August 25th, 2008


National Ugly Question Time....

Uh, anyone else read USC 18, Part I, chapter 115, section 2385: Advocating overthrow of Government.

Would this be a good time to point out that the RINO Rave Dancers, by advocating that they wish to raise up the mere law of Man above the Divine Will of Dubya, have shown that they are seeking to destroy our white christian america and replace it with a secularist god hating tyranny of moral turpitude....

Should the Kosher laws cover the Kosher laws???

One of the fun things about
Iowa Gov. Chet Culver denounced a kosher meatpacking plant accused of child labor violations, echoing Upton Sinclair's disdain of cruelty toward immigrants.

The governor wrote a guest column in the Des Moines Sunday Register that criticized Agriprocessors Inc. in Postville for allegedly employing dozens of underage workers and taking advantage of a failed federal immigration system.

"In doing so, this company has fallen far short of meeting the high business standards that Iowans expect," Culver said.

[ cf Iowa governor denounces meatpacking plant in paper ]
Hum... What if Ethical Ethical had to be Ethical as well?

Can we maybe have a continuum with some UnEthical Ethical in the ethicalisms???

Remember, in the middle of our current holy crusade against they, them, those folks, somethings are seriously more important....