July 3rd, 2008


Friends say the Darnest Things...

Evil Liberal Whined:
You bad, bad man. I now have Chris Tucker's voice in my head reading R.J. Hillhouse's words.
as I tried to explain about the newer and greener world we live in now that the so called intelligence community has adopted the Directed Recycling Programme, where some people are in need of being Greener, and recycled into more Directed Realities.

( cf. The Barnacle Branch Still Evading Oversight )

I mean, get reasonable, we will go on winning in Iran until they stop being UnAmerican, and engage in supporting our Newer Greener World View!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They not whiners worrying what would happen to global oil prices after Iran has had the Sh*T Greened Out Of IT!!!

Remember Ideological Deviationalists and PreGreenedAnteRecycled, this is what our troops are fighting for!!!

But would campaign finance reform be a good idea?

What if you lived in a country where they allowed open theft of campaign money?

Or allowed Wacko's to claim that they were raising money for the party, when they are merely pocketing it, or as we like to say in the New Way, Greening The Cash to be More Ecologically Friendly!!!!
Over the last couple days we've been telling you about this DC outfit called BMW Direct. They are a direct mail shop. And from what we can tell they have a two-tiered business model.

First, they've got a few bonafide Republican elected officials who they raise money for by the normal rules of direct mail fundraising business. But then they've got a bunch of potemkin candidates for whom they raise insane gobs of money, almost all of which they keep for themselves.
To give you some perspective, high-profile netroots-backed Darcy Burner raised only $1.37 million over the same period -- and that's a very impressive total.

So where's all the money going? Well, of that $1.7 million, $1.5 million went to BMW Direct and various affiliated companies. So we've been wanting to find out how happy Honeycutt was with BMW Direct raising insane amounts of money for her around the contrary which she gets virtually none of.

Well, it turns out they're pretty psyched.

[ cf Campaign Fleecee: We're Loving It!!! ]
Wow... that is narly buckage...

But when you notice that the campaign only used almost 1% of that, at just under $17,000 - that is some free marketerring invisible foot of the market place of freeer free greener green ideas!!!

That IS why we Thank GOD! for RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They putting the Greening back into the Real ecology of economics!!!

Ah yes, what our valiant fighting forces are fighting for... Giving money to folks who will need only a 99% overhead...

Just as Jesus would demand...

who could forget Goldwater-Nichols Act

Goldwater-Nichols Act The Wiki Entry.

Just in case as a draft dodging social parasite you missed out on that marvel. Or were one of the fantasticalized Pro-War Wheenies who always felt that it was a bad thing that needed to be 'weakened' any way so that it would be easier to have super special republican guard elements...

Ok, so yes, I am more than sure that there were extra special reasons to have the extra special added sauce added so that not only could the Special Warfare Community be, well, more special, and more of the correct implementation of the Praetorian Guard to defend the people who really need defending, and to adjust the emperor's friends, including His Self, when the time mandates it.

Yes, it might be gooder for some of our friends to do the back ground leg work to understand the delta between OKH and OKW and, well, gosh, it was always great to know that ultimately the Chief of the Joint Chiefs was not really a command and control billet, but strictly an advisory gig... sort of the Prez's personal friend in lieu of a war czar or cooler friend.

I guess that is better than hanging a pork chop around the prez's neck to get the dog to play with him.

So yeah, thanks Rummy for weakening an amusing idea gone sillier.

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They don't need not stinking chain of command - because when the Prez is the War President, it is all war, all nets, all the Time!!!!

Do You Want To Know More?

Are You Authorized?

just say NO!

Under the Bush Administration’s interpretation of the law, clandestine military activities, unlike covert C.I.A. operations, do not need to be depicted in a Finding, because the President has a constitutional right to command combat forces in the field without congressional interference.


“This is a big deal,” the person familiar with the Finding said. “The C.I.A. needed the Finding to do its traditional stuff, but the Finding does not apply to JSOC. The President signed an Executive Order after September 11th giving the Pentagon license to do things that it had never been able to do before without notifying Congress. The claim was that the military was ‘preparing the battle space,’ and by using that term they were able to circumvent congressional oversight.

[ cf The Barnacle Branch Still Evading Oversight ]

If you do not know what is wrong with that.

Seek professional help.


Terrorists Gone Crazy!!!

A federal judge in California said Wednesday that the wiretapping law established by Congress was the “exclusive” means for the president to eavesdrop on Americans, and he rejected the government’s claim that the president’s constitutional authority as commander in chief trumped that law.
[ cf Judge Rejects Bush’s View on Wiretaps (emphasis mine)) ]

It is just scary that these Radical Judicial Activists do NOT believe that the President has majikal special powers when dressed up as a War President...

I mean what next?

They will not allow the President to send out Death Squads against dissident elements who do not support the Divinity of Dubya???

Where Will It All End?

Thank GOD! We have RoboBushCheney!!!!
They Shiney!

major comedic update here:
A Bush-41-appointed Federal District Judge yesterday became the third judge -- out of three who have ruled on the issue -- to reject the Bush administration's claim that Article II entitles the President to override or ignore the provisions of FISA. Yesterday's decision by Judge Vaughn Walker of the Northern District of California also guts the central claims for telecom immunity and gives the lie to the excuses coming from Congress as to why the new FISA bill is some sort of important "concession." More than anything else, this decision is but the most recent demonstration that, with this new FISA bill, our political establishment is doing what it now habitually does: namely, ensuring that the political and corporate elite who break our laws on purpose are immune from consequences.
[ The Al-Haramain ruling and the current Congress (emphasis mine) ]
Ah yes....

Sometimes folks should invest in the process of ending family disturbances....

Because what starts out as a small issue in their youth can get totally out of hand when they grow up with deep seated totally unresolved issues with their Paternal Family Authority ThingiePooh...

They not aware of any law at all!!!

Why do Draft Dodgers Hate America???

Have any of these dope smoking stinking hippies like Lawrence Kudlow thot for a moment about their Psycho Fantasy:
President Bush was on message Wednesday in a Rose Garden news conference, when he kept up the pressure on his a drill, drill, drill offensive. He said he knows Americans are worried about gasoline prices and wants them "to understand fully that we have got the opportunity to find more crude oil here at home in environmentally friendly ways."

He specifically mentioned opening up ANWR, the outer continental shelf and oil-shale exploration. He also took a whack at lawmakers, saying, "The Democratically controlled Congress has refused to budge."

[ cf An America-First Energy Plan ]
So why use up american domestic oil, including ANWR first?

And why waste it on mere civilians?

Why not keep it as a strategic reserve to support the Troops....

These draft dodgers do remember all about supporting the troops...

Or is this just more of the same old failed liberal agenda of whine about stuff, then ship in under prepared, poorly trained, and poorly motivated troops to try and secure the resources so that the dope smoking hippies back home can be all pro-war and pro-troops...

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