July 16th, 2008


Divorce To Be Outlawed!!!

As activists continue to force their radical social agenda upon America through the courts, voters in Arizona, Florida, and California will have the opportunity to protect the future of marriage for their kids at the ballot box this November.

In California, voters successfully delivered over 1.1 million signatures to place a marriage amendment on the ballot. But the very same radical activists who sued in court to strike down the common-sense definition of marriage are now suing to stop voters from exercising their democratic rights at the ballot box this November.

( email from info@allianceformarriage.net )
Oh, hold it, they are not trying to end Divorce to protect a notion of marriage, they want to ... re-win the correct ruling of Loving v. Virginia (1967) because those evil liberals did not accept the Divine Will Of GOD as expressed in the Divinity of Dubya....

Why is it, when we are getting all anti-gay marriage folks are afraid to step up to the plate and admit that the really MORALLY OFFENSIVE PART remain that the rich can incorporate and therefore hire their reserve and emergency wives and concubines and get a reasonable enough tax write off on their maintenance as a part of the over all tax law....

While POOR PEOPLE - remember the new race that is being persecuted by evil racist rich white elitist racists like Obama and friends - are Repressed by the HORROR of repressive governmental intervention into the market place that allows them to only write off the first wife!!!

Now more than EVER we NEED RoboBushCheny!!!
They Shiney!!!

They bring the Tax Cuts!!! Tax Cuts!!! Tax Cuts!!!

It is what our troops are fighting for!!!

Devils!!! Demons!!! Dust Bunnies!!!

Former Senator and presidential candidate Al Gore could not have been more transparent when he uttered the words above in reference to the so-called Fairness Doctrine -- a blatant legislative attempt by Pelosi-liberals in Congress to SILENCE Rush Limbaugh and ALL of conservative talk radio!
Specifically, Congressman Pence introduced and is working hard to pass the Broadcaster Freedom Act (HR 2905) -- a bill to prevent Pelosi and her liberal cohorts from silencing conservative voices and opinions on talk radio with which they happen to disagree.

( Alert: Pelosi Plotting To Hush Rush Limbaugh Again
email from friends@gopusamedia.com )

Now remind me again why we should care one way or the other about rush limbaugh?


Or is that a part of the problem???

There were and are issues with the so called "fairness doctrine" but it is soooo amusing to watch the fans of "Shut up and Sing" whine about how they NEED the government to protect their mouth pieces....

Could it be that the reason that Rush retreated from doing broadcast TV was that it really did not get the market share he would need to keep it profitable, and in compliance with the religious ideology of his holy doctrines of Free Marketeering????

Ah yes...

Now more than ever americans may want to work out IF the 'public airwaves' are a 'Public Resource' for which there are various public obligations incumbent upon those who enter into the commons....

Or is it really a privatizable space....

But gosh, wouldn't that also bring us to the question of whether or not the State should be allowed to Nationalize any 'resource' and/or 'industry' - and whether or not it is time to finally allow the free market to truly win the current 'war' by ending the nationalization of war as well....

Or would that totally screw with the religious dogma about 'warriors' as pawns of the state....

And who is and who is not a 'true warrior', and all of that jazz...

Or should we just Thank GOD!!! we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They keep things the way that they were always suppose to have been, in a way that is totally consitent with what the founding fathers would have meant if they had actually correctly understood the argument from intelligent design.

Which of course is what Jesus has sent our valiant fighting forces into the Eastern Front!!! To win against the liberals and protect Rush Limbaugh and our White Christian America!!!

Uh, from the devil forces who would want to privatize things that should not be private.... uh, and stuff...

Yesterdays News Today, as if it were newer!!!

A bipartisan group of 27 elder statesmen is sending an open letter to both presidential candidates and every member of Congress saying the country faces "a long-term energy crisis" that threatens the security and prosperity of future generations if swift action isn't taken.

The group includes Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell and six other former secretaries of state or defense, former senators of both parties and a half dozen former senior White House advisers and other Cabinet officers for both Republican and Democratic presidents.

"We must re-examine outdated and entrenched positions," the group says in the letter to be sent Wednesday to the campaigns of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and to his GOP rival John McCain, as well as members of Congress and all 50 governors.

[ cf Energy tsunami coming, ex-policymakers warn ]
Holy Trotskyite Revisionist Deviationalism amidst the so called GOPUSA kabal of radical left wing extremists who are stabbing our troops in the back by abandoning the GOD GIVEN invisible foot of the market as the way forward to the new victory of engery stuff!!!


It is as if suddenly the notion of 'Peak Oil' were the new PINK. oh, sorry, it is. it is the red socialist form of pink which of course is masked by the red fellow travelling dupes....

Thank GOD!!! We Have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They not bogged down with the horrors of the evil liberal notions of factualisms and the red fellow travellors who are the spawns and puppet toady fellow travellors of factualisms!!!

It IS what our troops are fighting for!!!

If I group this under enron will anyone feel empowered by the new energy it brings to market fundamentalism?

Terrorists Attack Faith Based Economics!!!

Soaring energy costs helped boost consumer prices 1.1 percent in June, the second biggest monthly increase in 26 years, the Labor Department reported Wednesday.

The sudden burst of inflation, higher than analysts had expected, deeply affected consumers' spending power.

The department reported that the average weekly inflation-adjusted wage was down 0.9 percent, the biggest monthly drop in nearly two years.

[ cf June inflation rate second highest in a generation ]
NOUN! Verb, terrorist whatever....

Hum... interest rates dropping, the dollar's value dropping, the DOW dropping.... but Inflation is a growth industry...

Could it be that finally it is time for all true americans to back our resource warriors who are at this very moment kicking their asses and taking their gasses, and Precious Bodily Fluids, for PURITY OF ESSENCE!!!

And of course now that the president can detain anyone who engages in the TRUE T-Word, well, uh, Victory is OURS!

Thank GOD RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

Bring Economic Realism to the Reality we live in!!!

It is what our troops are fighting for....

Stop The Evil Red Hollywood Elitests!!!

When did I first realize that Generation-X nostalgia was a driving the entertainment industry off a cliff? First all the toys I'd broken were suddenly on the big screen, thrashing each other and cursing loudly. Then the cartoons I learned to masturbate while watching were being acted out — with gravitas — by real actors. Now it turns out Sir John Gielgud is being dug up, resurrected and having frog DNA injected, so he can play Baron Silas Greenback in the new Danger Mouse movie. When will it stop?
* Actually I lost my card. I'm a slacker, what do you want? If you actually still have your Gen-X card, you're not really Gen-X. If you've got your Gen-X card and you laminated it or covered it with mylar of some sort, you're probably actually part of the Net or Millennial generations. (Actually, according to this incredibly confusing and enlightening chart by Josh Glenn, I'm really part of the Generation That Ate Its Own Entrails, or GAIE for short.)

[ cf Entertainment Industry: Please Stop Pandering To My Generation! ]

Those People are just Wrong!!!!

Stop Them.