August 28th, 2008


Will Rome Join Holy Crusade???

Clearly now the defeatist EuroTrash will need to reconsider stabbing our holy warriors in the back!
The Italian government says it will summon the Indian ambassador in Rome as it steps up pressure on India to curb anti-Christian violence.

The Foreign Ministry says it wants to convey its "strong expectations" for an "effective preventive and repressive action" against the violence from Indian authorities.

The decision was made Thursday during a Cabinet meeting.

The government of Premier Silvio Berlusconi called the recent violence "unacceptable." It said it would urge France, which holds the rotating EU presidency, to put the issue on the agenda of coming meetings.

Days of clashes in eastern India between Christians and Hindus left about a dozen people dead. Pope Benedict XVI condemned the violence on Wednesday.

[ cf Italy to summon Indian envoy over violence ]
We tried to warn them that there was a NEED, a clear and compelling need to Liberate Iraq from godless secularism, but did they support the Most Holiest Of Holy Crusades, EVER!!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheneyParis!!!
They Shiney!!!
and Fashionably Fashionable!!!

And they know how to stop the godless unbelievers who have not accepted the divinity of dubya!!!!


Evil Liberals Scare the Drieuxster....

The other day I was having lunch with my favorite God Hating America Bashing Dirty Stinking Hippie - and after his usual litany of failure to understand that management has been set upon him by the will of GOD as outlined in Romans 7:13 to manage the GOD GIVEN Change Authorization Process, as Jesus Demands, he went on to get totally IRRATIONAL!!!!

It makes some sense that it will not be enough for the Demonic Party to gain the white house, but that congress will need to see a major shift in party allegiance, and a commitment to the mere law of man, that would offer up a chance of so called correction of the defects.

As a purely speculative discussion of failed pre-911 liberal ideological deviationalism, that would seem to be a reasonable conclusion when talking about the mere Mortal Constitution, as the mere law of man.

But the INSANE PART is that he seems seriously to believe that if the people elect McCain or Obama that this would in some way change the role of Dubya as the War President. I mean what is with that idea????

It was as if the Dirty Stinking Hippie had never heard of the Divine Rights of a Presidential Fiefdom, and the obligations of the War President to preside over the war until Total Total Victory has been Victorious!!!

Merely because we have all sorts of failed evil liberal holidays, and that liberals believe in such mythic entities as Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and Non-Reocurring Engineering Costs, doesn't make these Chimera So!!!

In like manner, simply because the Liberals think that we can retreat into some anachronistic past is no reason that the real world need to deny that the whole world changed on 09/11 - and that it really does not matter whom the liberals elect, the Great War Leader will always be Great Leader!!!!

How can it be any other way????

It would be as if God had changed God's Mind about the Change Authorization Process!!!

Thank GOD!!! we Have RoboBushCheneyParis!!!
They Shiney!!!
and fashionably fashionable!!!

And clearly above these mere plebian bad habits of mind...


The fact that the radical left wing extremist raving shrill hysterical liberal media does not reference Christianity, or the divinity of Dubya, makes it clear that they are COVERING UP this clear and compelling persecution of christians by radical left wing extremists!!!
November 2007: SACS receives complaints from several board members and launches investigation into Clayton’s accreditation.
• Feb. 18-21: Georgia NAACP, Georgia Association of Realtors, Clayton Student Coalition and the county’s largest teachers’ union ask for board resignations.
Aug. 20: A state administrative judge hears from five Clayton residents who want four board members removed. The judge will decide if the members violated the law and make a recommendation to the governor, who can remove the board members.

[ cf Timeline: Clayton schools’ accreditation battle ]
Why can't the evil liberal media admit that they are all biased in favor of destroying our white christian america so that Barrak Bin Laden Obama can drink the fresh blood of White Christian Babies as a part of his mandatory satanism!!!

{ wow, the first underAccreditation of a school in forty years - wonder what it was all about back in 1968. As if the EVIL GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING MSM didn't think we could figure out their dope smoking hippie dippie, it is ok to vote for a draft dodger who hid out in the HanoiHilton while the Holy Warriors were fighting against the demon seeds of liberalism... }

More Winning On The Eastern Front

Moscow has issued an extraordinary warning to the West that military assistance to Georgia for use against South Ossetia or Abkhazia would be viewed as a "declaration of war" by Russia.

The extreme rhetoric from the Kremlin's envoy to NATO came as President Dmitry Medvedev stressed he will make a military response to US missile defence installations in eastern Europe, sending new shudders across countries whose people were once blighted by the Iron Curtain.

[ cf Military help for Georgia is a 'declaration of war', says Moscow in extraordinary warning to the West ]
A the smell of Totally Glorious Victorious Mission AccomplishedNeff!!!

Now we will show those Islamo-Fascist-Zionist-Communist that we are not afraid of their Evil Liberalism!!!

God has given Us RoboBushCheneyParis!!!
They Shiney!!!
and fashionably fashionable!!!

And they will crush the unbelievers!!!

It is what the troops will be fighting for, for the next 100 plus years!!!

American Kapitulationists Stab Troops In Back!!!

Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), the presumptive Democratic nominee for vice president, last year listed both Iran and Russia as threats to U.S. interests. Unfortunately, he did not offer a way to prioritize the challenges posed by Tehran and Moscow. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), for his part, has shifted his public statements in recent months, giving greater attention to Russia as a challenge for Washington and the West, and de-emphasizing (at least in his speeches) the threat posed by Iran.

Leaving aside whether their assessments are correct, let’s address a different question. How does one’s stance on Iran (or Russia) affect other foreign- and domestic-policy promises? Both Senators McCain and Obama have made a series of statements about what they would do as president. Among both their laundry lists: bring down the cost of energy—both to help American consumers but also to deprive “rogues” of petrodollars; help Europe diversify its energy supply so as to reduce dependence on Russia; bring Ukraine and Georgia into NATO; make progress in stabilizing Iraq and Afghanistan—both to permit the withdrawal of U.S. forces and to prevent chaos; and deter Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

[ cf Make a Deal with Iran ]

Abandon our war winning strategy that is at this very moment winning against Iran????

And besides, what can Iran do about shifting the global demand for Crude Oil? Even if we wanted to abandon total war to total victory over iran????

Clearly by bringing in the Ukrainians and Georgians into the fight, will that not expand the Eastern Front to even more Eastern Nations where we can send folks to earn their Cross of Iron - just like Jesus would...

Effective Threat Assessment.

Dirty Stinking Hippie gets confused by
It seems there may be a reason federal law-enforcement officials are not interested in pursuing serious charges against the white-supremacist tweakers who were caught this week in Denver: The man making the decision is a Republican operative. And when it came to a threat against John McCain by a black man, he had a completely different approach.
Hmmmm. Let's see: Men with rifles, a caches of other guns and ammo, all talking about killing Obama ... they're not a "serious threat." But a man in jail sending baby powder, well, that's a "serious threat."

[ cf The Obama Plotters: The Republican Double Standard In Law Enforcement Made Manifest ]
Let us put our thinking cap on here.

If the tweekers were a threat, they would be in the combat zone on the Eastern Front.

They are not in the combat Zone on the Eastern Front, therefore they are not a threat.

Simple Logic.

Darkies threatening White Christian America, Demonic EVIL!!!

Any questions?

{ update: Plot Against Obama "no credible threat" see, no credible threat.
Interesting work up on the basic ballistics, but I hate to disagree. Yes, the romance of a 7.62mm round is, well, romantic, but the M-16 is a .223 round, and it can still do it's killing at 750 yards, and with a scope and a ... so maybe, the problem here is that folks need to learn to understand when the State Security says to move along, people should just move along, or be detained as enemies of the state. }