August 14th, 2008


God they are just like that you know...

.... I mean, evil liberal types who would turn to an attorney...
Attorney: "Jeane was very clear with me that if she was ever found dead of an apparent suicide, I was to make sure that all the evidence was publicly disseminated so that it could be independently evaluated."
[ cf Attorney: 'DC Madam' left instructions if 'ever found dead of apparent suicide' ]
What sort of a country is it when the government can not simply decide that an undesirable element has committed suicide for reasons of national security!!!

Run up to the Innoguration Contest.

Hey kids, anyone want to start a Dead Pool????

How many victimized white male persons are going to be gunned down by the Police after they have done their patriotic duty of striking back against the evil liberals, who are evil????

Secondly how funny will that be on the official HanoiAnnie Coulter Laugh-o-liberals-die-meter????

{ low intensity warfare theory??? what low intensity warfare theory??? }