July 17th, 2008


Defeat The Evil Demonic Space Aliens Changing History!!!

Ungodly Revisionist Ideological Deviationalist Flying Rodent PerKin!!!!

Not since they created a board game for Star Craft have the evil forces of evil been so EVIL!!!

What if we had advanced alien tech during WWII?

Oh sure just try to lull americans into the false belief that those were not Iranian Flying Saucers that Attacked at Pearl Harbor just like they did on 09/11 !!!!

Why Does Kudlow Hate The Guacamole!!!

I was SHOCKED!!! Shocked to hear that Komrade Party Leader Kudlow has come out as a closet terrorist!!!
"Too big to fail" was the verdict in the U.S. Treasury decision to backstop mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But is the taxpayer risk of moral hazard still as big as ever?

Investors trashed shares of these government-sponsored enterprises last week, knocking them down almost 50 percent on a wave of bankruptcy rumors. Former St. Louis Fed President Bill Poole argued that, technically, the two are already in bankruptcy, while fears spread they couldn't even raise overnight money to finance their operations.

[ cf The Saga Of Fannie And Freddie ]
Holy Islamo-Fascist-Zionist-Communist Flying Rodent Perkin!!!

Didn't anyone explain to him that when the Unitary Executive Principle is in action, then all actions are the actions of the War President!!!

And any form of stabbing our troops in the back by discounting the total divinity of Divine Being of the TruthierNeff of the Greatness of Great Leader!!! Is stabbing our troops in the back!!!

And that is a T-Word!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheny!!!
They Shiney!!!

They bring the greatness of great things to the Unitarian Executive Principle that the God Hating America Bashers of Trinitarianism have merely revealed that as Polygamist Worshipers Of Pantheism they do not know what the TRUE Tax Cuts Really ARE!!!

Which of course is what our troops are figthing for.... True Tax Cuts that is....

You know, so that there will be the too big to fail and not matter what sort of a complete cock up you make it is not like you were running around like some drunk prom queen with daddies credit card servicing the fleet...

All Hail Great Leader for putting the fisc back into fiscal conservativism...

Your CoWorkers MAY be Evil Nancy Pelosi Demonic Zombie Gay HomoZeXual Dust Bunnies Of Despar if...

... like they turn out to start channelling like the voices in your head!

I mean nothing is like more psycho than hearing one of the voices in my head coming out of the mouth of a co-worker....

Ok, then there is this whole 'socio-political analysis' - as if I am like the person responsible in my crew for doing that, while the other crazy notes, 'better that than being the socio-path...' and you don't even want to know about the other High WEIRDS....

GOD!!! wedging three freaks in here is INSANE!!! Amusing, but insane...

People Who Clearly Need Rehab...

... when your drug issues get this bad
The controversial interrogation technique of waterboarding has served a "valuable" purpose and does not constitute torture, former Attorney General John Ashcroft told a House committee Thursday.

Testifying on the Bush administration's interrogation rules before the House Judiciary Committee, Ashcroft defended the technique while answering a question from Rep. Howard Coble, R-North Carolina.

"Waterboarding, as we all know, is a controversial issue. Do you think it served a beneficial purpose?" the congressman asked.

[ cf Ashcroft Tells House Judiciary Committee Waterboarding Isn't Torture ]
I Sure can not wait for ashcroft to get out there on the stump to explain to all of the RINO Rave Dancers that he likes John McCain, but officially Ashcroft does not believe that McCain was in any way non-plussed by any of the positive social interactions at the hanoi hilton, why else would folks have called it anything but the Hanoi Hilton.

Yeah.... then i want to watch ashcroft point out that the folks who opted for the HANOI HILTON ARE DRAFT DODGERS....

I mean, dude, when one gets as stoned as Ashcroft gets, you might as well at least try to pretend that one is doing some sort of rational and coherent thing, and follow the whole golf swing through....

Oh that's right, the president gave up on golf to support the trooops....

Well, at least Ashcroft is following through on the lack of a true golf metaphour... could it be a part of a bigger effort to act like he is acting like he is near to pretending like he has at sometime supported the troops....