do they want the Economy to get the Economic Equivolent of Mad Cow Disease, if these Fiscal Downers are set to the slaughter house to be turned into feed for the rest?????



Ugly Debate Time

The Hope of Fact Checking As a Solution. I of course like both players in the thread, but I fear that I am not at all sold on the novel idea of
One Dollar, One Vote
as a basis for arguing for or against a way to modify the election process.

If anything - it does raise the problem that as a nation we have been trying to officially avoid for decades now, with our hope for
One Person, One Vote
and therefore a core reason why a national policy of sound education, sound labor laws, sound food laws, etc, would provide for a sound voting population with enough time, and fit in both mind and body, to be able to take part in the grand national debate.

But that may also BE the core problem of late.

What if we do not want a well fed, well read, and well engaged voting population?

Time for a New And Improved
Better Read!!!
Than Dead!!!
and see how many folks decide that them intellectual types IS the enemy!!!

Hey Kids, what if winning the war at home were a pre-req to winning the insurgencies overseas?

You know, for the troops...