September 12th, 2008


Winning Which War???

Hey kids, hear about the presidents secret finding that it is ok to insert american grounds troops into Pakistan, on the ground, to do localized killing, rather than rely on remote killing platforms.
The war in Afghanistan has formally spread to neighbouring Pakistan with reports from Washington that President George W. Bush has authorized cross-border raids by American forces.

So far there has been little reaction in Pakistan, where feelings both of the sanctity of national sovereignty and dislike of the U.S/ government are intense.

[ cf U.S. troops authorized to raid Taliban's Pakistan havens ]
Uh, we clearly are going to go on victoriously winning in iPakistan, iRan and iNorthKorea, until all have been crushed under the glorious godly chariots of fire that the Divine Divinity Of Dubya has brought forth upon the land!!!!

Uh, so remind me again folks, how do americans keep track of which wars we are most gloriously winning victoriously?

Sarah may lose the wolf hugger vote


One of my cranky liberal friends sent me:
Hey guys - if you love animals of the canine persuasion – and if you plan to vote in our next election for president but are still on the fence about which way you’re gonna vote – both Chuck and I urge you to become informed about AK Gov. Palin. And it is NOT a myth or hearsay – but sadly a cold, hard (largely unknown in the lower 48) fact - see links below.

Okay – this is unusual (even for me…), but we thought we’d share with you something that’s been chafing our hides for a while, and that’s the cruel and inhumane slaughter of defenseless wolves from the air. They are being gunned down from airplanes or chased to exhaustion, then shot at point blank range – suffering horrific pain while left to die if the shooter is not accurate (imagine trying to hit a moving target from a moving vehicle – how accurate can they be?). Nearly 700 wolves have been killed over the past 4 winters. It's a brutal practice. And NOW they want to kill all the orphaned wolf pups, too!!!

That is what VP CANDIDATE Alaska Governor Palin advocates and supports, because the powerful Alaskan commercial hunting industry wants to eliminate nature's predators in order to inflate moose and caribou numbers so they can continue to cater to wealthy out-of-state hunters seeking a trophy. It brings in big money because it’s considered to be “elite hunting” – like killing rhinos, tigers, and elephants…

The hair stands up in the back of my neck when I imagine that someone with such inhumane mindset as Palin could potentially be in charge of our country! Besides, McCain only appointed her because she is a woman, not because she would be even remotely qualified to be our Commander in Chief if he kicks the bucket while in the White House! We are Republicans, and after much debate and fence sitting had just decided to vote for McCain - but will now vote for Obama, just to lessen the chance of her being second in command!

It takes a brutal and cowardly mind to advocate killing defenseless animals just for fun – not even for consumption - predators who only kill other animals to eat – and only the weak for that matter – and have no record of ever attacking humans unprovoked. It would be like killing dogs just for the heck of it! What next - kill all the bears, too? PLEASE keep her out of the White House (even as second in command) and vote Democrat – if for no other reason than to make a point (hey – we think this country is screwed with either Party anyway…)!!

Here are couple of links FYI – pls take the time to check those out or just google the words wolf slaughter Alaska Palin

and here is good one – with commentary from people who care about animals.

and just so you don’t think I’m making this up

We have been shelving all plans to visit Alaska again until this practice stops. Please remember – without Wolves there would be NO DOGS!
Yes, the typical radical reaganite AKC types are, well, you know, those wild and crazy types....

Clearly now that our ability to hunt down not only wolves from the air, but with the newer generations of HK's that can loiter for longer than a mere human flown air asset, we can increase our ability to gun down the unbelievers, and those who have not accepted the divinity of Dubya.....

Or should we maybe say that the connection between mere cruelty, is, well, gosh, just one more problem that may need to be addressed.

What IF the nation were 'at war'??? What IF there were a real election going on?

Why the Liberals WILL LOSE!!!

"Stop saying that!" my wife says to me. But this is not a high school football game and I'm not a cheerleader with a bad attitude. This is an election and as things stand now, we're gonna frickin' lose this thing. Obama and McCain at best are even in the polls nationally and in a recent Gallup poll McCain is ahead by four points.

Something is not right. We have a terrific candidate and a terrific VP candidate. We're coming off the worst eight years in our country's history. Six of those eight years the Congress, White House and even the Supreme Court were controlled by the Republicans and the last two years the R's have filibustered like tantrum throwing 4-year-olds, yet we're going to elect a Republican who voted with that leadership 90% of the time and a former sportscaster who wants to teach Adam and Eve as science? That's not odd as a difference of opinion, that's logically and mathematically queer.
So what is this house advantage the Republicans have? It's the press. There is no more fourth estate. Wait, hold on...I'm not going down some esoteric path with theories on the deregulation of the media and corporate bias and CNN versus Fox...I mean it: there is no more functioning press in this country. And without a real press the corporate and religious Republicans can lie all they want and get away with it. And that's the 51% advantage.

[ cf We're Gonna Frickin' Lose this Thing ]
As long as the Evil Liberals keep backing rich white elitists like Obama, they are going to loose.

Americans do not want to take the time to understand actual economics, so they will embrace what ever form of "triumphalist economics" is preached to them as the Clear Proof that God Loves us so much that he gave us our very first nuclear bomb....

So they keep hoping that one more bail out of this or that financial industry will be the majik....

Since to sober up and notice that UnRegulated Banking Firms that engaged in Banking BizNizz, uh, well, gosh, shouldn't we go back and ask about the real roots of the banking fiasco that was a part of the opening of the so called great depression.... But that way would lead to unpleasant political questions about what sorts of Religious WingNuts shoots down appropriate Banking Regulation??? And wants to have the Majik Moments of Market Fundamentalism, with the whole Tent Revivalism of Wall Street married to the Mystical Insights....

What if the real fuggly here IS that America is a Party Nation!!! as in Free Beer, not as in Free Speach.

That as long as americans want to allow themselves to be hood winked by the Snake Oil Salesmen, well, they will just keep on getting the same majik moments.... They voted their biblical literalism - and got an end to banking regulation. They voted against Abortion - and they got more deregulation of the Big Energy...

Hey KIDS - rememeber what is the matter with kansas? it was not that long ago....

Oh that is right... it is all about stopping the rich white elitists like Obama bin Biden, and the rest of the radical left wing Wall Street Types - you have to respect HanoiAnnie Coulter for that meme - and how they are all the evil ones who want to keep Dorothy and Toto trapped in the dark evils of Gay HomoZeXual Only marriages with morally degenerates, rather than allow her to get back to Kansas...

So, uh, what will it take to get americans back on a reasonable eductional track? Where there are some things that are really more important than Britany's new Fashion Crisis???

Where are the 09/12 celebrations???

I mean, aren't we all supporting the Great Leader, and the Importance of KNOWING that Saddam Hussein had been unmasked as having personally lead the Iranian Flying Saucers to attack our white christian america with their godless Gay HomoZeXual ONLY marriage agenda? And that only the Greatness of Great Leader has protected us from the horrors of the Evil Liberal Media Kapitulationists Appeaser Cut And Runner Dirty Stinking Hippies who bought into any of that so called AlQaeda and crashing airliners into anything anywhere - as just one more Scary Booga Booga tale used to frighten women and children and as an excuse by the draft dodgers to run away from their patriotic duty to WIN, by any means, against the Iranianist Flying Saucers!!!

It is what our troops are fighting for....

Should Facts be Factual????

Uh, hello, evil liberal media:
A key prosecution witness whose testimony helped send Ethel Rosenberg to the electric chair gave a different account at trial than she did before the grand jury in the famous Cold War spying case, according to documents released yesterday.

The revelations are contained in hundreds of pages of grand jury transcripts from the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were executed in 1953 for providing the Soviet Union with secrets that may have led to its development of an atomic bomb. More than half a century after the transcripts were sealed, a New York court ordered publication of the testimony of 41 of the 45 grand jury witnesses, including such key figures as Ethel Rosenberg and Ruth Greenglass, who was married to Ethel's brother, David Greenglass.

[ cf Witness Changed Her Story During Rosenberg Spy Case ]
When a terrorist is convicted of being a terrorist, does it matter what evidence is presented to the Court!!!!

They were Terrorists!!!!

Peace Declared...

As I write this letter, the far Left – the Obama campaign, the Democratic Party headed by Howard Dean and the major (liberal) media--are all working in overdrive to destroy and smear Sarah Palin.

They believe if they can destroy this courageous young woman and popular governor, they will end John McCain's bid for president.

( email from )
It is official.

There is no need to worry about the war stuff, since, well, gosh, the most important thing is how the evil liberal media is picking on poor sarah...
They will do anything to destroy Sarah Palin.

They will do anything to elect Obama President — the most leftwing candidate in history.

Only you can stop them.

( op cit, emphasis in original)
Thus making it clear that poor sarah is being picked on.

This is why the Evil Liberals will ultimately lose.

Those Rich White Elitist Obama Bin Bidenites are just not like normal main stream americans who can see the evil of the evil liberals.

Krugman Proves He Is A VICIOUS and VINDICTIVE BULLY who Hates Jesus!!!

Did you hear about how Barack Obama wants to have sex education in kindergarten, and called Sarah Palin a pig? Did you hear about how Ms. Palin told Congress, “Thanks, but no thanks” when it wanted to buy Alaska a Bridge to Nowhere?

These stories have two things in common: they’re all claims recently made by the McCain campaign — and they’re all out-and-out lies.

Dishonesty is nothing new in politics. I spent much of 2000 — my first year at The Times — trying to alert readers to the blatant dishonesty of the Bush campaign’s claims about taxes, spending and Social Security.
And now the team that hopes to form the next administration is running a campaign that makes Bush-Cheney 2000 look like something out of a civics class. What does that say about how that team would run the country?

[ cf Blizzard of Lies ]
How ever will americans ever be able to get access to the Truth about Sarah when vicious, vindictive and brutal bullies keep wanting to use mere FACTS!!!!

We're More At War Than EVER BEFORE!!!!

At any moment Venezuela might attack through canada, with the candle stick in the ballroom with Col. Mustard.


Stop Stoopid Science, before it, uh, it, uh, dumb....

Sharing a bed with someone could temporarily reduce your brain power - at least if you are a man - Austrian scientists suggest.
[ cf Bed sharing 'drains men's brains' ]
If you read the science stuff as well, the proposition is true whether or not the person being slept with was also involved in having sex, and thus logically draining Precious Bodily Fluids, and depriving the man of his Purity Of Essence.

Clearly we MUST win against the EVIL NonMalePerkin!!!!

Evil Virginia State Supreme Court Hates Freedom AND america

"By prohibiting false routing information in the dissemination of e-mails," Agee wrote, the Virginia law "infringes on that protected right."

The court noted that "were the 'Federalist Papers' just being published today via e-mail, that transmission by Publius would violate the [current Virginia] statute."

[ cf Va. Supreme Court Strikes Down State's Anti-Spam Law ]
I mean, gosh, how tastey to have a Supreme court reverse itself that quickly, from their original 4-3 upholding the virginia law just six month ago, to their curent unanimous overturning....

And to put the Founding Father's in as possible Spammers, whom we all know are Al-Qaeda Operatives, is to so clearly be a mainforce assault on our white christian america, that, uh, we can only survive by attacking Canada for being behind all of this.

I mean what next?

The radical left wing extremists in the state of virginia are going to consider the federal constitutional constraints as legally law??? in all of the rest of the ways that the typical God Hating America Bashers use in their Persecution of the True White Christian America....

Liberal Media's Vicious Attacks On Sarah, Cause Terrorist Onslaught!!!

Three people were reported dead and 23 hurt on Friday after a freight train and commuter train collided outside Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Fire officials said more than 20 people had been injured in the crash, 10 of them critically, but could not confirm TV reports of the three deaths.

Television images showed rescue crews fighting to free victims trapped in the commuter train, which was derailed and crumpled at the side of the tracks west of Los Angeles in the suburb of Chatsworth.

[ cf Three feared dead, 23 hurt in L.A. train crash ]
Oh sure, the evil liberal media will cuddle with their Evil liberal fellow travellors to try to cover up how the Vicious And Brutal attacks on Sarah caused this clearly obvious Terrorist Attack, since whom else but well trained terrorists could do this sort of Dangerous Damage On OUR White Christian American Soil!!!!

You know, for the troops!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR part to stop the evil Liberal Attack on Sarah!!! by the bad rich white elitists who are not like regular people!!!! You do not see regular people hobnobbing and talking with other terrorists, or terrorist fellow travellors, or people who know someone who once lived near a place where they knew somebody who had lived where terrorists had once lived!!!! No!!! Those are Rich White Elitist Obama Bin BidenItes who just Hate America!