August 27th, 2008


Jon Stewart Hates The Guacamole.

Since I posted the first part of this overly-long and ponderous piece about Jon Stewart's breakfast with the inner circle of print journalism, a number of the people in attendance have written their own accounts of the "informal" get-together.
"I can't believe that, as reporters, you would walk into a 'spin room'," he said, amazed at the journalists' willingness to swallow the bullshit that the campaign and candidates spoon feed them. "How can you keep talking to people who are lying to you?" he asked. "This loveless marriage [between reporters and politicians] has to be unconsummated."

As I said in yesterday's post, this criticism came pretty much at their request, after they wide-eyedly asked Stewart -- who, by the way, is a comedian, in case you weren't aware -- what could be done to restore print journalism to its former place as the apex of political discourse.

"The antidote," Stewart responded, "is to push back. The antidote is to create filters" to remove the muck from the information fish tank, so we can clearly see what's truth and what's political spin. Take the ball away from the cable news networks and do what they're being paid to do. "You're not on anyone's team. You're on our team, clearing our tanks."

[ cf Breakfast with Jon Stewart, Part Two ]
What more do we need to say about the collapse of the fourth estate, as it has rolled over, put on a little Rouge, and gone street walking...

What if there were important things to do in dealing with the root cause issues that brings FM 3-24 to the forefront????

{ wonder if we should have read part one? }

Whines You may not wish to serve at room temp...

The Democratic National Convention is underway -- with all the pomp and pageantry we've come to expect from the Obama campaign. But if the true measure of a person is what they do when no one is looking, the real Barack Obama -- and the real Joe Biden, for that matter -- aren't the candidates that Democrats are trying to sell you.

On Monday, while Democrats delivered vague speeches from a stage set that rivaled a rock concert, those outside the convention hall were left asking: Who is the real Barack Obama? The American Issues Project's new ad provides part of the answer.

The ad explores Obama's ties to William Ayers, whom the New York Sun describes as a "founding member of the group that bombed the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon during the 1970s."

[ cf Corruption Casts Shadow Over Obama-Biden ]
Oh that Harold Simmons Ad.

The one who's children are litigating against him for stealing from their trust fund to pay for his partisan political wankage...

What happened to the days when GOP'ers at least respected the Sanctity of the Trust Fund???

Could the real problem here be that SwiftBloating is more than Four Season Ago for the cult of ProWarTypes who just have not been able to drag their candy white asses into the danger zone....

What if the scarey stuff about war stuff, were, well, more complex than stealing the pennies from your daughters to hire PR wankers????